FEB 2013






Come for an enjoyable winter evening of fun games of Cards or Mahjong in the company of good friends, with steaming cup of tea and snacks, followed by delicious Kharia dinner at end!


Kindly inform the ticket seller if you would like to eat Kharias or Chicken for dinner, and please stick to your decision as dinner will be ordered accordingly.  


On: Saturday, 16 February 2013

From 3.00 pm onwards

Venue: KZBM hall


Tickets: Rs. 500 per person

Last Date: Tuesday, 12 February 2013 upto 1.00 pm

Contact Ticket sellers:

Roshan Vania: 3225 0127 

Soonu Kandawalla: 3568 1711 

Parveen Banaji: 3271 0015 

Furengeez Tampal: 3278 2961

Phiruza Birdie - 35895057 



on 5th January, after the wedding Dinaz and Polad Polad found a tie-pin in the parking lot.  The owner may contact them on  3587 0203  or  3583 5447 and collect it.






Children of IDA RIEU and our own youth will entertain you, followed by refreshments.

Please give your names to the following latest by 12th February, 2013:

Anjuman Bagh – Azar Irani (32762355 – 0333 3651990) / Shahrazad Irani (32723874 – 0300 9276062), Avari / Cyrus Colony – Natasha Mavalvala 0334 3659002, Meherabad / Bath Island / Clifton – Zane Byramji (0300 8202564,,H. J. Rustomjee Bagh –Hoshang Bhesania (32788816 – 0300 2110417),  Jamshed Bagh / Collector Bagh –Natasha Mobed (32251738 – 0300 8222616), Katrak Hall – Kaizer Irani (32784518 – 0300 2182633),  Khurshedbai Compound – Ratanshaw Makujina (32785663 – 0300 9296809),  Pakistan Chowk – Shahpur Maneckji (32216486 – 0300 8238074),  Parsi Colony – Spenta Khambatta (0300 8253447) / Behroze Khambatta (32250648),  Rustom Compound – Hilla Daruwalla  0300 2540158


YMZA/DASTUR DR. DHALLA INSTITUTE is holding a Debate Competition ON SATURDAY, February 16, 2013 AT KARACHI PARSI INSITUTE (KPI).  Seating will open at 7pm and the competition starts at 7.30pm sharp.  There are 2 topics to choose from-

For children upto & incl 10th class- “Winter holidays are exciting for kids”

Open topic for any age group- “Education is lowest on Pakistan’s priority list”

Each person will be allowed to speak for NO MORE THAN 3 minutes.  Participants have to choose whether he/she wants to speak “FOR” or “AGAINST” any one of the above topic.  They would be judged as to the content of their speech & delivery and the best 3 debates will be chosen by the judges.  ENTRIES OPEN FROM/INCL. Class 8 UPWARDS (NO BAR ON UPPER AGE).  THIS IS AN INDIVIDUAL EVENT (NOT A TEAM EVENT).  Snacks & beverages available on payment. LAST DATE FOR giving PARTICIPATION ENTRY (alongwith your topic) & AUDIENCE names: FEB. 4, 2013.  PLEASE GIVE NAMES TO – SHAHRAZAD IRANI, BEHROZE KHAMBATTA, DINAZ D. DIVECHA, KAIZER IRANI, NATASHA MAVALVALA OR NATASHA MOBED.  (Other Competition rules, details and conditions will be announced closer to the competition date)



Want to have fun and support a good cause? Spend a day at the Pakistan Education Foundaton (PEF) carnival and bazaar. Lots of good food, home crafts on sale, arts and crafts for children and entertaining games for all.

Date: Sunday 10th February  Venue: Beach Luxury Hotel   Time: 11am - 7pm      All: Rs. 250/- Children under 5 free.  Tickets from Banu Mandal ticket sellers.




Zane Rustom Khambata on 22 December

Aarrmaan and Zara Kaizad Mavalvala on 23 December

Sam Rustom Kakalia on 24 December

Safna Dadabhoy Mama and Nadya Dadabhoy Mama on 25 December

Armesh Kaezad Mobed on 29 December

Lyanah Aspi Bhathena on 29 December

Meherwan Ronnie Patel and Dina Ronnie Patel on 4 January




Shahram Behram Mehri and Afsoon Naseer Bakhtiari on 22 December

Paraishti Aspy Bhadha and Kaiyan Bejan Aga on 26 December

Pauruchisty Aspy Trombaywalla and Varun Freddy Mody on 28 December

Lina Minoo Sethna and Kersasp Mundagar Merwanji on 30 December

Alla Navzer Mavalvala and Cyrus Sarosh Dubash on 5 January




Pervez Framoze Karanjia (Palloo) on 27 December

Sarosh Bejonji Commissariat on 27 December

Feroze Eduljee Rana (ex Quettaite) on 29 December

Arnawaz Maneck Kakalia  11 January








This is not about being ultra thin with boney hips but about the wellness of your skin and bones.


Bone broth is full of minerals and collagen and has many health benefits. It also nourishes your joints, tendons, and mucus membranes.


Flat bones such as the ribs, vertebrae or sternum are preferred over long bones with yellow marrow.  The red marrow has blood stem cells which also support our immune function.  The membranes, tendons and cartilage that accompany the bones have collagen which makes your skin supple and smooth.


Tips on purchase and cooking


Whatever form you and your family consume in, it is the goodness of the broth that will help your bones, joints and skin. Give it a thought.



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Please write your name and your email address on the portion below. Families with more than one member can give one email address. Please cut the slip and give  to the lady who very kindly delivers What’s On to your doorstep. Overseas subscribers and those not living in colonies are requested to give details on kzbm1912@gmail.com


All the effort of composing in specific layout, printing, labeling and changing labels constantly, and delivering to your doorstep is taking a toll on our people. 


It will help to move to the medium of today to which most of you have access and those who do not to kindly request a friend or family member to print the email.


Thank you for your support and understanding.


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