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JULY 2013




Due to Ramzan there will be no programme in July 2013.




Regrettably due to Ramzan, there will be no Navroze Mela, however those wishing to purchase items sold at the Mandal may come to KZBM Hall on Saturday 27 July and Saturday 3 August,  between 11 am to 1 pm when our Rehabilitation Subcommittee will be present.




Fabric Painting Session

at Banu Mandal Hall June 15, 2013









Varying and interesting stencils were made by mother-and-daughter pair: Jasmin & Khursheed Gamwalla and, Dilnavaz & Freya Malbari which gave the children an artistic and innovative morning.


Thank you ladies for sharing your talent.









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Navroze Gift

This is just to inform you that our Nessasalars will be approaching you in the coming weeks for your contribution to their Navroze collection. No doubt you will give them your usual generous support. A notice regarding this used to appear in the Parsi Sansar, but this being no longer published the request has been made to us.





The Competition is open for all Zarthosti children.  The following are the categories, type of paper & the drawing MEDIUM which will be allowed - 3 & 4 yrs age group (A4 size paper) / 5, 6 & 7 yrs age group (9”x11” size paper) / 8, 9 & 10 yrs age group (11”x15” size paper) / 11, 12 & 13 yrs age group (11”x15” size paper) / 14, 15 & 16 yrs age group (full poster size paper) / 17 & 18 yrs age group (full poster size paper).  All poster paper will be supplied by YMZA/Dastur Dhalla Institute.  Please bring your own pencil colors, crayons, oil pastels & water colors- NO other medium will be allowed.  TOPICS SHALL BE GIVEN ON THE COMPETITION DAY.  Judging & results will take place after the Competition and prizes given immediately (same day).  Name of participants should be given latest by July 23, 2013 to- Behroze Khambatta, Shahrazad Irani, Dinaz D. Divecha, Kaizer Irani, Natasha Mobed or Natasha Mavalvala.



WINNERS OF YMZA/Dr Dastur Dhalla Institute’s Annual Jamshed Mehta English Elocution Competition at BVS School on Sunday, June 9, 2013.  Judges were Maharukh Bhiladwala & Dinaz Avari.  In the Montessori & Class 1 category- 1st Prize: Raeyan Quettawala; 2nd Prize: Shahan Behram Irani; 3rd Prize: Shane Farzain Messman. In the Classes 2, 3, 4 category- 1st Prize: Zermesh Behram Irani; 2nd Prize: Azman Makujina; 3rd prize- Usphan Namiranian. In the Classes 5, 6, 7 category- 1st Prize: Darian Darius Divecha; 2nd Prize: Ardavan Solan; 3rd Prize: Zanaida  Patel.  Shield was awarded to Zermesh Behram Irani.





Mani  and  Babu  Swimming  Competition

Date:    4th August, 2013

Time:    5 pm sharp

Venue:  KPI

Captain's meeting:  will be announced through posters


Swimming Marathon

Date:  11th August, 2013

Time:  8 am sharp

Venue: KPI swimming pool

Names to be given in to Umer at KPI by 8th August, 2013


Swimming Competition

Date:    14th August, 2013

Time:    5 pm sharp

Venue:  KPI

Names to be given in to Umer by 11th August, 2013   







Dinshaw Avari:

A Valedictorian and more…

Dinshaw Xerxes Avari graduated on Sunday, April 28, 2013 from the Karachi American School (KAS). Having achieved the highest grade point average (GPA) in his class, over his four years of high school, he was awarded the title of valedictorian. A scholar, an athlete and a performer, not only did he excel academically but also acted as the second lead in a school play, conducted the school’s pit band, was selected as captain of the school swim team, and represented his school in international vocal recitals.


At the age of sixteen, Dinshaw became a Junior National Champion, having won a gold medal, and the deserved title of “Scholar Athlete of the Year” at KAS. A lover of debate, change and innovation, Dinshaw led teams at the Model United Nation Conference in The Hague, and plans on refining his talents and pursue his interests at the University of California Berkeley, where he has been accepted.










