APRIL 2014




Cooking Demonstration by Junior Chefs 

12 April at the Mandal at 4pm


Banu Mandal is proud to present a cooking demonstration by kids – come and witness their talent and taste the divine cuisine that they will prepare.   

The following Kid Chefs will demonstrate dishes to tantalise your taste buds:    

Astad Sidhwa aged 13yrs (son of Zarnak & Yazdi)

Safna Mama aged 11yrs (daughter of Perin & Dadabhoy)

Zara Irani aged 5yrs (daughter of Raamish & Zain)

Venue:     KZBM Hall
Time:       4:00 pm

Ticket per person:  Rs 200
Last Date: April 8, 2014 till 1pm 


Tickets available from: 
Dilaver Tadiwala - 35800338   
Zareen Patel - 0321 2628167

Parveen Banaji - 32710015           

Furengeez Tampal - 32782961 
Roshan Vannia - 32250127  


“We want printed What’s On, as before!!”

Folks I would love it too, but let me explain what has happened:


·         As there is no other Zarthushti publication in Karachi, many associations send in their news and events to us. We like to include them because our readers like to read them and KZBM is for community service.

·         There are readers who don’t just want to read events and milestones, and ask us to include some ‘substance’ too. So we have the “What’s More” section

·         Readers from overseas request that photos be included where possible as it makes the newsletter more interesting, which it does.  We also regularly have new requests from 2-3 ex-karachiites to add them to our mailing list

·         Can we accommodate this in a 4-page newsletter? “Increase the pages we are willing to pay more,” some will say. This brings us to the CRUX of the problem: one month everyone is rushing in with input (not infrequently at the last minute and I will say nothing about the constant stress!) and the next month it dries up leaving me staring at blank pages to fill.


Anyone willing to work around these constraints is welcome to come forward and we will help her in every way to get a printed version re-started. If not, I can only say times change and we as progressive people can adjust gracefully. Every effort is also made to deliver printed version to genuine elders in each locality by its very willing volunteers.


Sunnu F Golwalla





As I Knew Rusi Dinshaw

I knew Rusi the first time in 1943/44 when we were both selected to represent B.V.S. Parsi High School to play the Rubie Shield Inter-School Cricket Tournament held every year in Karachi.    It was considered to be the most prestigious event in those days.  It was in 1946 that our Parsi School annexed the Championship Trophy for the first time under Rusi’s able leadership - (photograph of the winning team was published in the Virbaijeeite Centenary volume of May, 1959) - Rusi scored 201 runs in partnership with me, which was his life's first huge achievement.


Since leaving school, we were always together playing for the Commerce College, Karachi University, Province of Sindh and up to national level.  He rose to stardom because of his prolific left-handed batting prowess.  He was selected to represent the Pakistan Test Cricket Team to tour India, but unfortunately could not make Test Eleven. During his career which ended by 1960, he had made immense contribution to Parsi Cricket in the country.  Comprehensive history on Parsi Cricket in Pakistan has never been recorded and so Rusi's exhaustive achievements are not known to many in our community.


I had always found Rusi to be a jolly and lovable character, polite and docile, and a man of few words - A very friendly and good companion.  We all Parsis pray that Ahura Mazda grant Rusi eternal peace and tranquility. Amen.


Homee F Mobed



Goodbye Rusi Dinshaw:

A Tribute to the Only Parsi Named

in the Pakistan Test Squad

Rusi Nadirshah Dinshaw, the only Parsi Cricketer to have ever been selected in a Pakistan Test Squad passed away quietly in the Parsi General Hospital (Karachi) on March 24, 2014 (45 days after his 86th birthday). Though he was suffering from schizophrenia since the 1960's his bond with KPI, where he played most of his cricket never died as he used to come to the Institute Grounds everyday and just stroll around. Maybe he came there to re-live his "Days of Glory" - we will never know - but his death did make us realise that sometimes we get too busy to stop and think!


