Enjoy the festive season with your family and overseas visitors. We will be back with interesting programmes from January 2014 onward.





BVS rated “The Best Private Boys

School of the Millennium”


BVS Parsi High School has been rated “The Best Private Boys School of the Millennium” by the Government of Education of Sindh. It is a bit of a hyperbole, but the school has given the city of Karachi thousands of well-rounded men during its 154-year history.

A Parsi Balakshala opened in 1859 to impart religious education and knowledge of Gujarati to the Parsi boys, and today the school educates 1350 students and continues to provide them holistic education exposing them to art, culture, volunteer programmes, scouts, and sports, along with global education programmes to give them skills to work in a worldwide economy.  Equal emphasis is paid to moral and ethical conduct of the students. Not many schools can claim such vision and commitment in shaping the lives of their students.

Mrs Kermin Parakh, the Principal since 2005, has added awards and recognitions to encourage the teachers and students alike. This year “Teacher of the Year” award was earned by Mrs Parveen Zarir Pohwalla for her dedication towards the profession of teaching, especially towards the BVS Parsi High School and its students. We congratulate Parveen and look forward to more teachers earning the award in future.




Anushe Engineer One of

The Best Women Breastrokers

Anushe, daughter of Khushnuma & Dinyar Engineer, age 14, has once again achieved swimming laurels at the 21st Sindh Women’s Swimming Championship by breaking 5 records in breastroke, 9 gold medals (including 4 for relays), 1 silver medal and the Group Champion for the Open category (she was also a Group Champion in year 2012). The new records have now ranked her as one of the best women breaststrokers in the country.


Besides national competitions, Anushe has accompanied the Pakistan swim team (as the youngest swimmer of the national team), and represented our country in two international swimming competitions – The 9th Asian Swimming Championship in November 2012 and The 4th FINA World Junior Swimming championship in August 2013.


Along with her studies, responsibilities as Head Girl of Karachi Grammar School (Middle Section), member of the school rowing and athletic teams, she wants to pursue her swimming career nationally and internationally.



e-Cookbooks by

Niloufer Mavalvala



Parsis love of good food, good life and bonhomie come all-rolled-in-one in Niloufer Mavalvala (nee Wania)’s series of e-cookbooks.  Not many of us have ‘kindle’ reading facility to purchase e-books but all of us can visit her website   You will be delighted to learn that this talented Zarthusti started to bake at the age of eight and had her first solo cooking class at 17!

She was inspired by our very own Toxy Cowasjee to create e-books. Having the future and young adults in mind, whose lives simply revolve around their electronic devices, and many of them in the west live in small spaces of their dorms and flats and do not have storage for printed books but could make their own library by saving these in their Androids, these book have been created.  For now there is a series of 4 books of the season, with Autumn and Winter in circulation and the other two to follow. Some of the books are cuisine based and others simply on the course.  In the pipeline are A Moroccon Cuisine, one on French Bistro Food and Parsi cuisine is to follow. Two of the four books have already earned a 5-star rating.

A galaxy of pictures of Teatime Snacks, Parsi Sweets, Meat Dishes, Seafood Dishes, Vegetable Dishes and Egg Dishes are on the ‘gallery’ page of her website to whet your appetite. The amazing pictures are the artwork of three Karachites to be just as proud of: Sheriar Hirjikaka, Noshir Mody and Sheeraz Wania “without which there would be no e-cookbook”, says Niloufer.





Marzi Bhesania: The First Parsi

on Kaun Benega Karorepati

Marzi Bhesania, cousin of our Karachiite Roshni Roeinton Shroff, came on the hot-seat of Kaun Benega Karorepati on Saturday 16th November 2013. He could answer eight questions and took home Rs 6,40,000. The interesting thing to note was that if Marzi knew the answer his head started shaking even before the question was completed and his answer also turned out right. The answers he did not know, he did not risk and took help of available Life-Lines.


Hailing from Navsari, snippet of Navasari was shown from where we learnt that iconic Jamshedji Tata and Dadabhoy Naoroji also hailed from Navsari.


Congratulations to Marzi from making it to the hot-seat as the first Parsi to get there.





Prayers at Jamshed Bagh




Mr Jal Setna has taken an excellent initiative to have monthly communal prayers for the well-being of our country and the community. A beginning will be made on Friday 6th  December 2013 at 5:30 pm at Jamshed Bagh community hall.  All Zarthushtis are cordially invited.











