What’s On

JAN 10




What’s On

Cards, Bridge & Mahjong Evening

Followed by Kharya

On Saturday 30 Jan 2010

Winter is here and all you need to welcome the chill, is the company of good friends, a fun game of cards or Mahjong, with a steaming cup of tea, snacks and to end the evening some delicious Kharays !!

Kindly inform the ticket seller if you would like to eat Kharya or Chicken for dinner, and please stick to your decision as dinner will be ordered accordingly.


Venue: KZBM Hall

Time: 2pm onwards

For all: Rs 350

Last Date: Tue 26 Jan 2010 till 1pm


KZBM’s new Managing Committee


At our AGM on 18 November 2009, the following members came unopposed on the Managing Committee, for tenure of three years.


Name                                       Designation                              Contact Tel #


Navaz Kawas Aga                     President                                  3565 0019 : 3522 3896  

Kermin Soli Parakh                    Vice President                           3589 2609

Sarfaraz Feroz Golwalla             Honorary Secretary                    3222 6136 : 3222 8932

Farahnaz Ardeshir Marker           Honorary Secretary                    3587 3387 : 3587 7665

Roshan Behram Mehri                Honorary Treasurer                    0300-8223139

Spenta Faramerz Khambatta      Chairperson-Welfare                  3225 3252 : 3225 0586

Dr Bukhtaver Hoshang Rabadi   Chairperson-Medical                  3273 6410 : 3503 1164

Nilofer Shahveer Noshirwani       Chairperson-Rehabilitation         3589 9389

Meher Feroze Cawasji                Chairperson-Education              3580 5411 : 3588 7140

Zenobia Hoshang Master           Chairperson-Child Welfare          3529 0792

Dinaz Noshir Irani                      Chairperson-Programme            3588 7891

Alla Burjor Rustomji                   Member                                    3586 2746

Zarin Aspi Mobed                      Member                                    3588 0689

Dr Perinbanoo Naozer Virji         Member                                    3589 9363



The new managing committee at their first meeting nominated the following as Youth Member


Hilla Dinshaw Daruwalla             Youth Member                          3272 8259



Telephone contact of the committee is given for your convenience but do kindly note that most of these ladies work and will be available after 6pm and preferably on weekends.



Stitched items  Niloufer Noshirwani , Chairlady for Rehabilitation Subcommittee would like to inform all that sadras and night-dresses etc will be available from the Mandal Hall from January 2010 onward on 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month.



What’s Gone By

14 November, was the celebration programme for KZBM's 97th anniversary. Fancy dress with one adult and child was the request, and eight pairs came forward in the most creative way. As two entries were as good as each other, a tie was awarded for the 1st prize. 

'Turtle with a rock' was Darian and Dinaz Divecha and 'garden with a  tree' was Anushe and Khushnuma Engineer. Tremendous effort and most beautifully portrayed. The others were Hawaiian couple, doctor & nurse, two clowns, wolf-grandma-red riding hood-woodcutter (a family of 4), beggar & baby, mermaid & witch. 67 adults & 16 children had a fun evening together.



A&t Directory

The new A & T directories have been available since 3rd December. We would like to draw your attention, that during binding the printer has made errors in many copies, by pages either being omitted or placed incorrectly, so do check your copies when purchasing. Any faulty copies may be returned to the person you purchased the directory from and it will be replaced. We apologise for this inconvenience but this is beyond our control: we are trying to check now before selling. Thank you. Toxy Cowasjee





Our Friends



Dr Pithawala English Poetry & Prose Competition is being held on Sunday, January 24, 2010 at 10:30am at Katrak Hall.  The Elocution is very kindly sponsored by Shahpur & Khursheed Maneckji In Loving Memory Of Katayun & Navroze Maneckji.  It is open for all Zarthosti school going children Under 5 years of age; Montessori & Class 1; Classes 2,3,4; Classes 5,6,7; Classes 8,9,10.  Judging will take place on Delivery (style of talking/attention of audience), Voice Projection (clarity/loudness) & Diction (pronunciation).  Time limit is 3 minutes for all age categories, and will be strictly enforced for all age categories.  It is requested to only give those names who will actually come for the competition.   Please give names to: Behroze Khambatta / Kaizer Irani / Shahrezad Irani latest by January 18, 2010.





BVS Parsi High School will have a Drama Fest at the end of January 2010 performed by the School’s Secondary Section. Tickets may be procured from the school, through the secondary Headmistress Mrs Diana Randeria and Primary Headmistress Mrs Mehernaz Bharucha. Kindly note: valet parking will be available. Children under the age of 12 not allowed.






Milestones  Information up to  13 December  2009




Feroze, a son to Farahnaz and Ardeshir Marker, on 20 November




Zarah and Arshan, daughter and son of Katherina and Zubin Irani on 21 November






Dinsu Jalbhoy Dubash on 16 November

Minocher Kakushroo Dumasia on 22 November

Noshir Nariman Lawyer on 30 November







Jer B G Irani


Tel # 35660171  :  35662959.
Vasanu & Badampak are available 


Perin Jal Setna

# 1 Jamshed Bagh

Tel # 3425 5383

Vasanu is available




Taste Buds by Spenta Khambatta                 



Fish Curry

Serves 4


Mix to make a paste: 1tsp turmeric powder

                                   ˝ tsp salt

                                  2 tsps flour

                                  1 tbsp lemon juice

Rub this over 6 pieces of fish fillets. Keep aside. 


