MARCH 2014






March 1 programme 3pm onward, please note.



Kid Master-Chefs

12 April at the Mandal

For the first time in Banu Mandal to dazzle young and old with their exquisite cooking:


Astad Sidhwa aged 13yrs (son of Zarnak & Yazdi)

Safna Mama aged 11yrs (daughter of Perin & Dadabhoy)

Zara Irani aged 5yrs (daughter of Raamish & Zubin)


Keep the day booked for us!








Sunday 9 March at 5 pm

at the Mandal Hall

Come and enjoy our usual attractions:

· Outfits for ladies, children's clothes, sadras, towels, sheets and household items

· Wide variety of home-made food

· Games for children.

Book your stalls as early as possible with Alla Rustomji: Tel # 35861746 or Nilofer Noshirwani: Tel # 35899389 after 4pm







CSI: Career Search Investigator

Sun 16 March 10:30am to 1:30pm

At the Mandal Hall

If you are 15-25 years of age, come join in the fun session where you will learn 3-step approach to:

1. Assess Personality Type, using the RIASEC tool

2. Identify Options, using Occupational Handbooks

3. Choose the Best, conduct a PEST Analysis


To register, pay a token fee of Rs 200 to any of the KZBM ticket sellers*, latest by Wed 12 March 1pm.


Dilaver Tadiwala - 35800338 Zareen Patel - 0321 2628167 Parveen Banaji – 32710015

Furengeez Tampal - 32782961 Roshan Vannia - 32250127







Bombay Jam with

Phiroozeh Romer of California



More and larger pictures are on www.facebook.com/KZBM Child Chapter Group


KZBM Child Chapter and adult enthusiasts had two sessions of ‘fun, fitness and masti’ as described by Phiroozeh (affectionately known as Phi), and continues to explain that Bombay Jam is a dance-fitness programme which integrates fitness and fun. One doesn’t need to be a dancer or an athlete to participate, but only love music (and a little masti).


She engaged our kids and adults with easy to follow dance fitness moves full of Bollywood flare and some tracks incorporating western music.


Phi has done similar sessions, at the Meherabad, Cyrus Colony, Studio X and more to follow. She teaches this programme in California where her students range from 14-80 years of age, so all were welcome. You can sample some videos and music tracks of BJ at http://bombayjam.com .



KZBM Kids enjoyed the

Dolphin Show at the

Pakistan Maritime Museum

More and larger pictures are on www.facebook.com/KZBM Child Chapter Group





Almitra Mavalvala’s Account as

Frenchy in the Musical GREASE

Stephen Sondhelm once said and I quote, “All the best performers bring to their role, something more, something different than what the author puts on paper, that’s what makes theatre live. That’s why it persists.’’


Since I was a little girl, the stage never seemed to intimidate me. Whether it be dancing, or singing or acting. I got into the performing arts at a mere age of 7 when I did plays for school. In my experience as an actor, I have not played many lead roles but many supporting roles as well as very minor ones too. However they say in theatre, there are no small roles only small actors, which means each actor is there to serve a purpose and each actor is as significant as the lead in their own ways.


Singing and dancing has always been a passion of mine and performing in a musical has always been a dream and what better musical to perform in than Grease. Never did I think I would get such an opportunity. Auditioning for Grease was one of the most exciting and overwhelming experiences that I have ever come across. I have performed in commercial plays before but never on such a large scale. Grease is one of my all time favorite movies and the genre of music i.e. rock and roll has always got me bouncing off my chair.


People go to acting school for 4 years to learn what we learnt in 4 months. I played the role of Frenchy-The beauty school dropout. Frenchy was a challenging character to play because there was so much to keep in mind about her because I wanted to stay true to the character. Our director Nida Butt and Music Director Hamza Jaffri worked for hours over 4 months to get to perfection. What made the entire production a success was the entire cast. Each member, whether it was an actor, or a dancer or the band, each gave their 100% to make this production great.


If I was to pick my favourite character from this play I couldn’t do it because they’re all SO talented and brilliant in their own ways. I will mention however that Ahmed Ali was the perfect Danny Zuko. He owned that character right from the walk to the laugh to the John Travolta ‘swag’. Grease was an amazing journey, and an overwhelming, exhausting, crazy and fun experience and I’m glad I was a part of it.



Fareeza Doctor’s Account

On Zoroastrian Return to Roots

In picture above: Fareeza is seen towards the centre in polka-dot T-shirt


“In numbers Parsis are beneath contempt, but in contribution, beyond compare.” These words were spoken by Mahatma Gandhi, which the Return to Roots programme did a beautiful job of targeting. It selected a group of 16 friendly, energetic and enthusiastic young Zoroastrians from across the globe for its inaugural tour at the end of last year. The Return to Roots Fellows explored Zoroastrian India by visiting historical and religious sites across Bombay and Gujarat. The trip was extremely memorable and reinforced the idea of returning to your roots and reviving the community.


