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MAY 10



What’s On


Boat Ride and Crabbing

On Saturday 15 May


Summer is here and what better way to drive away the heat than a night at sea.
Enjoy a boat ride under the serenity of stars, followed by a dinner of potatoes and crabs, cooked freshly on-the-spot. We promise a night of fun.


Meeting point –Keamari Pier point 
Timing - 8pm (boat to depart)

For all: Rs 350

Last date: May 11 till 1pm



Our Friends



Annual General Meeting

on Friday 30 April at 7pm at the Karachi Parsi Institute. Being election meeting all members are requested to attend.




Centenary competition in June 2010

“Tamay paanchmi class na student thee hushiar chao?”

One adult of 21 year or older as main contestant, with one child of class 5 or lower.

Interested persons to give names to YMZA committee members by end-April 2010.






YMZA Celebrates it’s Centenary






A Khushali-nu-jashan on Navroze Day (21st March 2010) at the YMZA Library was an apt start to celebrate Young Mazdayasnian Zoroastrian Association’s (YMZA) centenary and their limited edition of a 15-gram silver coin to commemorate the occasion.  The following Sunday, 28th March, YMZA invited some 300 persons to a piano recital by Rashna Gazder with her group of select pupils at the Avari Towers, which was especially formed by Rashna for YMZA’s centenary at the Association’s request.. Other events during the year have also been planned.


KZBM heartily congratulates the President and Council Members of YMZA on this momentous occasion and recognises the role they play in encouraging cultural activities among our young by way of contests for drawing & painting, music, as well as elocutions in English and Gujrati in our culture-starved city.


Roshan Mana, a keen lover of music, was moved to give the following account of the recital which we share for our readers' interest.


Once again Rashna Gazder and her pupils stole the show and the performance was magnificent : stupendous for children in age range of 8 years to 18.





Our young Parsi performers Astad Yazdi Sidhwa, Fareezeh Danny Sidhwa, Sharmene Freddy Sidhwa and Nasha Ratansha Makujina stole the show playing beautifully. The youngest child was Fiona Behram Aga whose sweetness and innocence belied the power of her playing. The choice of items varied from Mozart and Beethoven to the hits of ABBA, Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson.


Three-time Minwalla music shield winner, Ruxshin Cyrus Dinshaw played hooked on classics with a flawless touch. Roveena Faramerz Khambatta who tied for the shield in 2009 played Fur Elise with immense feeling and perfection.


There was a thunderous applause for a medley of old favourites played beautifully by Rashna while Terence Joseph accompanied her. Being a classical music teacher Rashna broke her own tradition performing themes of Lionel Richie, Bryan Adams. Love Story and Spanish Eyes were melodiously performed ending with Money Money of ABBA which received a standing ovation from a full house.












From top left clockwise: Astad Yazdi Sidhwa, Fareezeh Danny Sidhwa, Nasha Ratansha Makujina and Sharmene Freddy Sidhwa.


Milestones  Information up to  19 April  2010




Sean, a son born in Dubai to ex-Karachiites Tania and Faredoun Arjani on 28 March




Jamshed and Farzana, son and daughter of Benafshey and Darayoush Kohla on 20 March

Darayus son of Meher and Dinshaw Khory on 9 April




Zenobia Nari Chenoy (ex-Karachiite) to Farhad T Elavia in Mumbai on 5 February

Mitra Bakhtiar to Danesh Noshir Dubash on 24 March




Cursetji Cowas Mehta on 20 March

Nariman Kaikhushroo Irani on 23 March





10-Years Anniversary Celebration

Valid from 24 April till 24 May.

Offer :   Haircut with free pedicure. 
 Hair Oiling with free threading. 
 Body Massage with free manicure.

For bookings please call 0300-8293584, 35380833 except Sundays. 
Timing : 11am to 5pm.





Taste Buds by Spenta Khambatta    


Coconut Chews:

Preheat oven to 180C


In a bowl, cream together:

200grms butter / margarine

3/4 cup icing sugar

Blend in 1 ˝ cups plain flour


The mixture will be soft and will stick to your fingers. Do not add more flour as you do not need a stiff dough.


Wash your hands and dry them thoroughly and dust with flour.


Press this mixture in bottom of an ungreased pan measuring 13”x9”. Use the palm of your hand and gently press the mixture evenly. This requires a bit of patience.


Bake in the oven for 15 minutes.










In the meantime prepare the filling.

