Our programme committee takes a break in December because of the festive season. They will return with vigour next month.




A Memorial Meeting will be held in the memory of Late Mrs Hilla E Umrigar by the Karachi Zarthosti Banu Mandal at the Mandal Hall. The Parsi Community of Karachi is invited to attend this meeting in memory of Hilla aunty who dedicated her life in serving the needy. 


If any of you wish to say a few words in her memory at the Meeting you are welcome to do so, but please inform either one of the Honorary Secretaries of KZBM: Mrs Sarfaraz Golwalla or Mrs Farahnaz Marker, in advance. 





KZBM’s annual Fancy Dress competition had a very good response from participants and the audience.  It was good to see the young grandmas excited about their darling grand kids all dressed up and looking so cute. Their mothers were very creative and had put in a lot of effort as one can see from the pictures.



Top row from left:

Cherezad Cyrus Noshirwan and Shahan Behram Irani - Old parsi dosajees

Darian Adil Poonegar - Woody from "The Toy Story"

and Teah Hormuzd Mana – Rockstar


Centre from left:

Zermesh Behram Irani - Ancient Egyptian Mummy

and Group photo of all participants


Bottom left:

Cutting the cake for the Mandal's birthday

and The judges for the competition - Mani Malbari, Mitra Irani and Nerges Bharucha




South Asia Inter School Association

Swimming Competition at Chennai, India







Kawas and Fiona Aga and Perin Avari took part in the South Asia Inter School Association (SAISA) swimming competition which was held in Chennai, India from 30th October to 1st November 2014.


Kawas won 10 Gold Medals, winning every race that he swam. The events he swam were the 100 & 200 Backstroke, 50 & 100 Butterfly, 50 Freestyle and 100 & 200 Individual Medley. He also swam 3 relays. In total he broke 4 records. He had 7 individual Gold medals and 3 relay Golds. He broke a record in the 100 meters backstroke, 200 meter back stroke, 50 meter butterfly and the 50 meter medley relay.


Fiona won 1 silver and  2 Bronze individual medals and 3 relay medals with a relay record!!! She won a Silver Medal in the 200 Meter individual Medley race, a  Bronze medal in the 50 meter Freestyle and a Bronze Medal in the 100 meter Individual Medley. Fiona also won 3 relay Golds, breaking a record in the 50 medley relay.


Perin Xerxes Avari won a Bronze medal in 200 meter Backstroke and was the Captain of the Karachi American School (KAS) team. KAS won the swimming championship after 18 years but this was creditable because KAS is a small school with 380 students competing against much larger schools having a strength of 2000+.


The competition was intense, with International Swimmer's from all over the world. These swimmers spent many hours of each day for months at end practicing mornings and evenings anticipating stiff competition.



Feedback on
Google Cultural Institute – CI,

From Persia to Akbar’s Court
“The piece on the UNESCO and PARZOR project titled ‘From Persia to Akbar's Court’ in the November issue of What's On really interested me and I found the link to the virtual exhibition. Hoping to share it with others so that they can also view the online exhibits since they are very nicely curated.

Best wishes

Natasha Karanjia”

PS: you may need to copy-paste the link in your browser and once you are on the page, the images will move, piece by piece, by clicking on the picture slide at the bottom.



Shaan Kandawalla’s

PlayDate Digital

Shaan Kandawalla has set up PlayDate Digital Inc which publishes high-quality, interactive, mobile educational software for children.  Their website informs us that “PlayDate Digital's products nurture children's emerging literacy and creativity skills by turning digital screens into engaging experiences.”


In this connection, The New York Times interviewed Shaan and you may like to read a write-up and see/listen to a video of the interview on the link below:


If you have trouble accessing directly, please copy-paste the link in your browser.

Courtesy: Shahrokh Mehta, USA




The 2014 FEZANA North American

Zarathushti Community Awards

The FEZANA Awards Committee announced The 2014 FEZANA North American Zarathushti Community Awards, as follows:


Sam Vesuna: Rohinton Rivetna Outstanding Zarathushti Award
Arzan Gonda: Dinshaw Framroze Joshi Excellence in Performing Arts, Painting or Literature Award
Dr. Dinshaw J. Patel: Jamshed and Shirin Guzdar Excellence in Business or Profession Award
Nazneen Spliedt: Humanitarian Service Award
Persis Bhadha & Ervad Poruz Khambatta: Shirin Nariman Dastoor Outstanding Young Zarathushti Student Award
Ervad Rayomand Ravji: North American Mobeds Council Community Services Award

KZBM congratulates all the above winners. They will be felicitated at a special function at the upcoming XVII North American Zoroastrian Congress 2014 in Los Angeles in December 2014.