The tour started with a visit to the oldest Agiary of Bombay, the Seth Banaji Limji Agiary, followed by travelling and dining at some of India’s finest Parsi locations and experiencing Parsi culture first hand. The most memorable places visited included, amongst many others, the Bombay House and the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, where personalised tours of the famous Tata family and their history and accomplishments was given; the B.D. Petit Parsi General Hospital; the Dadar Athornan Institute where religious and secular education is provided to children of the priestly class; the Doongarwadi; the Ratan Tata Institute that provides employment to Parsi ladies who show their creativity in the outfits they make, such as children’s dresses, embroidery and restoring saris and garas.


Additionally, there was a Heritage Walk during which we witnessed Parsi-influenced architecture in Bombay and covered the Bhikha Behram Well, a sacred site for the Parsis that generates sweet water even though it is situated close to the Arabian Sea and quenched the thirst of thousands of people when Bombay was hit by drought in the eighteenth century.


There was also a visit to the Prince of Wales Museum to learn about the Cyrus Cylinder, a symbol of religious tolerance and diversity approximately 2,600 years old and often referred to as the first bill of human rights.


The Gujarat part of the tour proved to be the highlight. Visiting the two Atash Behrams in Surat and Navsari, and the beautiful, powerful, yet breathtakingly calm and serene Iranshah Atash Behram at Udvada was most memorable. The arrival of our forefathers in Sanjan to flee persecution in Iran and trying to save our religion, culture, heritage and tradition, and adapting to the norms of the Indians showed how passionate they were back then. This renewed our belief that the religion will be kept alive by future generations.


All in all, this trip was fantastically organised. From accommodation, to travel, to dining, to meeting new people and making friendships for life, it is the most talked about tour in the Zoroastrian community, and rightfully so. Knowledge about our ancient religion has increased manifold; experienced scholars have taught us the importance of our rich culture, heritage and traditions; they have taught us the meaning of our prayers and why it is important for us to pray in the manner we have been taught to pray. There are emotional, spiritual, cultural and traditional triggers pulled on each part of this wonderful tour that have broadened our perception of Zoroastrianism, that we are not a dying community and are here to stay.


Return to Roots is a regular programme, and there will be more tours in 2014 and beyond. We hope for more participants from Pakistan on the next tour, so do keep checking the website www.zororoots.org to apply.



First Pakistani Woman Racer in the Desert Rallies


Tushna Ronnie Patel is the first Pakistani woman car-rally-racer, creating a mark in a sport dominated by men.

Her growing passion for the sport has enthused her to make time, despite being a mother of two young children and having a hectic routine of running her own school. In various interviews she has acknowledged the encouragement of her husband whom she has accompanied at various rallies, he being a known name in the sport.

The recently held Cholistan Desert Rally is the second rally where she participated and completed the race of 215 km in 2 minutes and 9 seconds, at which Ronnie Patel was awarded second position in his category. In December 2013 Tushna participated in the Jhal Magsi Rally which was on a mountainous terrain and secured the fourth position.

Better known in the racing circle as Bhabhi, Tushna is creating her own waves in the sport. KZBM wishes you more success, Tushna.


Remembering Some of the Karachi

Parsi Men & Women in Sports


Shahrokh Mehta of Syracuse, NY, USA has compiled a list of Karachi Parsi men and women who not only did extremely well in their respective sports disciple, but also represented their schools, colleges, universities, KPI, the city of Karachi and the nation of Pakistan. Some of them are truly legends. This is by no means a complete list and some names may have been omitted, for which he apologises. The list contains 28 sports/sports related activities and is therefore attached (click here to open). The list has already been seen by many but it is attached for those who may not have seen it, and for those who wish to retain a copy.


KZBM appreciates the initiative taken by Shahrokh.




YMZA/Dastur Dr Dhalla Institute are pleased to announce a hilarious Parsi comedy naatak "FARAMJI NI FILM UTRI" which will be held at the FTC auditorium on Friday, March 28; Saturday, March 29th; and Sunday, March 30th, 2014 at 8pm sharp.  Doors will open at 7:30pm.  Tickets are Rs. 1200 per person.  
·        It is “first come” seating (but limited seating).  
·        Tickets are available at Avari Towers, Espresso (Shahbaz), Butlers (Zamzama) & Agha’s Supermarket.  
·        Open to non-Zarthostis (please pass the word to your Gujrati speaking friends).  
·        Children of ALL ages need to purchase tickets (there are no free tickets).  
·        Snacks available on payment. 
·        This play has been directed by Mr Sam Kerawala, who also directed “Doctors on Parade” in the ‘80s.
Mushkil Asaan Prayers
7th March 2014 at 5:30pm
Jamshed Baugh Club House
Jamshed Bagh commenced these prayers since December 2013. You may like to note that they will be held every month on first Friday of the month.  You may pray to Mushkil Asaan. Copies of the prayer will be available, along with copies of the “dua” which will be recited by all together, at the end.
All Zarthustis are cordially invited.