Mix together

3/4 cup brown sugar

2 tbsps flour

1/2 tsp baking powder

1/2 tsp salt

1 tsp vanilla essence

1/3 cup chopped walnuts

3/4 cup flaked coconut

 3 eggs


Spread this mixture evenly over the hot baked layer and return to the oven for 30mnts or till set.


While still warm spread with orange-lemon icing. To make the icing, mix together till smooth :

1 ˝ cups icing sugar

2 tbsps melted butter

2 ˝ tbsps orange juice

1 tsp lemon juice


Use a palette knife to spread it evenly, you may also rotate the pan gently, the icing will flow in that direction and evenly coat the nut layer.  Cool completely and then cut in bars or squares and serve.



A nest of measuring cups and a set of measuring spoons has been used.

It is best to use freshly grated coconut. Desiccated coconut may be substituted




Biz Wiz                   


The Social Media Bubble : A Blog

Despite all the excitement surrounding social media, the Internet isn't connecting us as much as we think it is. It's largely home to weak, artificial connections, what I call thin relationships.

“Social" media is trading in low-quality connections — linkages that are unlikely to yield meaningful, lasting relationships.

Call it relationship inflation. Nominally, you have a lot more relationships — but in reality, few, if any, are actually valuable. The very word "relationship" is being cheapened. It used to mean someone you could count on. Today, it means someone you can swap bits with.

Thin relationships are the illusion of real relationships. Real relationships are patterns of mutual investment. I invest in you, you invest in me. Parents, kids, spouses — all are multiple digit investments, of time, money, knowledge, and attention. The "relationships" at the heart of the social bubble aren't real because they're not marked by mutual investment. At most, they're marked by a tiny chunk of information or attention here or there.

Trust:  If we take social media at face value, the number of friends in the world has gone up a hundredfold, but have we seen an accompanying rise in trust? I'd argue no. Social networks have already been around for half a decade, and society seems to be little better off.

Exclusion: Birds of a feather flock together. The result is that people self-organise into groups of like for like, but rarely are the gaps between differences bridged. Yet, that's where the most valuable relationships begin. To be "friends" with 1000 people who are also obsessed with vintage 1960s glasses isn't friendship — it's just a single, solitary shared interest.

Value: The ultimate proof's in the pudding. If the "relationships" created on today's Internet were valuable, perhaps people (or advertisers) might pay for the opportunity to enjoy them. Yet, few, if any, do — anywhere, ever. Conversely, because those "relationships" aren't valuable.  I can swap bits with pseudo-strangers at any number of sites. "Friends" like that are a commodity — not a valuable, unique good.

What are the wages of relationship inflation? First, attention isn't allocated efficiently; people discover less what they value than what everyone else likes. Second, people invest in low-quality content. Third, and most damaging, is the ongoing weakening of the Internet as a force for good. One of the seminal examples of the promise of social media:  It doesn't make kids tangibly better off; it just makes advertisers better off.

Let's summarise. On the demand side, relationship inflation creates beauty contest effects, where, just as every judge votes for the contestant they think the others will like the best. On the supply side, relationship inflation creates popularity contest effects, where people (and artists) strive for immediate, visceral attention-grabs — instead of making awesome stuff.

The social isn't about beauty contests and popularity contests. They're a distortion, a caricature of the real thing. It's about trust, connection, and community. That's what there's too little of in today's mediascape, despite all the hoopla surrounding social tools. The promise of the Internet wasn't merely to inflate relationships, without adding depth, resonance, and meaning. It was to fundamentally rewire people, communities, civil society, business, and the state — through thicker, stronger, more meaningful relationships. That's where the future of media lies.

by Umair Haque, Director, Havas Media Lab


Beauty Plus by Mitra Bakhtiar

 Health Tips


To remove pigmentation, make a paste of fresh coconut, basil leaves, neem leaves and rosewater, and apply on the affected area. Leave it on for 30 minutes and wash off.


Mix cucumber juice, a teaspoon of lime and juice and half a teaspoon of turmeric powder. When applied to the skin, this mixture is effective in removing a tan.


Relieve aching feet by soaking in a tub of hot water and Epsom salt before you go to bed.


Drink cranberry juice and take Vitamin C supplements to fight yeast infections.


After an action-packed day, your mind and body need to unwind and detox before you can fall asleep. Create a 'ritual' for bedtime - take a bath, meditate, do some easy stretches or yoga.


To get rid of minor rashes on the skin, add a few basil leaves to your bath water.












And …


“A Lion would never cheat on his wife but a Tiger Wood."



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