Dinshaw a stylish left-handed batsman and left-arm spinner had the honour of being a member of the first Pakistan Test Squad that toured India in 1952-53. As one of Pakistan's Ex-Captain, Aamer Sohail very rightly said, "People like Dinshaw were heroes of Pakistan and an important part of it's Cricket History.” But much before young Rusi came to Pakistan after partition, he had already made his mark in cricket by scoring a "Double Hundred" in Calcutta in the most prestigious Inter School Tournament of those days - "THE RUBY SHIELD". 


On his arrival in Pakistan he was immediately inducted in the Sind XI and played alongside Pakistan's legendary Hanif Mohammad. Later the two great batsmen of their era toured India in 1952-53 together and became very close friends. Rusi Dinshaw played nine First Class Matches for Pakistan from 1948 to 1952 which included games against the West Indies, Ceylon (Sri Lanka), Commonwealth X1, MCC (England Cricket Team as it was formerly known) and Combined Indian Universities. As the newly formed Pakistan Team was regrettably very weak in all departments of the game, the Board of Control of Cricket in Pakistan (BCCP) decided to send a number of prominent cricketers for special training to London. Rusi Dinshaw was one of those players along with some great names like Hanif Mohammad, Imtiaz Ahmed and Khan Mohammad who were sent to the "Sandham Indoor Cricket School - England".


Most of all Rusi Dinshaw did the Parsis proud. He captained the KPI team for many years and scored innumerous centuries. The Parsi Community has lost one of their most explosive and naturally talented cricketers with his death. In his prime, Dinshaw was one of the most popular figures both with his team mates and friends. He was a handsome, gentle and jovial man with a hearty appetite for good food.


He always took very keen interest in the young cricketers of KPI and helped many of them to develop their game; one of them was my brother Cyrus Mavalvala who later went on to play for the Pakistan Under 19 against the touring MCC in Karachi. In his condolence message from Los Angeles he wrote, and I quote: "Rusi was one of my Cricket Heroes and Mentors. Since we were both left handed batters, he always took an interest in me and helped me develop as a batsman. He was a kind and gentle man. On many occasions, he would give me a ride home to Beaumont Road when we finished practice or a match at KPI. He used to drive a Triumph Thunderbird motorcycle".


Goodbye Rusi Nadirshah Dinshaw - rest in peace - your place in history is assured.


Maju S Mavalvala




“I received this picture of a Parsi family dated 1925 with the car, ladies and gents....I wonder which family it is?  Perhaps if you have space and inclination, someone may shed some light when it appears in the What's On!”  writes a reader.  Anyone recognises the family?   If you do, write and tell us at kzbm1912@gmail.com

You can enlarge the picture by pressing ‘Ctrl’  & ‘+’






Whilst on the subject, enjoy another picture below:




“This is a photo of Parsi women during World War II doing a drill called ARP or Air Raid Precaution, also known as casualty evacuation.”











Greetings from Los Angeles

We write to request your assistance in spreading the word about the XVII North American Zoroastrian Congress to be held in Los Angeles from December 29-31, 2014.  The Congress is hosted by the Zoroastrian Association of California (ZAC), in coordination with, the California Zoroastrian Center (CZC).  

Our volunteers are working hard to create a fantastic, memorable and worthwhile experience for our fellow Zoroastrians from around the world.  We need your help & support to publicize the Congress so that we can get a great turn out and engage Zoroastrians of all ages with a passion for their religion, culture and community.  


Our website is now LIVE.  It contains information about our program, discounted hotel rates, local LA attractions, advertising options and much more.  Check www.nazc2014.org for details.


Thank you for your support. 

Best wishes, 


Tehmi Damania                  Shida Anoshiravani

ZAC President                       CZC President


Past Hamazors

If you retain copies of Hamazor and have Issue Nos: 4/2003, 2/2005 and 4/2009 would you kindly give them for Zoroastrian Trust Fund of Europe's library in London.  Your generosity will complete a valuable archive.  You may contact Toxy Cowasjee (Tel # 3586 7088), who will collect the same.  Thank you.




