JAN 2013


Taboo Evening on 26 January

At KZBM,  followed by Dinner


After great demand and a successful first time 'Taboo' - the game of forbidden fun - is again brought to you on Saturday 26 January 2013. This fun and interactive game is very entertaining for both the participants and the audience who will be involved throughout by viewing and enjoying it on a screen.   


Maximum six members per team. To give your team names and to understand the rules of Taboo and how it is played, please contact:  Katherina Irani.


Date : 26 January, 2013

Time : 8pm

Ticket: Rs 400/-

Venue: KZBM Garden

Last day : 22 January, 2013 till 1pm


Ticket seller:

Phiruza Birdie - 35895057            

Soonu Kandawalla - 35681711 

Parveen Banaji - 32767347          

Furengeez Tampal - 32782961 

Roshan Vannia - 32250127   




“Employment And Development”

A Seminar By Professional Trainers

On Saturday 19 January 2013

From 2pm To 6pm At The Mandal Hall


Our Education Subcommittee has recognised the need for imparting skills to those about to enter the corporate world and those in it, and upto 40 years of age, to sharpen their skills.

For the purpose, a seminar has been organised with School of Leadership, where their Trainers  Urooj Mazhar and Arsalan Larik will conduct sessions with exercises, role-play, simulations and audio-visuals.
Training material will also be provided. The topics they will cover are:

·         Leadership – Attitude Driven

·         Personal Development – Career Driven

·         Resume Writing **

·         Wining the interview

** participants are to bring their resume which will be transformed by the learning shared.

It is an opportunity we would like our youth to avail.  Invitations to the programme will be issued against a token charge - of Rs 100/- for students and  Rs 250/- for Working Persons upto age 40 years -,  by our usual ticket sellers listed in programme above. Closing date Saturday 12 January 2013, please note. 



Ardeshir Rustom Cowasjee : 1926-2012


As a man who experienced two very different centuries, Ardeshir, lovingly called Ada, shared his insights and ideas with us over 22 years. Having known him for almost all my life, through my dad, who was a colleague and lifetime friend of his beloved wife Nancy Dinshaw Cowasjee, and also through his own best friend and confidant, my uncle Dr Jemi Gustad Mehta. His Sundays were spent at my Jimmy uncle’s home and his Sandspit hut. I can fondly remember his gentle and curious side. He was a well-read man and was knowledgeable on a diverse range of subjects, yet always asking questions and ready to indulge in a good argument; he had a way of being both interested and interesting.


Always fond of the youth, he had a vested interest in their education and wellbeing. He was a generous man and used his wealth and standing in society in such positive ways. But what will perhaps be most memorable is his blunt honesty and tenacity in his writing. Living in a time and space where speaking one’s mind can be dicey, he was fearlessly controversial in private and public life; first and foremost came standing up for his beliefs and living by his principles—a quality few can boast of.


His knowledge and penmanship was indeed incredible. Many living abroad often followed the Dawn newspaper just to read his columns. It brought the truth closer to all of us, whether to locals or to dispersed Karachiites in all corners of the world. There are few people in this world who have enjoyed both guts and glory. He was surely one of them. He lived a full life, and on his terms—what more can one strive for?


Pakistan will remember him for many, many decades.

Karachi, for even longer.
For our community he has left a lasting legacy


May Ahura Mazda grant his soul eternal peace.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family.

Niloufer Adil Mavalvala



YMZA/Dastur Dr. Dhalla Institute’s annual Pithawala English Poetry & Prose Competitionis being held on Sunday, January 13, 2013 at 11am.  VENUE to be advised later.  It is open for all Zarthosti children in the following classes – Montessori & Class 1, Classes 2, 3 & 4, Classes 5, 6 & 7, Classes 8, 9 & 10, Classes 11, 12, 13 (“O” & “A” Levels) (Depending on age groups these may be either further sub-divided or combined together).  Judging will take place on Delivery (style of talking / speech content interesting / conversational tone), Voice Projection (clarity/loudness), Diction (pronunciation) and Topic (interesting / attention of audience). MAXIMUM time limit is 3 minutes for all age categories, and will be strictly enforced.  Kindly send the names to Shahrazad Irani, Behroze Khambatta, Dinaz D. Diveecha, Natasha Mobed, Natasha Mavalvala or Kaizer Irani by Friday, January 4, 2013.  The Elocution is very kindly sponsored by Shahpur & Khursheed Maneckjee IN LOVING MEMORY OF KATAYUN & NAVROZE MANECKJEE.  



The Soparivala Endowment for Treatment of Zoroastrian Patients at the Aga Khan University Hospital - Report for the Year 2011


The Soparivala Endowment Fund (Fund) at the Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi (AKUH,K) was established in 1995 through the benevolence of late Noshir and Mehroo Soparivala. It commenced functioning in 1998.


The Fund provides financial assistance to members of the Zoroastrian community based on established AKUH criteria, giving due consideration to individual patient needs.


During 2011, disbursement from the Fund amounted to PKR 353,941 benefitting 3 Zoroastrian patients over 88 visits/admissions for treatment at AKUH. The cumulative financial assistance provided through the Fund, since its inception is PKR 6.1 million. This has enabled 144 inpatients and 377 outpatients of the Zoroastrian community to access high quality medical services at the Aga Khan University Hospital.


We are glad to report that the system to facilitate easy access to the Endowment is functioning smoothly and the sub-committee comprising of Ms  Thrity Spencer and Mr Rehan Tejani, Manager, Patient Welfare at AKUH continue to receive requests for assistance from patients and/ or their family members.


