JUNE 2014




Tambola Followed by Bahmaniyu Dinner

On June 14, 2014 at 7:30 pm


Are you feeling lucky? Well, it’s time to find that out!  Join us for a fun evening of tambola followed by the ever-popular and delicious Bahmaniyu dinner.  Do attend in large numbers and enjoy the scrumptious Bahmaniyu dinner.


Venue:     KZBM Hall

Time:       7:30 p.m.

Ticket per person:  Rs 450

Last Date: June 10, 2014 till 1p.m. 


Tickets available from: 

Dilaver Tadiwala - 35800338   

Zareen Patel - 0321 2628167

Parveen Banaji - 32710015           

Furengeez Tampal - 32782961 

Roshan Vannia - 32250127  




Fram Dinshaw’s Birthday Celebrated

At Kidzdunya, Dolmen Mall




“KidzDunya is an interactive theme park for families that inspires and educates kids through real-life role-playing activities. That being said, fun still remains the most essential ingredient of any activity recipe,” says their Facebook page.  Our Child Chapter with the subcommittee members enjoyed at the KidzDunya on 18th May in celebration of Fram Dinshaw’s birthday.


For interest of our readers we add that two birthday celebration funds were created at the Mandal by respective grandmothers of Fram Eddie Dinshaw and Rustom Ardeshir Cowasjee so that children of KZBM Child Chapter can have celebrations too.  Both grandsons are grown men and are perhaps unaware of the good time these funds provide, but Mandal records their gratitude for the generosity of these grandmums.


Whilst on the subject, we like to add that the thought behind various activities organised by the KZBM Child Chapter is to help our children develop love, friendship and team spirit and, give them opportunity to be more social, develop social values, good etiquette and increase their general knowledge.





Our Chef Zarnak

Zarnak Sidhwa's interest in cooking came at an early age and got a boost from cooking classes in Mama School. Once grown, she took culinary classes with Shireen Anwer and several other chefs here and abroad (when she travelled). Soon she felt confident to do catering from home and began in 2005.She also gave cooking demos to various groups and gained confidence to demonstrate the skill before others.

Masala TV invited her in 2010 to demonstrate Parsi dishes, which was followed by a series of guest appearances, leading to her own show “Chocoholics” which as the name suggests was based on chocolate items and desserts.  By 2012 she secured her own programme “Food Diaries” which is beamed live in many countries, with interesting segments like Kids Week, Chinese Week, Chocolate Week, Thai Week, Boys Can Cook Week.

Under Food Diaries, she has also revived old Parsi recipes with her own twist, twice in Parsi Week. The first time she also invited a few Parsi guests.   On Jamshedji Navroze she demonstrates the Navroze Table and Parsis dishes. Another interesting segment to the programme is Travel Cum Food Show, under which she recently did Punjab Week highlighting food and culture in Lahore and neighbouring cities.   

19-22 May 2014 was Junior Chef's Week with her son Astad Sidhwa making cheesecake & chicken wraps; Safna Mama: prawn wontons & apple crumble; Zermesh Irani: grilled fish & cheese toast and Nasha Makujina: chili chicken and a pina colada.


Empire Statesmen Member Wins

Eastern Division Speech Contest



After winning first place in the club and Area 7 Table Topics speech contests, Shahrokh Mehta took first place at the Eastern Division level. Six contestants from the Eastern Division competed for the title at Destiny USA.


Good Table Topics speakers are able to think quickly on their feet and deliver an organized, entertaining impromptu speech on a topic spontaneously given to them by the contest chairperson.  The topic given to each of the contestants was, "What is Your Favorite Month of the Year?"




 Above, Shahrokh is flanked by Empire Statesmen members who cheered him on at the Eastern Division speech contest.

Source:  ZAGNY email


Kainaz Amaria of California, USA

Best Journalist Award by President Obama



Kainaz Amaria of Foster City, California (niece of Ervard Kobad Jamsheed) was presented with the BEST JOURNALIST AWARD by the  President. 

Earlier this year Kainaz Amaria, supervising editor for the NPR Visuals team, accepted the White House News Photographer’s Association for first place in the Innovation category for Planet Money Makes A T-Shirt, a story produced for National Public Radio that uniquely chronicles the hidden world behind clothes sold in the United States. Here is the link to the project -http://apps.npr.org/tshirt/

“It was a thrill to meet the President and represent NPR,” said Kainaz. “When I started out as a budding photojournalist I never imagined that moments like these were possible. I’m very lucky to love what I do and to be able to work with extremely talented people.”

Also, none of this, would be possible if it wasn’t for the support and love of my family. They made it possible for me to dream big! Cheers, Kainaz



Courtesy: Nargis Daroga, USA




Beautifying & Honouring Our KPI

Dear Community Members and friends of KPI,

To beautify our club and to keep old memories of KPI alive, the Managing Committee has decided to display pictures of our high achievers in various sports, sporting events, old pictures of the building and it's grounds, group photographs, etc.


