What’s On

MAR 2012


What’s On

KZBM's Inter-Association Quiz Competition followed by dinner 

on Saturday 31 March at 7:30 pm at the Mandal


It is time once again for an info-entertainment evening with general knowledge and brain teasers of our ever popular Quizmaster Perviz Daroga. 


KZBM, YMZA & KPI will compete by forming two teams of six members per team. There will be one team from PPCA and an independent team in which anyone may take part. Team leaders please give your names to Katherina Irani on mobile by 27 March.


KZBM Garden
Time: 7:30p.m. onwards 
Ticket per person:  Rs 400
Last Date: March 27, 2012 till 1 Pm.

Tickets available from:
 Roshan Kotwal - 35887221           
 Soonu Kandawalla - 35681711 
 Parveen Banaji - 32767347          
 Furengeez Tampal - 32782961 
 Roshan Vania  -   32250127





Navroze Mela

Sunday 11 March at 11 am

at  the Mandal Hall



Come and enjoy all our usual attractions:

·           Outfits for ladies, children's clothes, sadras, towels, sheets and household items

·           Wide variety of home-made food

·           Fish pond to interest your children. 

To book stalls contact Nergesh Daruwalla : Tel # 3279-1383 or Alla Rustomji : Tel #  3586-1746, by 1stMarch.





If you can paint on any material or can sketch; if you can embroider, crochet, macramé, make a toran; do bead-work, make stuffed toys or costume jewellery, take captivating photos, do flower arrangements or know any other art or craft we at the Mandal would like to provide you an opportunity to display your talent to the community.


At this stage just give your name and that of item/s you will display to Alla Rustomji on Tel # 3586 1746. We will organise an exhibition in early June at the Mandal premises for 2 days over a weekend.  Returning items in their original condition will be our responsibility.


Closing date for entries is 30th April 2012.









KPI Management request  those who have passed their SSC Part II, O Level Exam or graduated from Universities in the year 2011, to kindly submit their names and relevant mark sheets, certificates, etc, at KPI to their Manager M Umar Khitab, latest by 3rd March 2012 to facilitate including them in the above function.






Lifetime Excellence Award

For our Pouruchisti Bharucha


“They secure our today and they touch our future…” says the invitation to KFC’s 8th Annual Teachers Convention 2011 held on 26th November 2011.


At the convention our Prochi aunty, as most of us call her, received Lifetime Excellence Award.


The citation said:


What a teacher writes on the blackboard of life can never be erased.

“….Ms Pouruchisti Bharucha has around 43 years of experience in the field of education which makes her a living legend.  She is not only a teacher but a leader as well, who helps the school system in developing and shaping a child into a brilliant student. She has been a true mentor for her students throughout their career. She loves reading, needle work and bead work.”


“….She is a graceful ad soft spoken lady who would never tire or loose her temper while teaching the tiny tots. She had immense patience and love for the children who just joined the (BVS) Montessori at the age of 2 and who started looking upto her as their mother….. She would tell them stories and would personally sit with them on the ground to do tower building and other handwork. She had the ability to understand each child’s need and adjust her activities accordingly. She enjoyed good interpersonal relationship with seniors and peers.


“Her commendable services for promoting education are unforgettable, We are proud of you.”


We would like to add that Prochi aunty is the grand daughter of our late illustrious Dastur Doctor Maneckji Dhalla and reflects his gentleness of disposition and love for people. Despite her health, she daily engages in toran-making and happily teaches the art to those who request her.


We will conclude with the quote “I touch the future. I teach,” as it aptly fits her.




Milestones  Information up 14 Feb 2012


Sanaea Aresh Virji and Meherzad Firoze Aga on 29 January




Correct date:  Cowas Daruwalla, ex-Karachiite in UK on 13 December, not 14 December mentiond in previous issue

Dosi Feroze Sethna ex-Karachiite in Vancouver, Canada on 22 January

Beji Burjorjee Dubash expired in Mumbai on 2 February

Khorshed Jamshed Divecha on 5 February






Mobile : 0321-2359235

Email : aji@cyber.net.pk

Wanted : Old Coins and Bank Notes for personal collection. Will pay a fair price.




Pakistan Chawk

Mobile:  0300-2482484

Sarees, garas, kores and kusti for sale





Mobile # 0300-2369385

Indian Sandlewood, floating Kakras, Farohar Pendants, Zarthost Coins & Florescent Farohar Car stickers available for sale.







Sholeh Zaard





6 cups of water

1 cup rice

1-2 tbsp of butter

2 cups sugar

1 tsp saffron

1/2 cup rosewater

1 tsp cardamom

1/2 cup almonds





Soak 1 cup of rice overnight in water. In a saucepan bring 6 cups of water to boil and then add the soaked rice to it. 


Reduce the heat to the lowest possible and simmer uncovered for 30 min.  Stir in 2 cups of sugar and let it simmer until sugar has dissolved.  Add butter and mix well and rice looks bright and yellow. 


