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It is that time of the year again, so let’s challenge our minds with general knowledge questions and brain teasers! Come and enjoy an enlightening entertaining evening with our ever popular Quiz programme conducted by Quizmaster Perviz Daroga. 

KZBM, YMZA & KPI will compete by forming two (2) teams each of five members per team. There will be one (1) team from PPCA and one (1) independent team in which anyone may take part. Team leaders please give your names to Katherina Irani by April 16 2012. 

 Venue: KZBM Garden
 Time: 7:30 pm onward 
 Ticket per person:  Rs 500
 Last Date: April 16, 2013 till 1 pm
Tickets available from:

Phiruza Birdie - 35895057            

Zareen Patel - 0321 2628167

Parveen Banaji - 32767347          

Furengeez Tampal - 32782961 

Roshan Vannia - 32250127 















We are proud to inform our readers that Ardavan Darius Solan became the youngest Navar and, Martab in Pakistan early this year.


He is a student of Class V of the BVS School and became an Ervad after the NAVAR Ceremony on Roj Ava Mah Amardad: 25th December 2012. Soon thereafter he underwent the MARATAB Ceremony on Roj Din Mah Amardad: 8th January 2013 at the Cama Baug Agiary in Bombay, under the guidance of Panthakey Keki Ravji.


Ardavan comes from a priest family of Bhagarias of Navsari: His great great grandfather was Mobed Cowasji Solaina of Mumbai.  He is the son of Persis & Darius Solan and grandson of late Mehroo & Bomanji Solan.


He currently assists and performs various religious ceremonies under the guidance of Panthakey  Kekobad Dastoor of the Wadia Adrian, in Karachi.















Most of you by now know and have also contributed generously to help our dear Cyrus Kharas get the liver transplant that he needs on urgent basis. Zarthostis of Karachi have always been very closely connected even when living overseas, and sizeable amounts have also come from there.


For those who may not be aware, we write to request that you may send your contribution locally in cash to KZBM or by cheque to "Karachi Zarthosti Banu Mandal". Overseas contributions can be sent online or by direct wire transfer to Chase Bank, ABA Routing # 111000614, Account # 424756463. Contribution details will be kept confidential and only given to Cyrus’s wife Thrity.


The Family has a long journey yet in terms of collecting the required amount ranging between 3-5 crore rupees (depending on where the transplant is eventually done: India, Singapore, Turkey or USA) and finding a compatible donor. Therefore we at KZBM request you to spread the word far and wide for contributions and donor for liver, as you think fit.  Add to your generosity and give further if it is possible, and most importantly pray for Cyrus and his donor's success at the transplant and resuming normal life once again.

We are also conveying that the basic liver donor requirements are:  Blood Group O (+ve or -ve) and Age: 18 and 55 years.  Several compatibility tests will need to be carried out and post-surgery rest for 2 months is recommended. This information is to help prospective donor/s make an informed decision.

The love, support and prayers of Zarthostis globally have been most heartening. Do keep your contributions and prayers going, as much is needed yet.

 16 March 2013







What’s On was created in 1991 by the then KZBM Secretary Toxy Cowasjee and since then it has been a source of community information for us. Naturally we would like it to continue.

The main reason for changeover to eWhat’s On is that since about two years, every month we faced the problem of having either overflowing information to adjust and accommodate, and the following month blank pages to fill up. Email gives the flexibility to have the newsletter as long or short as information available and therefore we have opted for it.  In the process we will also ‘go green’, and also save the energy of those distributing it. Of course we have not forgotten the elderly who genuinely have no access to email through family/friend. Only they will receive printed copy of the eWhat’s On through their locality volunteers, who have spontaneously agreed to it and we salute their spirit to serve.

The Mandal would like to record their grateful thanks to the ladies who over the years have distributed the What’s On :

The  Managing Committee of the Mandal would also like to thank the editors of the newsletter Toxy Cowasjee 1991-2003, and Sunnu Golwalla 2004-todate, for being the voice of the Mandal.

Smooth changeover

Please keep in mind the following to ensure reliable and regular receipt of your e-copy:

  1. Office emails may throw the mail in ‘trash’. If that is likely, give your personal email on kzbm1912@gmail.com
  2. As and when there is change in your email address please inform us on kzbm1912@gmail.com
  3. If  your email has been given for another member as well, no doubt you will receive only once and will do the needful thereon
  4. If  you do not wish to receive the newsletter, simply write ‘unsubscribe’ in subject line and send to kzbm1912@gmail.com
  5. On the other hand if you wish to receive eWhat’s On but have not yet given your email, this is our last call as from next month we will send out eWhat’s On
  6. The newsletter will be emailed on the last weekend of the month with the subject  E-WHAT’S ON. So watch out for it around then.

As no printing or postage charges will be involved, there will be no annual subscription charge after the changeover.




Alla Nowroji Sethna on 25 February 2013. Alla aunty had celebrated her 100th Birthday on 6th September 2012.

Shernaz Purveyor on 26 February

Jinoo Savakshah Kapadia on 7 March


Fehmida Khory  Mobile: 0300-3948200

Water Aerobic classes  at the K.P.I. swimming pool from April 2013

Contact Fehmida Khory  or   Azar  on 0333-3651990



Roshni Dinshaw – Mobile: 0300-2412645

Gajar Meva Achar available








It is free, it is required and it is misunderstood. Let’s see how it works and how it helps.


Vitamin D is produced by your skin when exposed to ultraviolet rays of the sun.  These rays do not penetrate glass, so when in your car or at home you do not get the benefit. Take direct sunlight till your skin feels warm not more, but take it every day if it is possible. Vitamin D thus produced naturally without any side effect, strengthens your bones, keeps your eyes and teeth healthy and to an extent takes away aches and pains. The body is known to self-regulate your requirement of vitamin D from sunlight exposure, so there is no risk of excessive vitamin D production.


It is said that people with darker skin need more exposure to sunlight than fair-skinned people, to generate the same amount of vitamin D. On the other hand, people living further from equator need longer exposure to generate the vitamin than those living closer.


Having said all this, I will add that excessive sunlight can cause health problems but that knowledge has scared us off of its positive benefits.  In fact sunscreen is not required, by those or when, exposed to limited sun. However we do not expect their manufacturers to tell us this as it would limit their sale.  In the same manner brief exposure (say for a minute or two) to direct sun on the face without sun glares, keeps your eyes and teeth healthy.


Nature is our best friend: let us use it wisely to our gain.



Compiled and edited:Sunnu Golwalla

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