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Grand Tambola

Followed by Dinner on Saturday 29 November at KPI

Bring your luck and we will give you a night of lucky numbers which will bag you lots of prizes!!!


It’s a card full of lines, full house and snow ball which will make you, your family and friends happy with exciting wins.


Venue: KPI Lawn

Time: 7.00 p.m. onwards

Ticket per person:  Rs 400. Tambola card will be sold for Rs 100

Last Date: November 25, 2014 till 1p.m.



Tickets available from:

Zarin Mobed – 35880689

Zareen Patel - 0321 2628167

Shenaz Banaji – 32710049

Furengeez Tampal – 32782961

Roshan Vannia – 32250127



(The notice and agenda were emailed to all KZBM members 21 days prior to meeting, as required. The Notice is repeated only as a reminder for the meeting.)







                       Karachi Zarthosti Banu Mandal

Registered under Registration & Control Ordinance 1961




The Annual General Meeting of the Karachi Zarthosti Banu Mandal will be held on Wednesday, November 12, 2014 at 5:30 pm at the Manijeh Hommie Mehta Building, Sohrab Katrak Parsi Colony, Karachi.





In Memory of

Hilla Eruch Umrigar


Hilla aunty Eruch Umrigar came to Karachi, from Mumbai, in 1949 and soon thereafter joined the Mandal and its Welfare Subcommittee.  She was possibly the longest serving member of the Mandal having retired in 2000: To the Zarthustis of Karachi her very name was synonymous with Welfare.


She once told Jamshed Nusserwanji Mehta that welfare work was difficult, and he added that “in fact you will find huge hurdles and criticism too, but the challenge is to get up and work again.” An advice she literally took to heart.


She worked with total commitment and strong passion - sometimes to the discomfort of people, but she never lacked in her feeling for someone in need and strongly presented her case, ensuring that assistance was met – leaving no stone unturned!


She served the Welfare, Medical and Rehabilitation subcommittees of the Mandal and through them interacted with all levels of the community. In fact her zeal to assist was great.  In addition to the Mandal she also had an occasion to assist the Captain Foundation when US Church World Service sent them milk power, cooking oil and clothes for distribution to the indigent Pakistanis.  She accompanied Keki Captain to remote places like Usmanabad and Malir to reach the abject poor – a grueling task but, “I was fortunate to be a small part of the service,” she is known to have said.


There is also a quiet contribution of Hilla Umrigar that has benefitted many in the community. When Mehroo and Noshir Sopariwalla Endowment was created at the Aga Khan Hospital its disbursement was left to the hospital’s discretion and it did not cover Zarthustis. Hilla aunty took the matter in hand and with her grit and persistence followed it up with Shams Lakha, then head of the hospital, and after several visits secured assistance for Zarthostis from the Endowment.


Hilla aunty often said Karachi jevu seher nahee anay Karachi Zarthostis jeva jigri lok nahee. We the Zarthustis of Karachi can only bid her a fond adieu and may she rest in Eternal Peace.

Sunnu Golwalla





Zoroastrian Return to Roots

Track B Tour – March 2015



Zoroastrian Return to Roots (RTR) is a youth-led initiative that aims to reconnect Zoroastrian youth in the diaspora with their Indian and Iranian origins.  Applications for the next RTR trip in March 2015 are now open.  Roots Fellows will visit historic and cultural Zoroastrian sites in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, and Gujarat with world-renowned experts and local guides explaining the cultural, religious and economic significance of the sites being visited.


Participants will gain a deeper understanding of Zoroastrianism, a sense of community and identity, an expanded network of motivated and like-minded Zoroastrians, and a desire to contribute and give back to our community.  This program is an essential step to maintaining our Zoroastrian values, ideas, and traditions for future generations.


The Roots program has been generously sponsored by donors from our global community.  If you are interested in supporting us or in becoming a Fellow on the next trip, please www.zororoots.org  Please also feel free to contact Fareeza Doctor at fareezadoctor2012@gmail.com for more information about the trip.





Google Cultural Institute – CI,

From Persia to Akbar’s Court
Dear Friends,

You will be happy to know that Google requested UNESCO Parzor to create an introductory Virtual Exhibition bringing awareness of the basic history, religion and culture of the Parsi Zoroastrians. This exhibition has been launched recently when Google opened its first India chapter.


Since Zoroastrianism is a huge topic, we decided to divide it with text, pictures, film, music and chanting starting with the Gathas and coming down through monajats till today.


