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Come Celebrate 101th Anniversary of KZBM with

Grand Tambola Followed by Dinner

On Sunday 24 November at KPI


Join us to celebrate KZBM’s birthday with a Grand Tambola on Sunday 24 November 2013. Bring your luck and we will give you a night of lucky numbers which will bag you lots of prizes!!! It’s a card full of lines, full house and snow ball which will make you, your family and friends happy with exciting wins. 


 Venue: KPI Lawn
 Time: 7.00 p.m. onwards 
 Ticket per person:  Rs 400. Tambola card will be sold for Rs 100
 Last Date: November 19, 2013 till 1p.m. Rs100 will be charged extra on selling tickets after due date


Tickets available from:

Phiruza Birdie - 35895057            

Zareen Patel - 0321 2628167

Parveen Banaji - 32710015          

Furengeez Tampal - 32782961 

Roshan Vannia - 32250127 





Karachi Zarthosti Banu Mandal

Registered under Registration & Control Ordinance 1961



101st Annual General Meeting of the Karachi Zarthosti Banu Mandal will be held on Wednesday, 20 November 2013 at 5:00 pm at the Manijeh Hommie Mehta Building, Sohrab Katrak Parsi Colony, Karachi.



·         To read the notice convening the meeting

·         To read and confirm the Minutes of the last Annual General Meeting

·         To consider and adopt the Annual Report and Audited Accounts for the year ended June 30, 2013

·         President’s Address

·         Any other business with the permission of the Chair


Sarfaraz Feroze Golwalla                

Farahnaz Ardeshir Marker

Honorary Secretaries




Fancy Dress & Talent Show Competition – some pictures:







In Commemoration of 95th Anniversary of

The Mama Parsi Girls’ Secondary School

The Management and Principal of the School cordially invite the Zarthosti  community to a Grand Exhibition ‘WORLD SHOWCASE’ (showcasing eighteen countries) on the school premises, on Thursday 7 November 2013 between 11am & 4pm and, on Friday 8th and Saturday 9th November 2013 between 8:30 am & 4:00 pm







Zarin Jimmy Pestonji on 3 October in London, UK

Mobed Framroze (Fali) J. Kanga on 7 October in California, USA

Farrokh Keki Ghadially on 8 October in Toronto, Canada





8 days Tour of Vietnam

First Week of Feb 2014

Last date to join is 15th November 2013. For details contact Dilshad & Aspi Irani on Tel # 35660171/35662959.



Job Vacancy

Dr Nadirali Syed, Neurologist at South City Hospital requires a person to manage his medical practice.

Job involves overseeing staff, cash, filing and management of the clinic.

Interested persons may contact the doctor on mobile # 0333 2121212, giving Nilofer Framji's reference.









Oh shoot! Where ARE my car key?


This can happen to anyone and yet there are elderly whose minds are sharp as a whistle. So, what causes the difference? It is the stimulation one gives her mind every day that stacks up to give or take away mental acuity.


Memory is a sophisticated function of the brain and when it fails or slackens we worry.  It is Alzheimer’s?   Has old age finally hit me? Well, age does slow down things including memory, but what then makes some seniors sharper than some middle-aged persons?


Healthy life is a good start: Eat well, sleep well, exercise and avoid unnecessary medication. Next, let’s take the memory boosters: stimulate your memory and other mental functions on daily basis, by reading (not a popular activity with our people: sorry folks to bring it up!), playing some game/puzzle/quiz whatever and, having a good social life. Watching television or just playing crosswords or bridge is not sufficient. You need to stimulate your mind in a variety of ways. Challenge it with new tasks and stay away from monotonous ones because if you always do the same thing only a particular area of your brain is used.


If your leisure activities demand some organising, initiative and planning, it will strengthen different components of your brain and our memory works in collaboration with other mental functions.


At all ages we can, and need to, keep our memory in shape. Want to make a start today?






The Temple of Light


The first Kurdish Zoroastrian temple was opened in Stockholm, Sweden on Jamshedi Nowruz.


The administrator of the temple, Andaz Kawezi, holding the Avesta against his chest and standing by the fire said that the temple is open to anyone interested in becoming a Zoroastrian, as long as they practice the main pillars of the faith: “Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds.”


Hawezi has been studying our religion for over 20 years and believes that building the temple is like completion of the human body because that is where the believers will meet their god Ahura Mazda.  He continued to say that there are many Zoroastrian practitioners in England, Sweden, India and Kurdistan and, in Sweden alone Kurds’ number has risen from four to more than 3,000 because Kurdish identity is in the Zoroastrian religion.


Hawezi continued to say, “It is a religion without boundaries. The root of the religion is in the brain, that a human being has to think and then behave in a good manner. It is a religion of happiness and struggle. The ultimate decision lies with human beings. No one can tell you to do this or that. It is a religion that pushes a human being to make his own decisions.”


The Mobed, Andazh Waize, who lit the fire which was brought to him by one young man and one young woman, said that he had worked hard on this dream since mid-1980s and on this special day he wanted to thank and honour all those who helped him to build the temple.  He also expressed his gratitude to the Kurdish people for keeping Zoroastrianism alive through the millenniums and when for hundreds of years the practice of the religion was forbidden, but due to the Kurd’s oral tradition, the words of Zarthost has been kept alive by them.


Gautam Bhattacharyya from Stockholm’s Zoroastrian congregation said that he looked forward to more Kurds finding their way back to their ancestors’ faith, because it has a focus on the freedom of the individual and a focus is on the mind. It is the most modern faith (even though it the most ancient one) completely in line with a democratic and secular society.”


(Excerpt from write-up by Phil Masters, Canada)










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