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What’s On


Tambola Evening followed by Bahmania

On Saturday June 12 

Lady luck may just favor you : Enjoy an evening of Tambola followed by a scrumptious Bahmania  dinner.

Venue: Banu Mandal Hall

Time: 7:30pm

For all: Rs 300

Last date: June 8 till 1pm





Our Friends



Dear community members : If you would like to be added on the YMZA email database, please email either one of us below. This will keep you up-to-date with upcoming YMZA activities. Thank you  Kaizer Irani (kaizerirani@gmail.com) and Dinshaw B Avari (dba@avari.com),  Joint Honorary Secretaries.




Swimming Membership Fee

Managing Committee of KPI has revised swimming membership fees for the current season (2010) as follows:

Family Package: from Rs. 3500/- to “Rs. 500/-“

Single: from Rs. 2200/- to “Rs. 200/-“

Student:  from Rs. 1200/- to “Rs.100/-“

This is to encourage maximum members to avail and enjoy the facilities.

NOTE: For coaching classes during the school summer holidays, please contact the Swimming Secretary: Zubin Sethna on 03008270410.



Founders’ Day Prize Distribution

Those who have passed their Matriculation, O and A Level Exam or graduated in the year "2009", are requested to submit their names, relevant mark-sheets and certificates at KPI to the Manger: Mr Umar Khitab, latest by the first week of June 2010.







The Living Will of a True Parsi

“I __________, being of sound mind and body do not wish to be kept alive indefinitely by artificial means.


If a reasonable amount of time passes and I fail to demand at least two or three of the following:


Glass of Scotch

Swiss chocolate

Dar ni pori

Dozen taja boomla

Akoori on toast

Fresh toddy

Dhansak, ambakalio and cachumber

Kolmi no patio

Sali ma gosh

Kera per eeda

Ice cream from Parsi Dairy Farm

Another Parsi peg of whisky


it should be presume I will never get better. When such a determination is reached pull the plug, reel in all tubes, and call it a day.


Source:  Hamazor




Future figure Skating Champion

At 12 years of age, Sanaea Mahava, shines as a budding Figure Skating enthusiast, having developed a passion for it over the past 3 years.


Sanaea who had already won two Silver medals, went on to win a Gold in November 2009 in Barrhead Alberta, at the Midnight Twilight Alberta Open Competition.


She is now progressing to the intermediate level.


She is the recipient of a few medals for Tap Dancing, has received 2 High Golds for her solo and 1 Gold with her Dancing Group in 2008. She is in Grade 7 at Aurora Charter School.


Sanaea is the daughter of Kashmira and Gev Mahava and lives in Edmonton, Alberta with her family.




Zarine Boyce of Houston


Zarine Boyce of Houston, Texas, was nominated in the Greater Houston Women’s Chamber of Commerce Hall of Fame and received the award at the Hall of Fame Gala in December 2009.


Source:  FEZANA Journal




Milestones  Information up to 16 May 2010



Zane, a son to Ashna and Zarvann (ex-Karachiite) Kavasji on 28 March in Toronto



Mehroo Homi Vania on 29 April

Rohinton Peroshaw Minwalla ex-Karachiite expired in Toronto on ________  April

Dadabhoy Byramji Mama on 5 May



Taste Buds


Spenta Khambatta has taken a break : If any of our readers wish to share their tried and tested recipe/s with us they may email at kzbm@cyber.net.pk


In this issue, in-keeping with today’s taste for light meals and less cooking time, we give you two recipes from Nargis Bhimji’s  “Jhat-patt” for a simple at-home family dinner.



Roast Chicken


Heat 2 tablespoon oil and place one whole chicken and 5 small peeled potatoes in it.


Add paste of :

1 medium onion

10 cloves garlic

1 ˝ tsp red chilli powder

2 tsp salt.


Cover with lid and put some water on the lid. Let it cook on slow fire for approximately 45 minutes or till the chicken and potatoes are done. Remove the lid and sprinkle 1 tsp garam masala and cook on high flame for a few minutes, turning over the chicken gently. Leave a little gravy if desired, or cook till dry.


You may serve with fresh green salad, or any other of your choice.



Mango Ice Cream


Mix in a blender


1 cup mango pulp

˝ cup sugar

1 tin evaporated milk (chilled)



When well blended, pour in a bowl, cover it and place in the freezer until the mixture thickens. Remove from freezer and whisk the mixture till smooth. Place it back in the freezer.



15-20 minutes before serving remove from freezer and place in the fridge : This will help you scoop up the ice cream, when serving.