Zoroastrian patients needing welfare assistance may contact: Thrity Spencer :  35683270: Nadir Noorddin, new Manager, Patient Welfare:  Direct office: 3486 1476, and cell:  0321 2356338 or Syeda Batool:  Direct office:  3486 2460, and cell:  0332 3497466.


October 3, 2012


The Shreen and Godrej  Kandawalla Endowment : Annual Report for the Year 2011

The Shreen and Godrej Kandawalla Endowment for Patient Welfare at the Aga Khan University Hospital – Karachi (AKUH,K) was established in 2005 through the generosity of the Shreen and Godrej Kandawalla family and the Kandawalla Trust, becoming effective from January 01, 2007.

During 2011, the endowment served 11 Zoroastrian patients for a total of 87 visits/admissions, providing financial assistance amounting to Rs 600,089/- . These patients have been treated for stroke, breast cancer, asthma, etc.

The Shreen and Godrej Kandawalla Endowment continues to enable financially challenged members of the Zoroastrian community to avail of the high quality of medical services at the Aga Khan University Hospital.

As per the terms of The Shreen and Godrej Kandawalla Endowment Fund, half of the income annually available for distribution is utilized for Zoroastrian patients and the balance, if any; is transferred to the General Welfare pool for the benefit of non-Zoroastrian patients.

The system to facilitate easy accessibility to the Endowment Funds is functioning smoothly with the sub-committee comprising of Ms. Thrity Spencer and Mr. Rehan Tejani, Manager Patient Welfare at AKUH, who continue to receive requests for assistance from patients or their family members.

Zoroastrian patients needing welfare assistance may contact: Thrity Spencer :  35683270:Nadir Noorddin, new Manager, Patient Welfare:  Direct office: 3486 1476, and cell:  0321 2356338 or Syeda Batool:  Direct office:  3486 2460, and cell:  0332 3497466.


October 3, 2012



Vera Rustomji our Budding Playwright

Veera Burjor Rustomji wrote and directed a 20-minute play The Lost Jews of Karachi at the Alliance Francaise last month. This was part of three plays staged by the foundation year students of the Indus Valley School of Art & Architecture. The other two plays were light-hearted.

She had the courage to bring before the audience a part of our history that is not so known and not too popular: that Jews too lived in and loved Karachi as much any of us.

It is a story of two sisters whose father expires soon after partition and the mother leaves for Israel.  With the passage of time it is becoming increasingly difficult for the Jews to ‘go unnoticed and unrecognised’ in the city and the older sister urges her younger sister that they  move to Israel. The younger one counters with, “It is our ancestral town and our father wouldn’t have left like that.” However, after some deliberation and soul searching they decide to leave, but in a ‘filmy’ style miss the train and their father’s ghost appears and sits beside them.

To her credit is the choice of subject and the story scripted, both of which have been praised in the local press, who have also acclaimed that the play has potential of becoming a full-length drama.

Don’t put down that pen, Veera!




Rhea, a daughter to Arzana and Kaivan Irani on 26 July in Canada

Zal, a son to Sehr and Danish Mavalvala on 27 November



Natasha Kaizad Purveyor on 30 November

Darius Fariboze Irani on 8 December



Fiona Kairus Mistry and Ariya Behram Patel on 15 December



Julian (Julie) Rustum Bharucha on 21 November

Perviz Phiroze Sethna on 24 November

Ardeshir Rustom Cowasjee on 24 November

Jemi Jalbhoy Sethna on 4 December in USA

Villy Rustom Divecha on 9 December in Canada

Soona Sohrab Dhatigara on 15 December



Perin Setna

Tel # 3425 5383


Suva Pak available for sale.  Eeda Pak can be made if sufficient orders received.





Johari Windows - Blind Spots


You can do this exercise with a friend and need to make 4 copies of the list. On one list write “ME” and another “MY FRIEND”.  Keep one set yourself, and give the other to your friend.  On “ME” mark adjectives as they apply to you and on “MY FRIEND” mark adjectives as they apply to your friend.  On completing, retain the sheet marked ME and give the sheet marked MY FRIEND to her. She in turn will give you “MY FRIEND” sheet and retain “ME” with herself.

Both of you have two sheets. Now do the following:

·         Common adjectives  marked by you and by your friend, put in OPEN quadrant

·         Adjectives only ticked by you, go to FASCADE quadrant

·         Adjectives  marked by your friend but not by you,  go to BLIND SPOT quadrant

Now your Blind Spots are identified and you can work on overcoming them.


Adjectives to Mark



§  Able

§  analytical

§  adaptable

§  bold

§  brave

§  calm

§  caring

§  cheerful

§  clever

§  complex

§  confident

§  dependable

§  dignified

§  energetic

§  extroverted

§  friendly

§  generous

§  happy

§  helpful

§  idealistic

§  independent

§  inquisitive

§  intelligent

§  introverted

§  kind

§  knowledgeable

§  logical

§  loving

§  mature

§  modest

§  nervous

§  observant

§  organized

§  patient

§  powerful

§  proud

§  quiet

§  reflective

§  relaxed

§  reasonable

§  responsive

§  suspicious

§  self-centered

§  self-conscious

§  sensible

§  sentimental

§  shy

§  stubborn

§  smart

§  spontaneous

§  sympathetic

§  tense

§  trustworthy

§  warm

§  wise

§  witty






















Joy to your heart and warmth to your home
As the New Year arrives, hope it brings along

Happiness hope and good tidings to stay on and on
Happy New Year!

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