Keep each of the following ingredients separate and ready:


4 medium tomatoes ( approx 250grms) blended with little water.


1 medium onion finely chopped


2 large green chillies , slit halfway and remove seeds


1tsp cumin seeds(zeera), 2 tsps coriander seeds (dhana) 1tsp black peppercorns,4 large red dried chillies. Remove seeds and cut into pieces. Put all these in a dry mill and grind to a powder.


In 300mls (10 ozs) of warm water mix 1 packet of coconut milk powder


In a pan heat 2tbsp oil. Add the fish fillets and cook each side for 2mnts. Remove onto a plate and set aside.


In the same pan add 1 more tbsp of oil and sauté the chopped onions till transparent and soft.


Add in the 2 green chillies and sauté for 2mnts.


Then add: 2tsps of ginger/ garlic paste

                 1tsp sugar


                 Ground masala



Cook this on a slow flame for 15 mnts. There should be no need to add any water.


Stir in the coconut milk and let simmer for 5mnts.


Gently put the fish in the pan and simmer for another 10mnts.


Serve with white rice, crisp bread or naan. 


A set of measuring spoons have been used and a measuring jug.


For extra spice, small red dried chillies may be used. 





Biz Wiz by Pouruchisty Sidhwa                  



How to Survive in an Unhappy Workplace

When you don't like your job, going to work every day can be a challenge. Your problem might be with a bad manager, that you constantly feel stretched to the breaking point, or that you are resentful about taking a pay cut. Or, the whole environment may just feel toxic. You might need to stay in your job because it provides for you your monthly bread or maybe you're only staying while you look for another position. Whatever your reasons for being unhappy, you need to maintain your professionalism and prevent a bad attitude from sabotaging you.

There's something elemental about the statement 'I'm unhappy at work.'" To understand your unhappiness, you need to turn towards that feeling of unhappiness, experience it in a deep way, and not try to solve things too quickly. That may be hard for some people to hear, because while it's true that sometimes people just don't match well with their jobs, employees tend to rationalize their job dissatisfaction rather than consider that they may be part of the problem. But if you are part of the problem, you may be part of the solution, too as no work is uninteresting if you can think how to do it differently.

That's not to say unhappy workers don't have valid complaints. One thing you don't want to do, however, is let your feelings boil over at work.

Signs That You Need to Take Action
Perhaps you've heard of someone who was so unhappy he quit on the spot or blew up at a boss. Losing control at work helps no one and may have repercussions in both your current job and in the future — you never know when you'll work with one of your current colleagues again.

Indications that you need to address your emotions may be physical or behavioral These signs include feeling distracted, sluggish, angry or irritable, not sleeping well or sleeping excessively, relying on alcohol or food to comfort yourself, and withdrawing from friends and activities. All may indicate underlying depression or anxiety, which you shouldn't ignore.

There are also things you can try to change in your approach to your job. Consider these solutions for surviving and even thriving in a job that's less than optimal:

1. Face the reality head-on.  During a recession or slow recovery, people at all levels experience the pain. Such an economic climate makes it more difficult to leave a job, but it doesn't mean you should feel stuck. Accept that this job is not where you want to be, even if you can't make a change today. But begin taking steps to change things. Tell yourself, 'This is where I am, this is where I'm going to be for a certain amount of time.' You have more control over how you think than you realize

2. Develop a plan. Be proactive. Brainstorm with trusted friends and family members about your ideas. If there's something you'd like to change, decide whether your boss is approachable and if so, the best tactics to use. If you have suggestions, discuss how they will improve your performance as well as others'. The Human Resources department may also be able to help in some way to help you find a job within the company you're better suited for, to assisting with work/life balance.

You could also try learning a new skill. At the very least, it may help you prepare for another job. It can also lift your spirits and lead to new possibilities at your current job.

Finally, consider looking outside your job for fulfillment. Having an outside interest or two gives you another outlet and an activity to look forward to.


Beauty Plus by Mitra Bakhtiar



How to Choose the

Right Fashion Accessories




Do you love fashion accessories but sometimes feel like you wear to much? Well, you just might be. Some might say the more the better, but that isn't necessarily true. This article will hopefully help you gain a few tips on choosing the right fashion accessories for your outfit.



Step 1: Know what you have. Lay out all your fashion accessories including rings bracelets, necklaces, earring, and whatever else you may have.


Step 2: Categorise every accessory. Put all necklaces together, all rings together and so on. If you have matching sets put them together as well.


Step 3: Pick an outfit. Put on outfit you need accessories for. What color is the outfit? Focus on shirt or the pants.


Step 4: Now choose coordinating colored accessories. At first, choose one of each accessory to go with your outfit.


Step 5: Now one by one eliminate an accessory until you have achieved the simple but fashionable accessories that compliment your outfit.



Tips and Warning.
Tip_of_the_day_bulb.gifKeep an eye in the magazines to get new creative ideas.
1195442352382851478zeimusu_Warning_sign.svg.hi.pngThis article is not guaranteed to help everyone, use at your own risk!




And …


Maybe …you should hope for enough happiness to make you sweet

Enough trials to make you strong

Enough sorrow to keep you human

And enough hope to make you happy. 


Have a great New Year!!




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