The Mama Parsi Girls’ Secondary

School Grand Concert

At Karachi Parsi Institute on Saturday 25th  & Sunday 26th January 2014 at 6.00 p.m. Tickets are for Rs.500/- & Rs.400/- and for your convenience they will be available from Parsi teachers in each residential locality.




YMZA/ Dastur Dr Dhalla’s “Athornan Mandal’s Macca Darab Sachinwala Gujrati Elocution Competition” will be held on Sunday, January 12, 2014 at 11am SHARP at Banu Mandal Hall. It is open for all Zarthusti school & college going students –Montessori & Class 1; Classes 2,3,4; Classes 5,6,7; Classes 8,9,10; and  Classes 11, 12, 13 (“O” & “A” Levels). Judging will take place on Delivery (style of talking/attention of audience/ speech content should be interesting / conversational tone); Voice Projection (clarity/loudness) & Diction (pronunciation / use of EVERYDAY Gujrati (not “SHUD” Gujrati); and Topic (interesting / attention of audience). Time limit is 3 minutes for all age categories, and will be strictly enforced.  Please note- The spoken language should be everyday gujrati and not high-end, “shud” gujrati; The passages need not necessarily be on religion and preaching; but can also be a story; creative and older children are encouraged to speak about personal experience etc. Children must speak in a conversational tone to arouse interest in audience (judges will be keeping scores for that). Please give names by January 3, 2014 to: Behroze Khambatta, Shahrazad Irani, Kaizer Irani, Natasha Mobed, Natasha Mavalvala



Result of Minwalla Music Competition

Held on 27 October at the Avari Towers Hotel


There were 28  participants playing &/or singing.  The Shield went JOINTLY to - Raizan Mavalvala; Byram D. Avari; Kayser Garshasbi & Fiona Aga; Meherwan & Dina Patel.  In the INSTRUMENTS ONLY CATEGORY-  (Age: 6&7yrs)- 1st: Shereen Marker; (Age: 8&9 yrs) 1st: Hufriya Mondegarian; 2nd: Dina Patel; 3rd: Nairmeen Sidhwa; (Age: 10&11 yrs) 1st: Selena Wania; 2nd: Arshan Irani; 3rd: Azman Makujina; (Age: 12&13 yrs) 1st: Raizan Mavalvala; 2nd: Nasha Makujina; 3rd: Astad Sidhwa; (Age: 14&15) 1st: Byram D. Avari; 2nd: Sharmeen Sidhwa; 3rd: Naomi Haveliwala; (16-19 yrs) 1st: Naushad Talati.  In the SINGING & PLAYING CATEGORY-  There was a tie  for 1st place between Dina & Meherwan Patel and Fiona Aga & Kayser Garshasbi; 2nd: Iyanah Bhatena & Fareezeh Sidhwa.  The judges were – Mr Faisal Gill and Mr Terence Joseph.  This was followed with guest performances by – Mr. Faisal Gill & his troupe (pianist, cellist & violinist); Adnan, Avari Towers singer; and Basil Khan & Jamil Khan (guitar & tabla).











YMZA/Dastur Dr Dhalla Institute





Will be holding a Gujrati Naatak on March 28, 29 & 30, 2014 at FTC Auditorium. This is a professional naatak troupe as done on the two previous occasions. Please keep dates free.
















Rhea Hormazd Muncherji on 23 November 2013



Goolu Rohinton (Roy) Minwalla, m/o Asfandiyar and Adarbad on 4 November 2013





Vasanu available



Perin J Setna at Jamshed Bagh has this winter specialty for your patronage!

You may call her on Tel: 3425 5383














Avail a Fantastic Discount

of Rs. 2,000/- on Unilever Pureit


Pureit is a breakthrough in water purification technology that converts your normal tap water into As Safe as Boiled Water without the use of any electricity or gas. Pureit provides you safe drinking water for 0.93 paisas per liter which is cheaper than all other methods available in the market. The product is currently available in Karachi and in Lahore.

Pureit's market price is Rs 8,999/-, and comes with a pre-installed Germ Kill Kit. After 1500 liters of usage or 6 months usage, the Germ Kill Kit (priced at Rs 1400) can be purchased and replaced to provide an additional 1500 liters of safe drinking water. Pureit representatives will be making calls when the Germ Kill Kit will be nearing its replacement period. The Dimensions of Pureit is 23” height and 11” width. The Germ Kill Kit will also be available in the market, along with a free home delivery option.