Result of Dr Pithawala English

Poetry & Prose Competition

held on February 2, 2014 at BVS School

In the “Class 1 & Under” category- 1st prize: Raeyan Quettawala; 2nd prize: Shahan Behram Irani; 3rd prize: Cherezad Cyrus Noshirwan; In the “Class 2,3,4” category- 1st prize: Hufriya Mondegarian; 2nd prize: Farzad Najmi; tie for 3rd prize: Zara Mavalvala & Usphan Namiranian; In the “Class 5,6,7” category- 1st prize: Zermesh Behram Irani; 2nd prize: Farzana Kolah; 3rd prize: Nariman Irani; In the “Class 8, 9, 10” category- 1st prize: Nasha Makujina; tie for 2nd prize: Cyra Dumasiya & Neusha Mondegarian.  The Shield was awarded to Hufriya Mondegarian, Zermesh Behram Irani & Nasha Makujina.



Parsi General Hospital

The Managing Committee of the Bomanshaw Minocher-Homji Parsi Medical Relief Association (Parsi Hospital) is pleased to inform the members of our community that Dr Diniar Kapadia has joined the Hospital as Chief Medical Officer, effective February 2104. Prior to joining BMH Dr Diniar was employed at Aga Khan University Hospital as Senior Medical Officer and  has experience of over 16 years in family medicine.


Dr Diniar will be available for out-patient consultation at the Hospital Mondays to Saturdays from 10:00 AM to 4:00PM (excluding lunch break from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM)


We welcome Dr Diniar at the BMH and hope that our community will benefit from his service at the Hospital, as we BMH are committed to provide quality and affordable medical facility to our community.


The Soparivala Endowment

Annual Report for the Year 2012


The Soparivala Endowment Fund for Patient Welfare at the Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi (AKUH,K) was established in 1995 through the benevolence of late Noshir and Mehroo Soparivala. It commenced functioning in 1998.


During 2012, the endowment served 3 Zoroastrian patients for a total of 75 visits/ admissions. The cumulative financial assistance provided through the fund, since its inception is PKR 6.95 million. This has enabled 147 inpatients and 449 outpatients of the Zoroastrian community to access high quality medical services at the Aga Khan University Hospital. All Zoroastrian patients who requested for support were provided financial assistance from the Endowment.


The Soparivala Endowment continues to enable financially challenged members of the Zoroastrian community to avail of the high quality of medical services at the Aga Khan University Hospital. Assistance to the Zoroastrian community is provided in accordance with criteria established by AKUH, giving due consideration to individual patient needs.


The system to facilitate easy accessibility to the Endowment Funds is functioning smoothly with the sub-committee comprising of Ms. Thrity Spencer and Mr. Nadir Noorddin, Manager Patient Welfare at AKUH,who continue to receive requests for assistance from patients and/ or their family members. In the absence of Ms. Thrity Spencer the person to contact for assistance is Ms. Zarin Kakalia.


The community is advised to contact the following at AKUH, when requesting for assistance through the Kandawalla Endowment.

1.       Nadir Noorddin, Manager Patient Welfare, Off: 021 3486 1476, Mobile: 0321 235 6338


2.       Gul Akbar Khawaja, Sr. Patient Welfare Officer, Off: 021 3486 1475, Mobile: 0333 367 8910


Additionally, community members may also contact: Yazdyar S Haveliwala, Off: 021 3486 2970, Mobile: 0300 216 6735

for any information that they may require.



Mushkil Asaan Prayers
4th April 2014 at 5:30pm
Jamshed Baugh Club House
Jamshed Bagh commenced these prayers since December 2013. You may like to note that they will be held every month on first Friday of the month.  You may pray to Mushkil Asaan. Copies of the prayer will be available, along with copies of the “dua” which will be recited by all together, at the end.
All Zarthustis are cordially invited.





Usphan, son of Anushka and Farshed Namiranian on 20 March

Merwan, son of Alia and Shahyar Polad on 28 March




Soonita, daughter of Roshan & Khushroo Mehta   AND   Zain, son of Persis & Jehangir Sethna on 23 February




·         Lily Dara Behrana (ex-Karachiite), w/o (late) Dara Behrana and m/o Nilofer Kaika Clubwala in USA on 26 February

·         Navaz Minoo Golwalla, s/o Maneck Pirbhai and Villi Ken Bhappu on 1March

·         Yezmin Russi Muncherji, m/o Shahrazad Homi Irani, Pareezad Yazdi Talati and Hormazd Muncherji on14 March

