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KZBM Gives You New Style of Cooking

0n Saturday, 25 January 2014


Let’s light up the stoves and ovens, gather the weighing scale and measuring spoons. It’s time to learn a new style of cooking with Diney Irani and Hufrish Shroff.


Venue: KZBM Hall

Time: 4.00 pm onward

Ticket per person:  Rs 200

Last Date: 21 Jan till 1pm



Tickets available from:

Phiruza Birdie - 35895057            

Zareen Patel - 0321 2628167

Parveen Banaji - 32710015          

Furengeez Tampal - 32782961 

Roshan Vannia - 32250127 





Dr Frene Noshir Ginwala

Of African National Congress (ANC)

She is a South African journalist and politician who played a tremendous role in establishing underground escape routes for ANC leaders following Sharpeville massacre and declaration of state of emergency in 1960. She organized safe houses for those who had to remain in South Africa and even chauffeured underground leaders, dodging the police!


Apart from the ANC she gave lectures to trainee diplomats at the Oxford University where she studied and also wrote for the UK media including the BBC. During her exile from South Africa she travelled the world preaching the horrors of apartheid and the fight against it.


She is a barrister at law; historian, a political scientist and holds doctorate in philosophy from Oxford University. Although an octogenarian she serves on UN subsidiaries, is a trustee of Nelson Mandela Foundation and chancellor of the University of KwaZulu Natal.  Japan honoured her with “Order of the Rising Sun” in 2008.

Editor’s note: Frene’s sister Khorshed Rustomjee was South Africa’s ambassador to Italy in the 2000s; Frene and Khorshed are related to our late Dr Burjor Anklesaria who was a Ginwala before he changed his name to Anklesaria.

KZBM salutes the Ginwalla sisters!






YMZA/Dastur Dr. Dhalla Institute’s “Dr. Pithawala English Poetry & Prose Competition”

On Sunday, February 2, 2014 at 11am SHARP at the BVS School Hall.  The Elocution is very kindly sponsored by Shahpur & Khursheed Maneckjee IN LOVING MEMORY OF KATAYUN & NAVROZE MANECKJEE.  It is open for all Zarthosti children – Montessori & Class 1; Classes 2,3,4; Classes 5,6,7; Classes 8,9,10; and Classes 11, 12, 13 (“O” & “A” Levels).  Judging will take place on Delivery (pronunciation/style of talking); Voice Projection (clarity/loudness); Diction (choice & use of words); and Topic (speech topic interesting / attention of audience). Time limit is 3 minutes for all age categories, and will be strictly enforced.  Please give names to:   Shahrazad Irani, Behroze Khambatta, Kaizer Irani, Natasha Mobed or Natasha Mavalvala by January 24, 2014

Mushkil Asaan Prayers
3rd January 2014 at 5:30pm
Jamshed Baugh Club House
Jamshed Bagh commenced these prayers last month. You may like to note that they will be held every month on first Friday of the month.  At the gathering you may pray to Mushkil Asaan: copies of the book will be available, along with copies of the “dua” which will be recited by all together, at the end.
All Zarthustis are cordially invited.







Zaina, daughter of Mehru & Cyrus Karanjia on 8 December

Kekobad & Shereen, son and daughter of Farahnaz & Ardeshir Marker on 21 December

Khushnaz & Noshirwan, daughter and son of Zarmina & Boman Masani on 23 December

Ava, daughter of Kamal & Dorab Anklesaria on 25 December




Rashna Mehli Dubash and Spencer Pervez Karanjia on 1 December




Mani Sam Haveliwala, w/o Sam N Haveliwala and m/o Sheroy, Yazdi and Behroze on 26 December





Nazeen Najmi, Anjuman Bagh
Tel #
Irani Kustis available.









Hazards of Aluminium

Toxy Cowasjee has thoughtfully stressed that the community be made aware of health hazards of using aluminum cookware.  Research shows that high level of aluminum in food is found when it is cooked and reheated in aluminum utensils, or even when cooled on aluminum foil.  When aluminum accumulates in the body over a period of time, it can lead to osteoporosis and even Alzheimer’s.

Higher the cooking temperature more is the release of aluminum in food. Also, storing vegetables such as tomatoes and citrus fruits is also not safe in foil, and this does not change whichever side of foil you use.

High presence of aluminum in our body impedes calcium deposit in our bones and can result in osteoporosis.  There is a stronger link between aluminum and Alzheimer’s, so please do protect your bones and brain by using stainless steel cookware of best quality you can afford. In our market there is locally made stainless steel pots and imported pressure cookers with aluminum base to prevent scorching of food. Of course the other options are non-stick, enamel and corning ware, especially if you do your own cooking.


Microwave & Plastic Food Containers

Whilst on this subject it will also be appropriate to include hazards of heating food in plastic containers in the microwave. Once again there is danger of chemicals used to produce the plastic to leak into your food.

Plastic take-out food containers and other plastic containers are not designed for microwave. Glass and ceramic food containers are good options.  Also plastic wrap should be avoided or at least make sure it does not come in contact with your food when heating in microwave oven.


Source: www.fitday.com/fitness-articles/nutrition/heathy-eating.




‘There is Only One God’

By our Octogenarian Nargis Gyara


Let us all know there is only one God,

On this, let the universe delve and prod.


Not in religions has HE created the globe,

Nor humans has HE originated down the slope.


There are higher things we know not how they came,

But that has always been His sublime game.


Theory of Karma further confuses human mind,

Instead, let us just be humorous and kind.


Purity of thoughts, words and deeds

May always be followed by set of creeds.


Zarathushtra spread knowledge of much fame,

And we pride in keeping alight the flame.


So to move ahead in this sphere of mixed religions,

Let us follow the religion into which we origin.



An excerpt from an article written

by Ali Reza Razeghi* on Religions of the World


History of religions

Hinduism has been an evolving religion for some 4,000 years, and Good Conscience was founded by Zarathushtra 3,700 years ago, Judaism by Moses some 3,300 years ago, Buddhism by Buddha 2,500 years ago, Jainism by Mahavira 2,500 years ago, Christianity by Jesus and Paul 2,000 years ago, Islam by Muhammad 1,400 years ago, Sikhism by Nanak 500 years ago, and Baha'ism by Bahaullah in 1863, only 150 years ago.

Where the numbers stand today

The latest details of followers religion-wise, obtained from several Internet websites, including the Wikipedia, Free Encyclopedia, in the alphabetical order: Atheism and No-religion: 1.1 billion; Baha’ism: 7 million; Buddhism: 326 million; Christianity: 2.1 billion; Hinduism: 900 million; Islam: 1.5 billion; Jainism: 5 million; Judaism: 14 million; Sikhism: 23 million; Zoroastrianism -- so-called “born” Zoroastrians: 120,000; Iranians reverting to their ancestral religion: 1.9 million, and non-Iranian Zoroastrians-by-Choice: 800,000. The growth rate given: Zoroastrianism: 2.65%; Bahaism: 2.28%; Islam: 2.13%; Sikhism 1.87%; Hinduism: 1.69%; Christianity: 1.36% and Buddhism: 1.09%. The world population growth is 1.41%.


*Founder of the European Center for Zoroastrian Studies’ 2007, European Centre for Zoroastrian Studies




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