We request all of you that if you have any such pictures please send them to:


By Email: msmavalvala@gmail.com                              natasha.mavalvala@gmail.com

By Hand: The Manager - Umer at the Institute.

By Post: Karachi Parsi Institute, 156, S.B Lines, Mubarak Shaheed Road, Karachi – 74400, Pakistan


The pictures will be appropriately framed and displayed prominently in the newly renovated Billiard Room which is the most active sporting area of the Institute.


Please do not send individual portraits of any person.


Kindly mention all the details pertaining to the photograph you send, such as: the date or year if you remember, the occasion, the names of people in the picture, etc.


Thank you for your effort and cooperation. We eagerly await your response.


The KPI Managing Committee




Navroze Collection by
Our Nassessalas
The community’s generosity over the years has helped our nassessalas celebrate Navroze with their families in a befitting manner. They will be approaching you from end-June onward and no doubt you will receive them as always. Thank you.


Mushkil Asaan Prayers

6 June 2014 at 5:30pm

Jamshed Baugh Club House

The JB Club Committee is thankful to the community members for their presence at the Mushkil Aasaan prayers and for their generous donations.  We once again invite all Zarthostis to come in large numbers at the next meeting






Gool Homi Rabadi (ex Karachiite), w/o (late) Homi Burjorjee Rabadi, m/o Roshni (Noshir) Khory,  Nazneen Rabadi and Burjis Rabadi on 26 April in USA

Shiraz Engineer, w/o Jimmy Engineer (artist), m/o Sarosha (Houston, Texas), sister of Purviz Tiraz Birdie (Lawrence, Kansas) on 14 May

Lily Mancekji Dastur s/o Byramji & Godrej in UK and late Hoshang Dastur on 22 May

Mehroo Maneckshaw Gorana s/o of late  Faredoon Gorana on 22 May






Methia Nu Achar available after 5th June.

Roshni Dinshaw

Tel: 0300-2412645



Business & Market Analyst

Amadeus Pakistan

Contact: syedsohaila@gmail.com

The candidate should be an expert in handling crystal reports, MS Office Excel all versions, pivot tables, MS office power point, deep analytical skills to create and customise management reports and present. A professional graduate with sufficient experience or a fresh candidate with right aptitude would be preferred. Core language capability should be English any other foreign language alike Spanish or French would be an asset. A young, dynamic girl in age range: 22-26 years.


Executive Assistant

To Chief Executive

Amadeus Pakistan

Contact: syedsohaila@gmail.com

A presentable and qualified lady, with ability to multi-task and fluent in English language.



Applicants may browse the company profile on www.amadeus.com








Summer Coolers!


16 ozs sugar

8 ozs water


Put the above on medium heat and keep stirring till sugar dissolves. Then boil for about 15 to 20 minutes till thin syrup forms.

take off fire and let cool. THEN:



1.       LIME:   Add 6 ozs of freshly squeezed lemon juice. Mix well and bottle.

2.       ROSE SYRUP:  Add 6 ozs good quality rose water and one teaspoon red food colour, mix well and bottle.

3.       MINT AND LEMON:  Add a bundle  of fresh mint (about 10 to 12 long stems of mint), tied with string and lightly crushed, with sugar and water and boil together as above. When cool strain and add 6 ozs of fresh lemon juice and one teaspoon of green food colour. Mix well and bottle.

4.       GINGER AND LEMON: Add about half cup of grated fresh ginger with sugar and water and boil as above. Cool, strain and add 6 ozs of fresh lemon juice, half teaspoon yellow food colour, mix well and bottle.


To serve, add three dessertspoons (or according to personal taste) of the prepared syrup and add ice cold water. ENJOY!


Sarvar Rana, Rawalpidi



Statues of Zarthost

Two large statues of Zarthost erected in Efrin, Western Kurdinstan, Syria. Glad to see that the memory of the messenger of Good Thoughts, Words and Deeds is appreciated in such far off unexpected place. The expanse of the Persian Empire during the Achaemenid Dynasty (as seen in map above) may explain the presence of Zarthost’s statues in Syria. Map:  Wikipedia


‘Darbe Mehr’ in San Jose, California, USA

The ‘Darbe Mehr’ (a Zoroastrian temple), up in the hills of San Jose, California, stands solid against a background of golden hills and blue skies: It serves as a house of peace and worship for all Zoroastrians in California and around the world.


More on…Grades of fire

Atash Dadgah: household fire but is sometimes consecrated and placed in a fire temple.  This fire can be tended by laity.

Atash Adran: consecrated with four different fires: house of a priest, a warrior, a cultivator and an artisan and enthroned in a Dar-e-Mehr. (KZBM does not know whether the fire at San Jose temple is Atash Adran and will welcome clarification from knowledgeable person/s.)

Atash Behram: 16 fires representing nature, different trades and different classes of society collected and consecrated through elaborate rituals. This atash is enshrined in an Aash Behram.


Source: Global Directory of Zoroastrian Fire Temples by Marzban J Giara





See if you can get Jerry to reach the piece of cheese!






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