·         Amy Feroze Rana, w/o late Feroze Rana, sister-in-law of Pervez Rana on 17 March

·         Dina Dara Hataria (ex-Karachiite), m/o Behrooz Mistry, mother-in-law Of Mehroze Mistry passed away in Toronto on 21 March

·         Dr Dara Jamshed Hormasji (of Lahore), f/o Dhun Kaiyan Kaikobad, Meher Feroze Cawasji and Hoshang Hormasji on 22 March

·         Rusi Nadirshah Dinshaw, b/o (late) Merazban, (late) Dara and (late) Eddie on 24 March

·         Freny Mistry (Chinimini) (ex Karachiite), m/o Nergis Jimmy Balsara and Zarin Aspi Bharda on 23 March at the age of 106 in New Jersey USA. She leaves behind 3 grand children and 4 great grand children






Threads of Continuity

The Zoroastrian craft of kusti weaving by Ashdeen Z. Lilaowala with Shernaz Cama (a book by The ParZor Foundation) is available for sale in Karachi.  Contact:  Farahnaz Marker, Mobile: 0300-2208208














Parsi Tahro Nasto!

Omissions of Youth

In health matters, omission is sometimes as deadly as commission. And there’s a long-term payback too. This is what researchers in Sweden found* when they took a cohort of nearly nine hundred 16 year olds and assessed their breakfast habits. 27 years later they looked at the same group to see if this had any impact on their health.

Those adolescents who had skipped breakfast, or just gulped down something sweet instead of eating properly in the morning, were found to have increased their risk of diabetes and obesity by a whopping 68%!!!


It’s cool to breakfast Parsi style


We Parsis have a rich culinary offering when it comes to breakfasts, so even the most finicky should find something healthful, delicious and substantial to tuck into in the mornings.

There’s charvelooeedoo, akoori and tumtumtoporo for a start. Eaten with a wholemeal rotli its manna from heaven.


Our grandparents took their bajranirotli very seriously, even if they didn’t know it has a wonderfully low GI (glycaemic index): it makes you feel fuller for longer and keeps blood glucose levels down. Same goes for kanji with nuts and dried or fresh fruits.


Raiding the fridge in the morning for last night’s left-overs is fine – if it’s cooked vegetables and daals you are after. Vaasi masoornidaar with rotli is yum! And it’s low GI. Same goes for chora, chola and other beans. But please don’t take a dinner-plate size helping because even healthy food must be eaten in small portions.


Aleti-paleti (chicken livers) is haute breakfast cuisine and alooney rotli with yoghurt is a close second at the weekends. Thankfully, oily parathas don’t feature in a typical Parsi nasto.







Western Breakfast



A western breakfast of processed and packaged cereals, toast, butter and jam and fruit juices is your fast lane to dietary hell. Its empty calories and sugar is a profitable formula for the global brands but you might as well eat the cardboard in the packaging for nutrition.


So what’s your favourite Parsi nasto? The most interesting and delicious will be printed in the next What’s On.


-      Soonu Engineer, UK







Our Persian Ancestors


See how they are holding each other's hands... how they pat each other on the shoulder... the great gestures of friendship, cooperation, compassion and peace... They are our great grand fathers, our ancestors whom forever we are proud of... These beautiful reliefs from the Persepolis speak a thousand words... Persepolis stairways, Parse, Iran








Achaemenid Architecture


The stunning Achaemenid Architecture... Achaemenid lance carrying Soldiers... Achaemenid nobleman and lady holding tulips.... just as the reliefs in the spiritual city of Persepolis, Iran….Kish, Iran






Source: Facebook: Universal Zoroastrianism




A Gujarati having no children, no money, no home and a blind mother, prays sincerely to God for improving his life style.

God is very pleased with his prayer, and grants him one wish: just one!

The Gujarati says ok God, thanks. My one and only wish is  'I want my mom to SEE my wife putting, rupees twenty million worth of diamonds around my child's neck, in my Mercedes Benz parked near the swimming pool of our new 5 acre bungalow in Beverly Hills.'

GOD: Damn it! I still have a lot to learn from these Gujaraties.




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