Sam Vesuna and Nazneen Spliedt are ex-Karachiites and therefore their award details and profile are included here.



To recognize a Zarathushti who has made outstanding and well-recognized contributions, through outstanding leadership and service, to further the cause of Zarathushtis in North America and internationally. Such contributions can be in, among other things, Zarathushti history, theology, culture, religious education, community affairs, and interfaith activities.


Sam Vesuna


Sam Vesuna has been involved with Zoroastrian community organizations both in the UK and North America. He served as Secretary and Treasurer of the Incorporated Parsee Association of Europe (renamed Zoroastrian Trust Funds of Europe) from 1957 to 1960. He was involved with the Zoroastrian Society of Ontario soon after his arrival in Canada in 1973 and has served on its Executive Committee for 21 years (at different times) as President, Past President, Treasurer and Executive officer. He was also the founding Director and served for many years as Treasurer of the Rustom Guiv Foundation (Ontario). Sam was also involved with other North American representatives in the formation of FEZANA and in setting up its constitution and bye-laws


He is currently an overseas Director of The World Zoroastrian Organization in the UK and is the Vice President of the World Zoroastrian Organization Canada Inc. Sam is active in Inter faith activities and serves on the Board and the Executive Committee as Treasurer, of The Toronto Area Interfaith Council and The Ontario Multifaith Council.


Since qualifying as a Chartered Accountant in England in 1960, Sam has served in senior management positions with two multinational organizations — Unilever (Lever Brothers) and later Philips Electronics. He was a member of the Taxation Committee of the Overseas Chamber of Commerce in Karachi, Pakistan and was an occasional guest lecturer at the West Pakistan Institute of Management.


Previous Recipients


Mr. Minoo Dastoor


Mrs. Roshan Rivetna & Mr. Rohinton Rivetna


Mr. Homi Davier


Dr. Dolly Dastoor


Mr. Homi Minocher-Homji


Mrs. Farangis K. Shahrokh


Mr. Kayomarsh P. Mehta


Mr. Framroze Patel


Mrs. Khorshed F. Jungalwala


Ervad (Dr.) Soli P. Dastur


Mr. Firdosh D. Mehta




To recognize a Zarathushti who has made significant contributions in advancing social and humanitarian causes in general and for the Zarathushti community in particular, and whose humanitarian service achievements have been acknowledged in his/her local community, in North America and internationally.


Nazneen Spliedt

Nazneen Spliedt was born in Karachi and is proud of her ancestral roots in the city which nurtured her interest in service to the community. Through her education at the Mama Parsi Girls High School, she had the good fortune of being influenced by the teachings of Dasturji Dr. Maneck Dhalla, and was actively involved with the Pakistan Girl Guides, St. John’s Ambulance Brigade and the Red Cross, where she helped at the leprosy clinic.


Nazneen earned her MBA from Karachi University’s Institute of Business Administration; being the 2nd woman to graduate from that prestigious institution.


During her time living in Hong Kong she helped found and run the Acupressure & Massage Centre for the Blind in collaboration with the Ebenezer School for the Blind.


Nazneen’s commitment to the Zoroastrian community in North America is of long standing. As President of ZANC, Nazneen has provided a surrogate home to all those newly arrived in the area as well as, the needy of the community. Nazneen also built the trust of the local Persian Zoroastrian Community. Nazneen used her management skills to lead the Society for Asian Art at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco as well the Society for the Art & Cultural Heritage of India. In 2009 she was instrumental in acquiring a Zoroastrian Ceremonial Bowl with Persian motifs for the Asian Art Museum. She also organized the community and youth to visit the Cyrus Cylinder exhibit. Nazneen remains active in local, regional, national and international Zoroastrian affairs, preserving and promoting important Zoroastrian historical artifacts and history.