Cawthra Park Chamber Choir

Performs with the Rolling Stones


Cyra, 18 year old daughter of Anita and Rustom Asli of Canada, a member of the Cawthra Park Chamber choir had the honour of performing on stage with the Rolling Stones in June this year, and this was aired on all North American news channels for weeks.


Cyra’ s talent at singing has been nurtured by her parents from young age, and when she was in high school she auditioned for one of the best music schools in Toronto: Cawthra Park Secondary School. The choir group of this school holds public concerts and last month, with none than the Rolling Stones! 


Cyra is the only Zoroastrian in this choir and those who attended the concert were delighted with her singing. KZBM congratulates her and looks forward to full bloom of her talent.








Cyrus Kharas – Update

Cyrus, as you all know, returned to Karachi with his family in early June 2013 and is making good recovery. However he will need to take precautions for some 4-6 months as advised by his doctor.


He wishes to convey that, “I am lucky to be part of the Zoroastrian community, and sincerely thank all of you dear friends and relatives all over the world without whose prompt generosity and sincere prayers it would have been impossible for us to proceed with the Transplant. My family and I will be indebted to all of you for the rest of our life.”






Framji Sorabji Sethna on 27 May

Homai Nadirshah Sidhwa on 27 May

Hoshang Dinshaw Bharucha on 27 May

Homai Nowsherwan Irani on 14 June

Rohinton Edulji Chowna on 16 June

Jer Homee Mana on 17 June








Ava, daughter of Roshni & Roeinton Shroff with Arshad, son of Freny & Rumi Contractor in Ratlam-MP [India] on 3 June.









Roshni Dinshaw - Tel. # 0300-2412645
Gajar Meva Achar and Buffena available













Let us be environment friendly and use natural products for household jobs, where possible:





Sparkling White

When your whites look dull and get a grayish tint, it is time to soak them in warm water with some lemon juice and detergent.  You will be pleased with the whiteness back in the fabric.








Clean Microwave

Fill a bowl with water, add tablespoon of vinegar.  Place it in the micro and turn on for 5 minutes. The steam will soften the dried-up food as well as remove smell.  Do not open the door straight away as water will be scalding hot, but let the steam soak into the walls.  After 5 minutes carefully remove the water bowl on to a tray, and simply wipe the walls clean with a damp cloth.  Remove the micro turn-plate and rinse it in the sink with soapy water.





Mosquito Repellent

With summer in full swing, we want to relax outdoor. Simply halve a lemon, stick in cloves, place it in a plate and enjoy mosquito free relaxation time.






Three Grades of Fire




You can inform those who think we are fire worshippers, that we pray before the fire as a visible symbol of God’s radiance (Ahura Mazda’s khvareh), and do not worship the fire itself.


The physical fire has been a symbol from pre-Zarathushtra’s time and venerated by Aryans, Mazdayasians and Zarathushtris. However, Zarathushtra himself when asked, “Who will protect me when evil ones threaten?” replied, “None other than the fire of your mind.” He laid stress on the mind, the good mind (Vohu Mana).


There are three grades of fire before which we pray:


Atash Dadgah is the household fire but in some instances it has been consecrated and placed in a fire temple.


Atash Adran: 4 different fires: from house of a priest, a warrior, a cultivator and an artisan are consecrated and enthroned in a Dar-e-Mehr.


Atash Behram: 16 fires representing nature, different trades and different classes of society are collected and consecrated through elaborate rituals and enshrined in an Atash Behram.


Iranshah is the oldest Atash Behram established in Sanjan in 721 AD but its fire has moved from there to Bahrot Caves, Vansda Jangles, Navsari, Surat, again to Navsari and Valsad and finally moved to Udvada on 28 October 1742. 








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