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NOV 2012

KZBM Grand Centenary Celebration

Saturday 10 November at KPI at 8:0 pm


As we complete our Centenary Celebrations we would like the community to join us in honouring those who have served the institution with dedication.  The function will be followed by dinner. Dress: Smart Casual.


Invitations will be issued against a token amount of Rs 50/- by our usual ticket sellers, upto Monday 5 November, please note.


Phiruza Birdie             35895057

Parveen Banaji           32710015

Soonu Kandawalla     35681711

Roshan Vannia           32250127

Furengeez Tampal     32782961




KZBM’s Annual Jashan

Come join us in our annual thanks-giving Jashan on Sunday, 11 November 2012 at 11:00am at KZBM Hall.








Karachi Zarthosti Banu Mandal






                       Registered under Registration & Control Ordinance 1961





The Annual General Meeting of the Karachi Zarthosti Banu Mandal will be held on Wednesday, December 5, 2012 at 5:30 pm at the Manijeh Hommie Mehta Building, Sohrab Katrak Parsi Colony, Karachi.









-             President

-             Vice President

-             2 Secretaries

-             Treasurer

-             6 Subcommittee Chairpersons

-             3 Members


·      To appoint Honorary Auditors


·      Any other business with the permission of the Chair



Sarfaraz Feroze Golwalla                      

Farahnaz Ardeshir Marker

Honorary Secretaries


Nomination form is enclosed for use of members wishing to serve the community.





Full-day Workshop on Zoroastrianism:

Learn the Fun Way with Interactive Session

Songs and Games!  By Tashan Mistree Byramji


At Beach Luxury Hotel,  Age Group : 6 to 10 years. Open for all Zoroastrian children.

Date: Sunday, 11 November, 2012   Time: 11:00am to 3:00pm  (lunch and tea/snacks will be served.)


For those who require transport: We will be arranging vans which will leave Banu Mandal Hall at 10:15am and drop the children to their respective localities after the workshop. When registering please specify whether you would be using the van.


Payment: Rs.300/- per child. (The workshop is subsidised from Informal Religious Meetings fund.)


To bring:  Pencil box, colour pencils/crayons, glue stick, scissors, prayer cap


Last date for registering: Sunday, Tuesday 6 November till 1 pm. (Limited seats, register early to avoid disappointment.)


Please give in your names to: Farahnaz Marker (0300-2208208), Smita Mama (0300-2348386), Dilnavaz Malbari (0302-8222967), Zavera Golwalla (03002975425) , Arnaz Subedar (03343856812), Behroze Khambatta (0332-2559148), Jasmin  Chowna (0333-2318005), Mitra Bhesania (0300-2259433), Mitra Irani (0332-2492404)







As the saying goes "Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity.” John F Kennedy.

KPI is embarking on a health-initiative of providing a Physical Fitness Club at its premises. For this we are approaching our caring community to donate for purchase of gym equipments like tread mills, exercise cycles etc. Your support, as always, will help us give our youth the much needed access to good physical fitness facility,

Natasha Mavalvala (Mobile # 0334 365 9002) or Rustom Irani (Mobile # 0333 321 6909) will look forward to your calls.





This is further to a write-up in September 2012 issue of “What’s On”, by the respected (former) Mama School Principal, Ms Zarine Mavalvala.


As chair of the Reunion committee, I wish to clarify that ALL the committee members had an equal role in making the reunion “a resounding success”! 


Along with committee members mentioned in the previous article (Niloufer Mavalvala, Thrity Pfuetzner and Parveen Khursigara), and so aptly worded by our respected principal, “who worked to the bone, not only putting the umpteen details of the programs together but also to caringly see to everyone’s personal comforts…..”, names of committee members Khurshid Engineer, Mehra Hansotia, Abida Rawra, and last, but certainly not by any means least, Shaista Ali deserve a special mention.


Thank you ladies for being at my beck and call at all times, through the course of the 10 months of planning and putting up with my endless requests.


Dosi Anklesaria

Committee Chair




We are pleased to inform our readers that Farah Ferozepurwalla has secured 1st position throughout Pakistan and 3rd position worldwide,  in her ACCA paper on 'Taxation'.  Congratulations!






Aiden, a son to Hufresh and Dinshaw Vannia on 5 October in Toronto, Canada

Bahman, a son to Mithra (nee Birdie) and Ashrat Bharucha on 19 September in Dubai




Jimmy Minoocher Mobed on 30 September

Piroja Kaikhushroo Katila expired in Canada on 12 October

Nariman Eruchshaw Patel on 13 October







Practice wellness

Sugar ain’t that Sweet



Meethu mono and sagan ni sakar brings happy memories to most of us. Why then am I spoiling it with a contradictory title “Sugar ain’t that Sweet”.


The fact of the matter is that when these traditions started, processed food and fizzy drinks were not in abundance but now that they are, we need to review our sugar consumption.


Foods made at home are simple and natural but what comes in a can, a jar or a bag is processed and convenient, therefore most working or busy people consume them in sufficient quantity and need to mark limits.


The reason for this is that processed food has additive to give them shelf-life. One of the common additives is fructose which is added to give food palatability and taste enhancement Fructose is fruit sugar, and combines with glucose to form table sugar. It is one of the sweetest natural or artificial sweeteners, making it a popular ingredient in many processed foods.


It is therefore advised to keep daily intake of fructose upto to only 25 grams per day. A medium fruit has 7-8 grams of fructose but one can of fizzy drink has upto 40 grams of fructose!  If we consume half-prepared foods, sausages or luncheon meat and canned fruit and canned yogurt we are already consuming hidden fructose, which need to be taken into account, so that our total daily consumption of sugar is within advised limit.


But what’s great worry about fructose? It is the way it is metabolized by the body. Carbs such as potato and bread is metabolised in every cell of our body giving it energy, while fructose is metabolised primarily by our liver and regrettably liver converts majority of fructose into fat, and that is where the danger lies.


It may help to give a little thought to your fructose consumption by seriously reducing or even better, avoiding sweetened drinks and processed foods.


Advanced countries are going back to simple and natural foods and we have just made the shift, so why not get back to our better eating habits. Salamati!




What is your Networking Personality?

Being able to identify different personality types - including your own - can help you to network more successfully.

Social butterfly

Likes social events and meeting new people.
Knows how to draw others into conversation.
Usually surrounded by adoring onlookers,
Wary of networking?  Seek them out.
Recognise yourself? Networking is about more than having a good time.

Serial killer
Determined to exchange as many business cards as possible as quickly as possible.
Overbearing, pushy and not interested in you or anything you have to say.
Waste of time. Avoid them if possible.
Recongnise yourself? Tone it down.

Bridge bulder

More interested in listening than talking. Quick to find common ground and identify mutually beneficial opportunities - and to follow up on them.
Refreshingly resourceful; good to know.
Recognise yourself? Congratulations.

Reluctant tourist

Doesn't want to be there, can't be bothered to try. Some are lazy, some fear rejection, and some are incapable of small talk.
Expect to work hard and have nothing to show for it.
Recognise yourself? Commit to the moment, and prepare to be amazed.

Balancing act

Plans business networking efforts well in advance; sees them as integral to business success. Good at identifying and exploiting opportunities.
Happily share their connections; worth cultivating.
Recognise yourself?  Keep up the good work.

Source:  ICAEW's VITAL magazine




Nurture your mind with great thoughts, for you will never go any higher than you think.

Benjamin Disraeli


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