Previous Recipients


Mrs. Sabar E. Patel

Mrs. Paridokht Zartoshty & Ervad Mehraban Zartoshty


Mr. Rustom Irani


Mr. Minoo Treasuryvala


Mrs. Katy Driver


Mrs. Yasmin Ghadiali & Mr. Jamshed Ghadiali


Ms. Bella Tata


Mrs. Mehru Cama & Dr. Lovji Cama


Dr. Russi D. Balsara


Mr. Farrokh Namdaran


Ms. Freyaz K. Shroff


Courtesy: Nargis Kersi Daroga, USA







There were 27 participants playing &/or singing.    The Shield went to Astad Yezdi Sidhwa.



(Age: 6 & 7yrs)- 1st: Shereen Ardeshir Marker;

(Age: 8 & 9 yrs) 1st: Nairmeen Danny Sidhwa; 2nd: Zara Kaizad Mavalvala; 3rd: Afshad Yezdi Sidhwa; plus 3 consolation prizes

(Age: 10 & 11 yrs) 1st: Hufriya Mondegarian; 2nd: Arshan Zubin Irani; 3rd: Selena Ardeshir Wania; plus 3 consolation prizes

(Age: 12 & 13 yrs) 1st and Shield: Astad Yezdi Sidhwa; 2nd: Raizan Zubin Mavalvala; 3rd: Neusha Mondegarian; plus 4 consolation prizes

(Age: 14 & 15) 1st: Nasha Ratanshaw Makujina; 2nd: Zara Eruch Malbari; 3rd: Zarah Zubin Irani; (no consolation prizes)

(16-17 yrs) 1st: Sharmene Freddy Sidhwa; 2nd: Byram Dinshaw Avari; (no consolation prizes)



1st: Kayser Garshasbi; 2nd: Almitra Zubin Mavalvala; 3rd: Dina Ronnie Patel & Meherwan Ronnie Patel; plus 1 consolation prize



Mushkil Asaan Prayers

Friday, December 5, 2014

Jamshed Baugh Club House


5:00 pm prayers, followed by dinner.


Unfortunately as the attendance at the prayer gathering is getting poor, a ballot will be held on the day to consider whether to continue with the Mushkil Asaan prayers every month.


The JB Club Committee is thankful to the members of the community for their presence, and once again invites all Zarthostis to attend.






Nairmeen, daughter of Spenta and Danny Sidhwa on 8th November




Vahbiz, daughter of Roshan & Darayus Vannia and Azdin son of Gulnar & Pervaize Virji on 15th November




Mithoo Rustomji Dubash w/o (late) Rustomji Dubash (Russi Dubash of Habib Insurance), m/o Sarosh Dubash, Shanaz Bleuler and Daraius Dubash in Mumbai, India on 25th October

Shahnaz Darayush Jahangir, w/o (late) Darayush, m/o Dr Kourosh (USA) on 25th October

Rusi Naoroze, h/o Pilloo,  f/o Hutokshi and Spenta on 9th  November in Sydney, Australia

Gushtasp Meherban Garshasbi, h/o Adokht and f/o Bejan, Eruch and Danish on 16th November

Mansoor Siddiq,  son of Farida and Russie Dinshaw on 17th November

Freni Behram Tengra, w/o Late Behram Tengra, m/o Piroshah, Niloo Bamboat, Late Rashna Mehta and Zavare on 22nd November

Shera Ratan Aga, m/o Shirin Mazdi Ogra and Armeen Khan (Australia), on 26th November




Dilshad Aspi Irani

Mobile: 0300-2418970

Vasanu is available  and  Prawn Balchow will be available soon.



Perin Jal Setna

Tel # 32243608

Mobile: 0307-2456405

Vasanu is available



Rohinton Shroff

Contact: 0300-2369385  OR  32724531

Diwa floating kakrs, Kastis, Dhoop sticks, Agarbattis & sandle-wood available.



Aban & Barzeen Kavasji

Contact: 35802612 or  0300-2655401

Intend to sell their bungalow No. M66-67 in Cyrus Minwalla Colony.  Interested persons may contact them.



