Movie Night with KZBM

Come watch the Bollywood blockbuster “Jab We Met” on Friday, 19 September 2014. Snacks will be available on payment

Venue:     KZBM Hall

Time:       7.30 pm.
Ticket per person:  Rs 100
Last Date: Monday, 15 September 2014 till 1p.m. 


Tickets available from: 
Zarin Mobed - 35880689   
Zareen Patel - 0321 2628167
Shenaz Banaji - 32710049           
Furengeez Tampal - 32782961 
Roshan Vannia - 32250127  





Sharmene Freddy Sidhwa

Scores ‘A Grade’ in French O Level Exam

Sharmene Sidhwa, daughter of Pouruchisty and Freddy Sidhwa has scored an A grade in her French O Level Exam offered by Cambridge International Examinations.

A hard working and intelligent pupil Sharmene appeared for her French O Level as a private candidate. French as a language is not offered as an O level subject in Karachi schools but can be tackled privately by a candidate through a private teacher. Sharmene started learning French as a hobby. Having a natural flair for the language she went on to appearing for her O level exam as an additional subject.

The O level French Paper consists of two parts, involving essays, translations, comprehensions and difficult grammar. Having taught French to many pupils from other communities for the O and A level Exams as well as International Exams offered by the Alliance Francaise, Sharmene has been one of my first Parsi students to take this difficult challenge. Congratulations Sharmene from a very proud teacher. May you continue achieving success in this beautiful language! by Rashna Gazder











Oldest Fire Temple in Mumbai Turns 232






The Dadysett Atash Behram at Chira Bazar in south Mumbai entered its 232nd year on Monday, August 4, 2014.


It is the city’s oldest Atash Behram (the highest grade of fire temple for Zoroastrians) consecrated by Mulla Kaus Rustam Jalal in 1783.


The complex is listed as a heritage structure and has an old-world charm with a goat pen, a barn for a white bull, an imposing portico and a shaded walkway. According to Parsi Prakash, a community periodical from those days, a jashan (prayers) to invoke rains was organized by the Parsi Punchayat at the Dadysett Atash Behram on June 30, 1824. The next day at 5am, there were heavy showers for 10 minutes.










YMZA /Dastur Dr. Dhalla Institute  

“Hamay Bhadha Thee Hushiyar Chaihye”

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Beach Luxury Hotel


DOORS OPEN:  7:30 pm



Participants have to be in a pair: a student from Primary to Class 10 along with an adult, be it an older friend, cousin, parent or grandparent of the child.

·         First 10 pairs to call will be chosen

·         Snacks & beverages on payment

·         Number of audience seats limited

·         Last date for names for participation is:  September 20, 2014

·         Please give names to:

Behroze Khambatta, Kaizer Irani, Natasha Mavalvala, Ratanshaw Makujina, Shahrazad Irani or Natasha Mobed



Result of

YMZA/ Dastur Dr Dhalla Institute’s

Shahookar Dance Competition



Upto and including 10 years age group:

Winners: 1st Dina Ronnie Patel, Naomi Dinyar Dubash & Roxanne Dinyar Dubash (Group performance); 2nd Shahan Behram Irani & Cherezad Cyrus Noshirwan (Duet performance); 3rd Dina Ronnie Patel (Solo performance)


11 – 18 years age group:

Winners: 1st Zermesh Behram Irani, Azman Ratanshaw Makujina & Arshan Zubin Irani (Group performance); 2nd Nasha Ratanshaw Makujina, Zarah Zubin Irani & Zara Eruch Malbari (Group performance); 3rd Ruksheen Kaikhushrozadah (Solo performance)


Over 19 years age group:

Winners: 1st Tushnamaiti Keki Mistri & Shehryar Mehershahi (Duet performance); 2nd Natalia Darius Karanjia (Solo performance); 3rd Ruksheen Kaikhushrozadah (Solo performance)




Mushkil Asaan Prayers

September 5, 2014 at 5:30pm

Jamshed Baugh Club House

The JB Club Committee is thankful to the community members for their presence at the Mushkil Aasaan prayers and invite all Zarthostis to come in large number at the next meeting.






A daughter, Nurelle born on 21 August to Hufresh and Dinshaw Vania in Toronto, Canada



(Last month ‘Azad” was written as the name, missing out “Y’ in the name of groom Yazad. The error is regretted and the details are re-mentioned with the name corrected):  Yazad Soli Parakh to Shamineh Adil Mavalvala on 14 July 2014 in London, England 




Feroze(Makhan) Hormazd Dinshaw, h/o Hutoxi (Topsy) Dinshaw, f/o Danesh Dinshaw and (late) Daleara Dubash
grand father of Nerine & Hormazd Dinshaw and Shawn Dubash on 8 August.


Maneck Julian Kaikobad d/o late Julian and Prochisty Kaikobad, on 18 August




Wanted Office Assistant

For Zoroastrian Co-operative Housing Society

To compile and computerise old records of the Society, as well as assist with its day to day functioning. Working hours and days of work are flexible: and salary will depend on the hours put in. The Society is looking for a Zoroastrian male or female who is a willing worker and has reasonable knowledge of MS Word and Excel. Interested candidates may e-mail a short resume to:  or








Kheer: Rice Pudding in the Pakistani Manner

with a Rhubarb-Strawberry Coulis


This rice pudding (known as kheer), made with basmati rice, should not be a mushy dish; each rice grain should be visible and remain intact.