Stir silvered almonds and 1 tsp of crushed or cut pistachios and cook for another 30 min or until the mixture is thick enough to hold its shape almost solidly. Stir in rose water and saffron. Pour the mixture into a dish and decorate with cardamom, pistachio and almonds and let it cool. You may then place in the fridge and serve cold.



Warren Buffett's 7 Secrets for Living a Happy and Simple Life


Warren Buffett never flies in a private jet -- even though he owns the largest private jet company. He also lives in a small three-bedroom house he bought 50 years ago, and keeps himself occupied by playing online bridge.

It is refreshing, and inspiring, to hear of a man with all the wealth in the world who still believes that happiness lies not with riches but within yourself.

You, too, may become immensely happier by integrating some of the following wisdom into your own life.

Secret #1: Happiness comes from within.

“In my adult business life I have never had to make a choice of trading between professional and personal. I tap-dance to work, and when I get there it’s tremendous fun.” -- Warren Buffett

If you do what you love and love what you do, you’ll naturally be productive.

Secret #2: Find happiness in simple pleasures.

“I have simple pleasures. I play bridge online for 12 hours a week.” -- Warren Buffett

You can also learn to be happy with the simple pleasures of playing cards with friends, playing with your children or taking a walk in the wilderness.

Secret #3: Live a simple life.

“I just naturally want to do things that make sense. In my personal life too, I don’t care what other rich people are doing. I don’t want a 405 foot boat just because someone else has a 400 foot boat.” -- Warren Buffett

Keeping up with the Joneses is the worst epidemic among those who should never contemplate that notion in the first place. Less is more.

Secret #4: Think Simply.

“I want to be able to explain my mistakes. This means I do only the things I completely understand.” -- Warren Buffett

If you apply this rule in your life, you can develop clarity and sanity in your thoughts. Life is about simple yet profound choices.

Secret #5: Invest Simply.

“The best way to own common stocks is through an index fund.” -- Warren Buffett

Often, the simplest route will bring you the most riches, and the most happiness.

Secret #6: Have a mentor in life.

“I was lucky to have the right heroes. Tell me who your heroes are and I’ll tell you how you’ll turn out to be. The qualities of the one you admire are the traits that you, with a little practice, can make your own, and that, if practiced, will become habit-forming.” -- Warren Buffett

Having a mentor is as important as having a purpose in your life, but having a wrong mentor is as devastating as having a wrong purpose in your life. The mentor has to be someone you can trust. You’ll find that person in your inner circle if you think hard enough.

Secret #7: Making money isn’t the backbone of your guiding purpose; making money is the by-product of your guiding purpose.

“If you’re doing something you love, you’re more likely to put your all into it, and that generally equates to making money.” -- Warren Buffett

Money should never become the object and end all of your motivation.





Our religion – SAROSH YAZD

Sarosh Yazd

Ervad (Dr) Hoshang J Bhadha gives us a very lucid explanation of Sarosh Yazad and I have therefore virtually reproduced his thoughts on the subject taken from http://tenets.zoroastrianism.com

“Sarosh Yazd, a most revered character in Zoroastrian Scriptures, is today unknown to many of us who have not yet visualised the presence of the Spiritual Being in their everyday life.

“We invoke His presence in everyday prayers (Farzyats) and, several times in our rituals and high liturgical ceremonies like Yazashne, Visparad, Vendidad, and Nirangdin.

“In fact, our life and existence in this world is incomplete without His presence. We yearn for His presence during a child birth, Navjote, Wedding and Funeral ceremonies. He is the one who guides and protects us by interpreting our thoughts, feelings and emotions through our ‘Kharenangh’ (Khoreh, aura, glory) to help us attain the grand goal of ‘Uru’ Spiritual enfoldment.”

The above may sound a bit high-flown to some of our readers, but hopefully the serious reader will find it thought-provoking.

“It is generally through Him that prophets and even righteous men are inspired by God. He protects the souls of men both during the day and during the night. His protection is greater at night.” In some families it is a habit to recite the “Sarosh Baj” to invoke the protection of Sarsh Yazd.

“In Sarosh Yast Vadi (Karda 7, 11, 12) it is said that in order to protect the creations from the attacks by evil powers, He keeps himself awake and armed with His spiritual weapons traverses the whole earth three times during a day and also at night (i.e. wherever there is darkness due to lack of Divine Wisdom), riding on His shadowless horses and destroys evil everywhere. “



Field Marshal Sam Bahadur Maneckshaw once started 
addressing a public meeting at Ahmedabad in English. 

The crowd started chanting, "Speak in Gujarati.  
We will hear you only if you speak in Gujarati." 

Field Marshal Sam Bahadur Maneckshaw stopped. 
Swept the audience with a hard stare and replied, 
"Friends, I have fought many a battle in my long career.  
I have learned Punjabi from men of the Sikh Regiment; 
Marathi from the Maratha Regiment; Tamil from the men 
of the Madras Sappers; Bengali from the men of the 
Bengal Sappers, Hindi from the Bihar Regiment; 
and even Nepali from the Gurkha Regiment.  

Unfortunately there was no soldier from Gujarat 
from whom I could have learned Gujarati."



Compiled and edited:  Sunnu Golwalla

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