BWA Xmas Bazaar

7 December 2014 from 11am to 6pm

at Beach Luxury Hotel

Admission tickets:  Rs 300 per adult and Rs 200 per child.  Available with Anita Contractor Mobile: 0300-8232302









Mentally Strong People


Here are some tips to becoming mentally strong:


Don’t analyze everything: Sometimes a head scratch is just a head scratch. It does not mean they are bored with you and would rather be with someone else.


Don’t believe the other person will “complete” you: You have to enjoy your own company first and nobody else can replace that part of you. Mentally strong people remind themselves they are complete just the way they are.


Don’t bring up the past to justify the present: Seek to live in the moment by understanding that the past has its place but will never solve today’s problems.


Don’t look outside the relationship to improve the relationship: Devote your full attention to yourself and your partner, when it comes to fixing problems in the relationship. 


Don’t put the other person down to feel better about yourself: The only way to have a successful relationship is to lift the other person up, not put them down in order to temporarily feel better about yourself.


Don’t stop communicating: Communicate with others in the good times and in the bad. Don’t avoid things because they are uncomfortable, but rather look at these situations as welcome opportunities to improve the relationship.


Don’t stop loving yourself: Love yourself first, so you can love other people. By radiating love, you help a relationship succeed.


Don’t believe you can fix the other person: You cannot change the other person. Only an individual can change himself. Moreover, seek to understand the other person’s perspective, before you try and offer them advice.


Don’t stay in unhealthy relationships when a relationship is no longer working: Communicate this clearly to the other person too.


Be mentally strong first, and then seek someone who complements who you already are. Only through self discovery can we better understand the types of people who will enhance our lives.




Fravahar Island in the Persian Gulf

By Behrooz Khalili



The plan for building an artificial island in the shape of fravahar in the Persian Gulf is under completion. The agreed confirmation for this project has also been issued. This island is being built on a 6 million and two hundred thousand square meter land measuring 3x5 km. This island is located in front of the outskirts of the historical Siraf Harbour in the Bushehr province. This island includes board and lodging sites, hotels, university, solar energy Centre, playground and a big cultural international hall.


Dr Esfandiyar Ekhtiyari (The Iranian Zoroastrians’ MP) being the managerial member of this team has informed that in the near future  the plan for this project will be executed after final analysis. This project being unique in its own kind will display something of its own kind to the generations to come.


This artificial island will be built in the Southern part of Pars locality in the outskirts of the historical harbour of Siraf. Siraf being one of the oldest cities of the Bushehr province. Going back in history, the harbour was the host to big ships that arrived from main Iranian and Middle East harbours but due to earthquake and Tsunami in the spring of the year 398 Ghamari, most of the harbour was destroyed and now its remains show the Siraf Jame Mosque, the Nasuri Fort, Dakhme (The Zoroastrian Cemetery) and a market.


As per Iranian belief Fravahar is the part of every being and that it is with fravahar that we can enlighten our path towards development and that best light. Different parts of Fravahar have been explained as follows:

The Faravahar or Farohar is the spirit of human being that had been existed before his/her birth and will continue to exist after his/her death. It is to remind one of the purpose of life on this earth, which is to live in such a way that the soul progresses spiritually and attains union with Ahura-Mazda (the Wise Lord); this state is called Frasho-kereti in Avesta.

The Fravahar's face resembles the face of human being and therefore, indicates its connection to mankind. There are two wings which have three main feathers. These main feathers indicate three symbols of 'good reflection,' 'good words,' and 'good deed,' which are at the same time the motive of flight and advancement. The lower part of the Fravahar consists of three parts, representing 'bad reflection,' 'bad words,' and 'bad deed' which causes misery and misfortune for human beings.

There are two loops at the two sides of the Fravahar, which represent Sepanta Minu, and Angra Minu. The former is directed toward the face and the latter is located at the back. This also indicates that we have to proceed toward the good and turn away from bad. The circle in the middle of the Fravahar's trunk indicates that our spirit is immortal, having neither a beginning nor an end.

One hand of the Fravahar points upwards, showing that we have to struggle to thrive. The other hand holds a ring. Some interpreters consider that as the ring of covenant, representing loyalty and faithfulness which is the basis of Zarathustra's philosophy.

Courtesy Mohta Billy Engineer, Lahore








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