This will be followed by other Google CI Exhibitions on Parsi Textiles,  Parsi Food,  later Navroze etc.   We hope with the help of Google which has the largest hits online in the world, to create maximum knowledge about this little known religion and its people.


We welcome your suggestions, advice and any other ideas you could share.


We would appreciate your spreading the word online, on your websites and social media thus reaching all those interested and your friends.


Thanking you,
Dr. Shernaz Cama,Director, UNESCO Parzor Project, Parzor Foundation, F-17, Hauz Khas Enclave, New Delhi-110016




KPI Renovates its Billiard Room





Last month at the Institute's Annual General Meeting, a soft opening of the KPI's Renovated Billiard Room was done, followed by lunch.


Here is an image of the "New Look Billiard Room". The Billiard Secretary and the Managing Committee of KPI are grateful for the community’s support and contribution.









Mushkil Asaan Prayers

November 7, 2014 at 5:30pm

Jamshed Baugh Club House

The JB Club Committee is thankful to the community members for their presence at the Mushkil Aasaan prayers and invite all Zarthostis to attend.






A baby girl, Daena, born to Tashan and Zane R. Byramji on 28 September 2014 in Philadelphia, USA.




Darayus Homi Dastur   h/o Yasmin,  f/o Farah Daneshwar Quettawalla,  s/o Soonu & (late) Homi Dastur ( Meherjirana),   brother of Percy Dastur in Canada on  3rd October.

Sohrab Irani h/o Ava on 14th October

Farrokh Tehmurasp Mavalvala h/o Zarin;  Father / Father-In-Law of: Farhad & Mayling,  Zubin & Natasha, Meheryar & Nazish;  b/o Sam & Zarine Mavalvala  & Katy Sethna on 16th October

Hira (Hilla) Umrigar, w/o late Eruch Umrigar on 17th October

Nauzer Sohrabji Messman, h/o Menija; b/o (late) Jamshed, Anu Desai & Maneck; b-in-law-of  Gool Messman, Aspi & Jamshed Mondegarian on 18th October.





Making of Meaning

An Art Exhibition

of Anushka Rustomji Musa’s paintings at the Indus Valley School of Art & Architecture from Monday 10 November to Saturday 15 November, 11 am to 6pm.









Blood Cancer Medicine

Medicine for Blood Cancer has been found!  'Imitinef Mercilet' is a medicine which cures blood cancer. It is available free of cost at "Adyar Cancer Institute in Chennai". Please create awareness, it might help someone: Pass the word around among your friends and family.  The details are:
Cancer Institute Adyar, Chennai,
Address: East Canal Bank Road, Gandhi Nagar, Adyar, Chennai-600020  India (Landmark: Near Michael School).  Phone: 044-24910754  044-24910754             044-24911526             044-24911526        044-22350241 044-22350241



Rekha turns 59


Rekha-bday-0013.jpgBollywood actor Rekha – a  gorgeous lady with long-thick hair - turned 59 on October 10.


She was born Bhanurekha Ganesan and started as a child actor in Telugu and Kannada films, but in less than five years she made her debut in Hindi films with 1970’s ‘Sawan Bhadon’. Initially she was criticised for her looks but today she is one of the most beautiful Indian women: The story of her transition from an ugly duckling to a beautiful swan has been a motivation for many. Let’s check out Rekha’s beauty secrets:


HAIR:  She understands the importance of her hair and takes good care of it. She uses a homemade pack of curd, eggs and honey, and also massages her hair with coconut oil few times a week. This makes her hair bright, voluminous and shiny. Rekha usually avoids fancy hair products or hair dryers because of their artificial nature.


SKIN: She never goes to sleep without removing her makeup, and follows the daily skin routine of cleansing, toning and moisturizing. She also drinks a lot of water throughout the day which keeps her hydrated, removes all toxins and helps her feel fresh, alive and active all the time.


DIET: Eating right is very important for Rekha. She avoids deep fried or fatty foods and maintains a very healthy diet plan. Chapattis, curd, vegetables and salads are some of the basic parts of her eating habits and are responsible for her gorgeous and youthful looks. She is a typical vegetarian and believes in eating a lot of walnuts and pomegranates.


FITNESS ROUTINE: Rekha exercises about ten to fifteen minutes a day to stay healthy and in shape. She also enjoys gardening, dancing and home chores which partly explain the reason behind her active life and fabulous body. Yoga is also an important part of her fitness routine and she practices this daily to look young and attractive all the time.