However, if it is bought through Kamall Cooper’s (an employee of Unilever) reference, it is available for Rs. 6,999/-. This is not just a community restricted offer so please extend this to as many people you like to take advantage of this fantastic offer. Pureit will be delivered within 3-4 days once your order is confirmed.

This offer is valid until the 10th of December 2013 which means that all deliveries are paid for before the 10th of December. You will need to fill the “For Referral” section of the attached order form (it is in MS Excel) and email to

Please note that the Mode of payment is strictly cash on delivery.

For more information, you may visit the website: , or simply call Toll Free at 0800 14000 and their representative will respond to all your queries.








Mental strength

It is the capacity of a person to deal effectively with pressures and challenges of life, rather than give up or succumb to circumstance.  However, some setback in this ability can be seen when a person is grieving or has sustained a loss.


Our mental strength is demonstrated in the way we deal with ourselves, with others, to changes, and to be successful in what we do.


Self:  If you are mentally strong you accept that life is not easy or fair, so there is no sense being sorry about circumstances in our life, but taking responsibility for our role in life. Similarly no point feeling bad about how others treat us: It is giving them power over our emotions when how we feel ought to be under our control. Lastly, being comfortable in our own company and being happy to do thing alone when need to because it is not always possible to have others to entertain or give us company.


Others:  Mentally strong people know that you cannot please everyone all the time, but as long as you are kind and fair, it is okay if saying no or speaking up, upsets another person. It is bound to happen sometime. Also, that you don’t believe that people owe you favours or that you are entitled to things automatically. To get whatever you want, you have to find the opportunity and work on it, to get it.


Changes: Mentally strong people welcome positive change. Also, don’t dwell on what happened in the past but accept it, learn from it, and live in the present.


Success: Mentally strong people take calculated risks and weight the benefits and then take decision.  At the same time they are not paralysed by past mistakes and make them over and over again but make better decisions in the future. Being successful themselves, they appreciate and rejoice in other people’s success. Also, do not lose heart when faced with first failure but keep trying till they get it right.


The good news is that a mentally strong person enjoy peace of mind, pre-requisite to being happy.




“The Everlasting Flame: Zoroastrianism in

History and Imagination”: an Exhibition in Central London

Excerpts from write-up in the DAWN


Years of exploration and careful coordination across the seas from Pakistan and India to Hong Kong and the United States have culminated in a unique exhibition retracing the evolution of Zoroastrianism. The display is both engrossing and informative.


The exhibition is the brainchild of curators Dr Sarah Stuart and Firoza Mistree, who have worked together for years exploring and understanding Zoroastrianism. From London to Mumbai, Stuart, a lecturer at SOAS, and Mistree got together with art historian Pehroza Godrej to get the job done.


“After 18 months of fundraising, looking at the exhibition and the response is heart-warming. I think it is rewarding to see that people are interested, particularly ordinary members of the British public,” said Stuart. “This was an idea Firoza and I had for more than 10 years, probably in 2001 when she came to SOAS for the launch of ‘A Zoroastrian Tapestry: Art, Religion and Culture’.”


On display are a densely embroidered gara and a purple stole with gara embroidery. The embroidery on the gara is in three parallel rows across the width. The purple stole is made from a jhabla piece. Jablas were worn by Zoroastrian children till they had their Navjote ceremony.


In the basement of the gallery is the replica of a fire temple complete with prayer room, and portraits of notable Zoroastrians, which include familiar names such as members of the Tata family, the Wadia family and Framji Pestonjee Patuck, on loan from the Tata Central Archives, Hameed Haroon and the Royal Asiatic Society.


There are painted pottery vessels from Iran dating back to 4200-3700 BCE Susa I period,  on loan from the Alpaiwalla Museum. Sacred texts include a 16th century copy of the Yasna ceremony, the Videvdad Sadeh and The Menog I Khrad (spirit of wisdom) on loan from the British Library.


The exhibition takes you on a journey from the earliest days of the religion to its emergence as the foremost religion of the Achaemenid, Parthian and Sassanian empires of imperial Persia.  It is the first exhibition of its kind, to provide a visual narrative of the history of our religion and its rich cultural heritage.  If in London, you may see it at the Brunei Gallery which is behind the British Museum.  It is open till 14 December 2013.





As the year ends, I would like to leave you with a sweet thought that a colleague texed me the other day:


Keep a green tree in your heart

And birds will always fly in.