Makes 4 to 6 servings


6 whole green cardamom pods

4 1/2 cups whole milk

3/4 cup basmati rice

1/2 cup granulated sugar

1/2 cup slivered almonds

1/2 cup sliced almonds, for garnish

freshly ground black pepper


Rhubarb Strawberry Coulis *

1 pound rhubarb**, chopped into ½-inch pieces

1 cinnamon stick

2 tbsp water

1/2 cup granulated sugar

1/2 pound strawberries, hulled and chopped into ½-inch pieces


Make the kheer: Wrap the cardamom pods in a newspaper and crush with a rolling pin. The seeds should not be crushed to a dust. The result should look somewhat like freshly cracked pepper. Discard the green skin of the pods.

In a small saucepan, heat 1½ cups of the milk over medium-low heat; do not bring to a boil, but keep warm while you prepare the kheer. In a large heavy-bottomed pan, add the remaining 3 cups of milk, the rice, crushed cardamom seeds, sugar and slivered almonds. Turn the heat to high. As soon as the milk starts to steam, turn the heat to low and cover with a lid.

Every 7 to 10 minutes, remove the lid and stir gently, from the bottom up, to ensure that the rice is not sticking to the base of the pan. After about 40 minutes, the milk should be thickened but not entirely absorbed. The pudding should have a soft, velvety consistency and not look congealed.

Taste the rice. If you feel the rice is undercooked and the milk is being absorbed too quickly, just use some of the warm milk being heated in a saucepan on the side and add in small quantities to loosen the pudding. Continue to cook for 7 to 10 minutes. When done, the basmati rice grains should be intact.

Transfer the kheer to a container and allow it to come to room temperature before covering and refrigerating at least 5 hours, but preferably overnight, to set.


Make the coulis* (***you can also make strawberry sauce and use it instead. Method at the end): In a medium saucepan over medium heat, add the rhubarb, cinnamon stick, water and sugar. Stir well. Allow the mixture to bubble away until the rhubarb looks soft and has melted down into a sauce, about 20 minutes. Add the strawberries. Continue to cook until the strawberries have softened and melted into the sauce, about 10 to 15 minutes. Turn off the heat, discard the cinnamon stick, and allow the coulis to come to room temperature.

The coulis can be prepared in advance, kept refrigerated, and brought to room temperature or warmed up prior to serving with the kheer. I have added only ½ cup of sugar because the coulis adds sweetness; however, if you have a sweet tooth, feel free to add up to a whole cup of sugar to the kheer.


To serve: Ladle chilled kheer into individual bowls and drizzle with coulis. Top with a sprinkling of sliced almonds and a dusting of fresh black pepper.


Source:  “spicespoon” by Shayma Saadat  (Shayma is an internationally published food writer, food photographer and stylist: a cook, cookery teacher, public speaker and storyteller.  You may visit her website:



*  Coulis is a thick sauce made from puréed and strained vegetables or fruits

** rhubarb has large triangular leaves and its stalk is used with sugar in pies and desserts. It has strong tart taste.

*** Instead of coulis you can also make and use strawberry sauce  which can be made by placing in a pan ½ cup strawberry jam, adding1 tablespoon of water and placing it over a low flame. Stirring constantly till a sauce is formed to a pourable consistency. This will be sufficient for 4 persons.





What Mukhtad Means

to Fareeza Doctor


Parsi Khabar, a publication from India, carried views of Zarthushtis on Mukhtad and our Fareeza, daughter of Meher and Zarir Doctor, was one of them.  We are happy to reproduce it for the interest of our readers – Editor


“Our eleventh author in the Everyday Parsi 2014 series

Fareeza Doctor writes

For much of my life, the onset of August has meant the start of preparations for Humbandagi, and Mukhtad prayers, and of course one of the most auspicious days in the Zoroastrian calendar, Navroze. As kids we would wake up excitedly by 6am to be at the H. J. Behrana Parsi Dar-e-Meher in Karachi to attend the Humbandagi prayers, which would promptly start at 7am.

The fragrance of the Atash at the Kibla and the sweet smell of Loban could be smelt as far as the entrance to the Agiary. We would first go do our Kusti prayers, and light a Divo before entering into the hall upstairs where Humbandagi prayers would be held. Two ladies afterwards, dressed immaculately in saris, would come up to the podium and say, “bano nay ghraesto, aajey hamey pehlo, beeho nay teejo fakro bhansoo,” and then lead the congregation by reciting the verses to be prayed for the day. The prayers, resonating in unison with voices of adults and children, would last 15 minutes, and upon their completion, late Ervad Godrej Sidhwa would briefly talk on a topic of the day. By 7.30am, people would be rushing either to school or to work.

During the last 10 days of the Zoroastrian calendar, the inside hall of the Agiary is filled with tables of beautiful white gladiolus flowers, whose aroma is spread throughout the well-lit hall, with small water filled “Karasiyas”, Divos lit, and cloths of “Malmal” neatly wrapped in plastic in the name of each departed soul, and for whom special prayers are to be held each day by revered priests of our Karachi Parsi community.

Till today, my family has a Jashan and special prayers held for my grandparents, and while I strongly believe that they are watching over us each day, these 10 days remind me that this is a special time to remember them, revive old and fond memories of them, and to pray for their souls.

Fareeza was born in Karachi, Pakistan. She studied in Karachi, Pakistan,  from where she did her BA and then moved to England to study law. Upon returning to Karachi, she works as an in-house legal counsel at United Bank Limited.”




There comes a time when a

woman just has to trust her husband


For example... 

A wife comes home late at night, and quietly opens the door to her bedroom.

From under the blanket she sees four legs instead of two.
She grabs one of her husband’s golf clubs and starts hitting the blanket as hard as she can.

Leaving the covered bodies groaning, she goes to the kitchen.

Her husband is there reading a magazine.

 "Hi Darling", he says, "Your parents have come to visit us, so I let them stay in our bedroom. Did you say "hello"?