Dip & Dine at KPI on 14 Sep


PPCA and KZBM  have collaborated to bring to you an awesome evening of DIP & DINE. Why not get in the mood, jump in aprah KPI pool and take a cool dip to wash away the blues. Or you can just relax and chill at the poolside. Either way we welcome you to beat the heat and build an appetite for good food to complete the evening.


Venue: KPI pool side              Time: 7:30 pm onward           Ticket per person: Rs 450
Last Date: September, 10 2013 till 1 pm

Tickets available from:                       Phiruza Birdie - 35895057            Zareen Patel - 0321 2628167
Parveen Banaji - 32767347          Furengeez Tampal - 32782961 Roshan Vannia - 32250127 






Body Movements with Mr Chao




In July 2013, 20 children, between 8 and 17 years, attended 'Body Movement' classes conducted by Mr Munawar Chao who teaches theater movement at NAPA (National Academy of Performing Arts).


He had eight 2-hour sessions and on the final day the children did a short presentation for their parents, which was thoroughly enjoyed by them. 




The Child Chapter aims to give our children a variety of exposures and learning, and summer vacations make this easier for the orgainisers and the parents: Dinaz Divecha gave an enjoyable and learning experience with “Interactive Story Telling”, while our ex-Child Chapter Members Sharmeen & Shirin Mehri did “Spoken Word Poetry” which was equally enjoyed by the participants.









Nargis Rusi Dubash, Joint Honorary Secretary and later Honorary Secretary of KZBM and Treasurer of Programme Sub-committee, went to her heavenly abode on 26 July 2013.


Nargis was a steno-typist working for many years in a private company and having this expertise wrote the minutes of KZBM meticulously in shorthand, then composed it in Gujarati in long-hand in never-ending journals, which are now part of our history. This was no mean task, and her written Gujarati was of the highest standard.


She was first Jt Hon Secretary with Rati Mama in 1965 and then the Honorary Secretary with Toxy Cowasjee from 1981 till her retirement in October 1998, by which time KZBM had adopted English for the written word which she transferred to with absolute ease. Equally efficiently Nargis kept the accounts for the Programme section of KZBM, which was maintained independently, till she retired.


Efficiency possibly is not remembered or valued as much as the personal disposition of the individual. Nargis was a fun loving person: always ready for lark, a good sense of humour, a kind heart, an excellent cook who also shared many of her recipes for the Manna of the Angels, besides being highly capable.


We three – Alan Bilimoria, Nargis and I sat in our allotted seats in a row at the meeting table. When things got rather dull and dreary, Nargis would whisper some trivia to me, bringing forth a chuckle. Needless to say, either a look of disapproval, depending which President was then in office, or asking “soo tha-u?” (what happened?),  which then had to be diluted or totally altered.


A warm and happy person who even in her later years made it a point to go out socially, to her weekly Bridge or Mah-jongg sessions, or to the monthly programmes held for the community, regardless of being in her 90s and handicapped.


A devoted wife and mother, a sincere friend, she knew the true meaning of joie de vie.  Rest in peace dear friend. – Toxy Cowasjee 









Can You Cook Before a TV Audience?

If you can cook an authentic Parsi dish and present it attractively, why not team up with Zarnak Sidhwa in her next episode of Food Diaries in the first week of September. You may contact Zarnak on Mobile # 0300-217 6711 but please note that her and her teams' decision to include you will be final.



Winners of Drawing & Painting Competition

The Hilla & Noshir Jamasji Drawing and Painting Competition at 11am on Sunday, August 11, 2013 at the Beach Luxury Hotel - There were 30 participants. In the 3 & 4 yrs age category – Topic: Sun, Moon & Stars (winner: Teah Mana); In the 5,6,7 yrs age category – Topic: Birthday party (winner: Framroze Ardeshir Purveyor);  In the 8,9,10 yrs age category – Topic: My favourite Cartoon Character (1st place: Farzana Kolah); in the 11, 12, 13 yrs & over age category – Topic: Summer Time (Winner: Jamshed Kolah); in the 14, 15, 16 yrs age category – Topic: Disaster of Earthquakes (Winner: Zarvan Sethna); in the 17 & 18 yrs- Topic: Effects of Global Warming (winner: Naushad Talati).  This competition was judged by Baimai Sidhwa & Vera Rustomji and the prizes have been sponsored by Sam & Nergesh Jamasji and family.