Newsweek's Decline and Why Companies Need Rivals


A few years ago, there was a persistent debate going on in the halls of Newsweek magazine. For decades Newsweek, with 3.2 million readers, had been the number-two newsmagazine in a three-player field: Time had about a million more subscribers, while U.S. News & World Reports lagged with about a million fewer.


U.S. News had been losing money for years, and even before the Great Recession hit, it seemed vulnerable. Inside Newsweek, where I was a reporter, some of us wondered: Would it be good or bad for Newsweek if U.S. News disappeared?


Some figured Newsweek would benefit. The magazine would surely pick up ad revenue from its defunct competitor, our sales reps would face less pressure to match U.S. News's deeply-discounted ad rates, and we'd be better positioned as the sole alternative to Time.

Not so, others argued. If U.S. News failed, it would diminish the whole category. Market share aside, Newsweek was better off by having a rival it could consistently beat.
In strategic terms, the debate was this: Is it better to be the second-ranked player in a three-player race, or will a stronger company usually reap benefits if a weak rival goes away altogether?


The implosion of the newsmagazine category over the last two years provides an interesting example of this dynamic at work. In 2008, U.S. News announced it was abandoning its weekly publishing cycle; instead it would publish only monthly, and would focus its efforts on its website. Today the U.S. News brand is barely alive — and if it weren't for its successful college ranking franchise, it might have disappeared altogether.


Eighteen months after its third-place rival retreated, Newsweek has failed to benefit. It picked up no incremental revenue from U.S. News, and the reduction from a three-magazine field to just Time and Newsweek only reinforced the notion that newsweeklies were better-suited to the "Mad Men" era than the Internet Age.


As the newsmagazine business contracted to two players, Time was in first place, Newsweek was in last. And ad buyers allocated their dollars accordingly — a familiar pattern during recessions. "When things get tough, it's always the second newspaper [in a two-paper market] that suffers the most — advertisers would cut more of the ad budget they'd allocated to the weaker paper and keep more of their ad dollars in the bigger one, because it was more important to them," says John Morton, a veteran newspaper analyst. "It happened to Time and Newsweek [during this recession]. Time's revenues were down, but not nearly as much as Newsweek's."


Now, as various billionaires consider whether to bid to keep Newsweek alive, the folks at Time are left pondering the same question we at Newsweek considered a few years ago when U.S. News was in jeopardy: Are we better off if our rival survives or disappears?

There's a case to be made Time will be better off if Newsweek finds a buyer and continues to live on. In business as in sports, a good rivalry can make everyone play better.


Dan McGinn is a senior editor at HBR. He started work at Newsweek in 1990s.



Beauty Plus

Curly Hair?  Enjoy Them!


Ouidad (pronounced 'we-dad'), curly hair specialist, is the first stylist in the USA to open a 'curls-only' salon. Combining scientific knowledge with her own understanding of curls, she is a trusted expert in fashion and beauty magazines such as Cosmopolitan and Shape. She started her career as a student styling hair for top designers, Broadway productions and advertising agencies in New York. Her cutting technique "Carving and Slicing" is now synonymous with her name in the industry. Ouidad has her own range which she actively helps to formulate; she even took classes in chemistry to create the perfect curl-friendly product. Her products contain proteins and vitamins to help define and manage curls.


“I want every single curly-haired girl and woman in the world to embrace her curls and stop living in denial about her hair type. What I co-created with Sunsilk, will empower women to experience their own perfect curls; just waiting to be discovered. My hope is to encourage more girls to finally feel confident about their curls."


"To get the most out of our curls, there are three crucial things we girls need to get into our heads and our hair; moisturised curls allowing for healthy shine, minimising frizz allowing for curl definition; and keeping a lid on volume allowing for long-lasting "curl control". Getting all this in one product is exactly what I'm working on with Sunsilk; it'll really be the elixir of life for curly hair."


"Curly hair has a body language of its own. It bounces, it speaks; it's alive!"


"There are so many misconceptions about curly hair. People believe that it's coarse and tough, that it needs beating into submission. In fact, 90% of curly hair is baby-fine; there is just a lot of it! You need to work with the curl-feed and nurture it with good products, such as the Defined Curls product range I co-created with Sunsilk."  


So ladies with curly hair, flaunt them!






A Sheikh's son goes to Germany for studies. A month later, he sends a letter to his dad saying: "Berlin is wonderful, people are nice and I really like it here, but I'm a bit ashamed to arrive to school with my gold Mercedes when all my teachers travel by train."


Sometime later he gets a letter from his dad with a ten million dollar cheque saying:

"Stop embarrassing us, go and get yourself a train too."