DINNER TIME:  According to Rekha, there should be a two to three hour gap before dinner and sleep. Therefore she tries to finish her dinner by seven thirty pm. She believes that eating right is not the only important thing, but eating it at the right time is much more important and necessary.


GETTING GOOD SLEEP: Rekha believes in getting a good amount of rest and sleep before starting a new day. She goes to bed early at night and rises early as well. It gives her a lot of energy for the day and also gives her skin a very glowing and supple texture. No wonder this actor is always so much fun and enthusiastic, despite her growing age.


We can only say that age is just a number for Rekha: she is as glamorous as she used to be years back!





Feedback on Parsee Hill
"This is true, we have had gatherings out there and even seen it up close."
Hoshedar Ferozepurwalla in Arizona, USA
(cousin of Phiruza Birdie)



Online polls show more Parsis want rites, rituals to be simplified, changed


Polls conducted on community magazine Parsiana's website reveal a majority of participants want women as priests, a new prayer hall for those opting for cremation.

A series of online polls on much-debated topics among Parsis, conducted by popular community magazine Parsiana, has reflected the growing number of liberal voices within the community.

Ten online polls were conducted on the magazine website since 2013 on issues ranging from women being appointed as priests to allowing the use of prayer halls at Doongerwadi by those opting for alternate means of disposing the dead, and results show a majority have progressive views.

The survey revealed that 76 per cent of the participants were in favour of women becoming mobeds or priests, and 71 per cent wanted a new prayer hall for Parsis who opt for cremation instead of the traditional Towers of Silence.

Parsis who opt for alternate methods of disposing of the dead are not allowed to perform the all-important prayers over four days in the bunglis (prayer halls) in Doongerwadi, and there has been a long-standing demand to construct an alternative for them.

In one poll conducted in March 2013, 77 per cent voters were in favour of the Doongerwadi bunglis being used for ceremonies by those opting for alternate means of disposing the dead.

A poll conducted in August this year on whether the five Wadia Baugs -- Nowroz Baug in Lalbaug, Rustom Baug and Jer Baug in Byculla, Cusrow Baug, Colaba and Ness Baug at Nana Chowk -- should be managed by the Wadia Committee of Management or the Bombay Parsi Punchayet saw 70 per cent participants voting in favour of the Wadias, while 23 per cent preferred the BPP. The remaining five per cent were undecided.

The Wadias and BPP have been at loggerheads after the former demanded control over these five colonies. Sources claim the Wadias were upset after BPP allegedly withdrew Rs 2 crore from a corpus created for the five buildings' maintenance and to pay priests' salaries.

The community's shift from following age-old rituals reflected in a poll conducted in September 2014 asking whether they observed Fravardin Parab (a day of prayers for the deceased), in which 61 per cent voted in the negative while 33 per cent said they continue to observe the day.

In another poll, while 65 per cent voters said Muktad prayers (in remembrance of the deceased) should be continued for merely one year, eight per cent said the prayers should go on for five years and 26 per cent were of the opinion that the prayers should be observed for more than 10 years.

On the other hand, 53 per cent were against allowing non-Parsis to see the face of the deceased in Doongerwadi after the geh sarana ceremony and 60 per cent were against allowing non-Parsis to use baugs for functions and ceremonies.

Parsiana's editor, Jehangir Patel, said the responses to the online polls range from 25 to 100 in number and could be from anywhere in the world. "I wouldn't say that this online survey exactly gauges the thinking of the community on a whole. However, it could definitely serve as a starting point for more of such surveys to understand the community's attitude," said Patel.

A response from a community member to the survey also highlighted the fact that voters who are aware of these online polls represent a small minority of the Zoroastrian population. "Another glaringly obvious shortcoming is that these polls do not address the suitability of respondents to even give an opinion on religious topics," said the member.






Italian Mother
Giuseppe excitedly tells his mother he’s fallen in love and that he is going to get married.  He says, “Just for fun, Mama I’m going to bring over three women and you try and guess which one I’m going to marry.” 
The mother agrees.  
The next day he brings three beautiful women into the house, sits them down on the couch and they chat for a while. He then says, “Okay, Mama, guess which one I’m going to marry?  
Mama says immediately, “The one on the right.”  
“That’s amazing, Mama. You’re right. How did you know?”  
Mama replies:  “I don’t like her.”



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