Parsi General Hospital





At the Parsi General, two occasions were celebrated in August: The Independence Day and Navroze.


On 14 August some of our elders: Dolly Kalapesi, Dolly Patel, Roshan Irani and Asphandiar Irani sang national songs like "Jeevay, Jeevay Pakistan”, “Dil, Dil Pakistan”, waved the national flag and cut a cake for the country's birthday. While on Navroze they relaxed, chatted with each other and were served befitting snacks for the occasion.


The community is indeed blessed to have an institution like PGH to care for the needs of its aging community, and we are indebted to its dedicated volunteers who give so much of their time and energy to this wonderful institution.






Swimming Championships

Date                22nd September, 2013

Time                4 pm

Location           Karachi Parsi Institute

Followed by Snacks and Tambola


Mani and Babu Swimming Gala

Date                29th September, 2013

Time                4 pm

Location          Karachi Parsi Institute

Names to be given to  Mr Umer at KPI



KPI’s Rustom N. Mehta Inter Parsi Cue Games Championship 

(The championship is concluded but the write-up below may interest our readers.)

KPI’s top ranked players will be seen in action when the championship commences on Sunday 25th August 2013 in the club's Billiard Room. According to the draws the defending champions "Avari Colony" are top seeded followed by "JPR Combined" (Jamshed Baugh/Parsi Colony/Rustom Chawl).  


This championship was initiated by Jehanbux Mehta in 1988 in loving memory of his late father Rustom N R Mehta, lovingly known as Russ Mama in the community. Six teams are contesting in this 2013 edition of the tournament which is generally considered to be the "Highest-Profile" event in KPI's Billiard Circles.


When the idea of this championship was broached 25 years ago by some of the die-hard billiard playing members of the institute, it was to create a competitive spirit among the youngsters in particular and simultaneously invigorate interest among spectators. Jehanbux Mehta at that time came forward and offered to donate a running trophy in his father's name in “Pure Silver". It was beautifully designed by the late Fiji Cowasjee. Unfortunately that was soon lost by a winning team. A second one - which was not as pretty - was made to replace the original.


At this time the Billiards Secretary would like to appeal to anyone who is reading this email to come forth if they have any idea where the original trophy could be. It would be greatly appreciated.


Till today Jehanbux Mehta sponsors this event and donates an annual sum to bear all expenses of this championship, including cash prizes to the winners and runners-up. The Managing Committee of the Karachi Parsi Institute wishes to put on record it's gratitude to Mr Mehta.


The inaugural tournament generated a lot of interest and 10 teams from Parsi localities participated. There was a Bath Island and Clifton combined team in those days that won the championship. The players were Cyrus Kanga, Xerxes Bharucha, Maneck Javat, Maju Mavalvala and Mehryar Mavalvala. They defeated Meherabad in the finals, which was considered a great achievement in those days as the Meherabad team was based on the Mavalvala Family including Minoo who was one of the best cueist Parsis have ever produced.    


Since the last two years Avari Colony has retained this title under the able captaincy of Hormuzd Mana who is quite confident of performing a hat-trick. 





Katayoun, a daughter to Tushna and Kaikobad Kakalia in London on 16 March 2013

Sofia, a daughter to Soonita and Danesh  Irani on 28 July



Piloo Pallanji Mehta on 31 July

Homai Kaikashroo Katrak on 4 August

Bomanji (Bomi) Shiavex Cowasji on 15 August in Toronto, Canada

Sohrab Savaxa Patel on 29 August

Eruch Darabshah Gamwalla on 31 August





Bungalow for Sale in Cyrus Colony

400 square feet bungalow is for sale in Cyrus Minwalla Colony. Interested persons may contact Ronnie Dubash on Mobile # 0364-422 5228.









The Desi Skin


Dior, Lancome and Chanel products are great but their colours don’t always work with our desi skin and that’s the dilemma.


A way round it would be to buy different shades and mix them to get your desired match.