Valentine Celebration

for Seniors at the Parsi General


The spirit of the day was in the air all round with a gentleman’s kiss to masks, balloons and goodies on the table.


We at Karachi try to bring cheer to our elders at the Parsi General

Hospital, and Gulbanu Bamji is in the forefront to entertain them on

any occasion.





Anushka daughter of Alla & Burjor Rustomji AND Musa, son of Nasira & Zafar Jadoon on 1 February

Farishtae, daughter of Havovi and Faredoon Minwalla AND Xerxes, son of late Lilian and Pervaiz Karanjia on 15 February




Maneck Faredoon Dastur h/o Armaity and f/o Persis on 26 January

Dara Jamshedji Patel b/o Shera Mavalwala & Noshir Patel uncle of Dr Firoze and Parveen Patel on 9 February

Khurshid Pardiwala, f/o Pervin Palon and Shirin Sarkari on 14 February in Dubai







WHERE Did I Put That FAT?


There’s fat and then there’s fat. It all depends on where your body stores it. Flab on the derričre is not as problematic as flab on the tum. Even slim people can have too much fat, if it’s wrapped deep around their stomach organs. This fat is known as ‘visceral fat’ and is the cause of a number of serious health problems.


How does one know if there’s too much of it? Girth is more telling than weight. Measure your waist at its narrowest and your hip at its widest point. Then divide the waist measurement by the hip measurement. The result is the Waist-Hip ratio. More than .80 for women and .95 for men should concern you.


Dislodge the Wodge


Tips to help reduce the Waist-Hip Ratio:

· Eat ESSENTIAL Fats! These are in oily fish (eat 3 times a week), nuts, seeds and dark green vegetables. Linseed oil capsules are free of the mercury found in cod liver oil.

· Cut out sugar and white flour. Use WHOLEMEAL flour.

· Eat brown rice and pasta; daals, peas and beans; fruits and vegetables.

· Reduce (or cut out) meat and animal products in your diet.

· Drink at least 6 glasses of water a day. Cut down on tea and coffee.

· EXERCISE. Walk briskly for 30 minutes a day and do some strength training.

· Deal with stress! Try yoga and meditation.

Contributed by Once a Karachiite…!




Discovering the Gathas

(2nd and concluding part)


The law of Asha means, to be in harmony with the evolution and renovation of the world. We are also in line with the important concept of Haurvatat, the fifth attribute of Ahura Mazda. That means we are going to get out of stagnation and progress towards perfection. And we will have always in mind these golden words of Zarathustra who said: “Let us be among those who revive and refresh the world”. If we wanted to say this phrase in today’s way of speaking we would have said, “let us be among those who bring up to date and modernise this world”. In fact, this is the goal of every Zoroastrian to endeavour for the betterment of the world.

We are convinced that the future of Zoroastrianism depends on a better understanding of the universalism of the Gathas. Everywhere in the Gathas, Ahura Mazda, aims at all women and at all men of the world, whether just or unjust. He never mentions a particular people or nation, whether Aryans or Iranians. Zarathustra's message is universal because Ahura Mazda is the God of all creation and all living beings, including animals and plants.

The Zarathustra’s culture, transmitted by the Gathas, is a universal culture, belongs to every human being who seeks a happy and wisdom oriented life on this earth. As a matter of fact, there are millions and millions of Zoroastrians in this world who are unaware they are Zoroastrians! Being a Zoroastrian is nothing else but a way of thinking, speaking and acting, all based on righteousness, joyfulness and wisdom.

The modernity of the Gathas has been so intriguing that even two famous specialists of Zarathustra in 19th century, the German, Spiegel, and the French, Darmasteter, found the Gathas so modern that they put its authenticity in doubt. But very soon the archaeological and linguistic research proved the Gathas authenticity without any shadow of doubt and these two specialists were the first to present their apologies for their mistakes.

Yes, the Gathas are timeless. Which philosophy, which religion, which culture in the world , have spoken as beautifully, as intelligently, as positively, as humanistic as Zarathustra in the Gathas.

Zarathustra’s God Ahura Mazda, has created righteousness so human beings, all the human beings, can build on its basis a happy society.

· He has created freedom of choice so that people can choose freely their own way of life

· He has created serenityarmaiti” so that people can lead a serene life

· He has created good thoughtvohu mana” in order to guide women and men towards the bright part of existence

· He has created self dominance “khashatra” in order to prevent people from falling into mistakes

· He has created evolutionhaurvatat” so that people can progress towards perfection in taking part in the betterment of the world with a purified consciousness.

· And finally He has created immortality “ameretat”so that the purified consciousness which has reached the perfection can live happy forever.

Excerpt from a talk by

Dr Khosro Khazai Pardis

European Centre for Zoroastrian Studies

Cultural, Secular and Free-Thinking Association