For foundation and face powder buy two shades: a dark and a light one. You can then mix them on the back of your hand to get the desired shade. This also works well when you are tan in summer or paler in winter.


For your lips and blush have four shades:  peach/plum, warm brown, cool pink and a warm pink. Mix peach or brown with either shades of pink to get your desired shade. A point to note is that red colour does not compliment our skin.


Eyeliners: Dark brown, deep black and dusky navy work well on our skin, and:


Eye shadows: teal, sea green, pink, grey, lilac and peach.


Makeup takes a while to settle, so give yourself a few minutes before you decide how the colour looks on you.



A Member’s Contribution

Are you conscious about your complexion and skin tone? You may then like to use the tips given in this article:


(Courtesy: Persis N Vatcha)


(If you cannot access the link from your email, you may copy-paste it to your browser.)





The Cyrus Cylinder


Since early this year, Zoroastrian Associations in USA have been abuzz with the tour of the Cyrus Cylinder in five museums in their country. This roused my interest in the subject and tried to find some details for my understanding.


Now I feel that some of our readers may not have had the opportunity to read/know about this object of pride and honour, and am sharing some brief information on The Cylinder from what I have gleaned.


To begin with, it is the property of the British Museum who recognise it as one of its most iconic objects. The Cylinder, along with 16 other exhibits from Achaemenid Persia, is touring five museums in USA from March to December 2013, and may also be viewed at the Mumbai Congress.


The obvious question that arises in anyone’s mind is: what is the iconic factor? It is the message inscribed on the clay barrel.  It extols Cyrus as a benefactor of the citizens of Babylon who improved their lives, repatriated displaced people and restored their temples. Such generosity was not known in his time, when massacre and enslavement of conquered people was common practice. He is even depicted in the Old Testament of the Bible as an exemplary model of a virtuous and successful ruler. Some enthusiasts have even described The Cylinder as ‘the first charter of human rights’.


This barrel-shaped cylinder is of baked clay and is nine-inch long and four-inch wide, with inscription in cuneiform script (which is the earliest form of writing) on the order of the Persian King Cyrus after he conquered Babylon in 539 BC. The Cylinder was buried in the foundation of a wall, and discovered as late as 1879 when archaeologist Hormuzd Rassam found it during an excavation undertaken by the British Museum.


The Cylinder was excavated in several fragments, having apparently broken apart in antiquity. Today it exists in two main fragments, known as "A" and "B", which were reunited in 1972.


The main body of the Cylinder was discovered by Rassam in 1879 and is the fragment "A". It underwent restoration in 1961 when it was re-fired and plaster-filled. The smaller fragment, "B", was acquired from an antiquities dealer and was apparently broken off the main body of the Cylinder during the original excavations in 1879. It was either removed from the excavation or was retrieved from one of Rassam's waste dumps. However it was not confirmed as part of the Cylinder until 1970 and the two main fragments were reunited in 1972.


A number of lines at the start and end of the text are damaged rendering a few of those words legible. However, the surviving inscription consists of 45 lines of text, of which the first 35 lines are on fragment "A" and the remaining are on fragment "B."


It is interesting that the Cylinder should walk out from a quiet room in the British Museum in London and make its presence to a wide audience today.  Maybe it is a sign for us. Dolly Dastur, Editor of the FEZANA Journal of North America says, “The message on the cylinder reverberates with people today in this troubled world, where there is religious and sectarian violence in all countries, where human rights are violated flagrantly, where places of worship are desecrated and destroyed.”


In addition to all this, the Cylinder also affirms the power of the written word.





Outcome of Last Month’s Quiz

Out of the Box Reply is: I will hand over the car keys to my friend who will take the lady to the hospital, while I will wait at the bus stop with the partner of my dreams.


This reply was given by (in the order received): Mahrukh Bhiladwala, Framji Minwalla, Zenobia Sidhwa, Safna Virji, Pervez Jijina, Dolly Wania (UK) and Mehernaz Bharucha.

Others who also sported a response, were (in the order received): Jeroo Makujina, Piroja Engineer, Cyra Noshirwan, Freny Divecha and Coomi Vakil.


Quote of the month

He who knows that enough is enough will always have enough.

-- Lao Tzu 




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