What’s On

FEB 2012


What’s On

On-going KZBM Centenary Celebration

Traditional Parsi Sit Down Dinner and Entertainment Evening

on Saturday 25 February at 8pm at KPI


 We, Zarthostis in Karachi, are fortunate to have institutions that are vibrant even after 100 years.  This is because of our community's support and interest in them.

Banu Mandal is proud to celebrate its 100 years and presents as part of its Centenary celebration "A Traditional Parsi Sit Down Dinner and Entertainment Evening". Please join in large numbers and let's make it a night to remember.


Come dressed in garas or sari with kor, accompanied by dagla and faita by the gentlemen, to add to the ambience of the evening. Of course this is not compulsory but do come formally dressed. 


You are welcome to bring along your Non-Zarthosti guests. 

Venue: KPI Lawn
Time: 8p.m. onwards 
Ticket for Zarthostis:  Rs 800

Non-Zarthostis:  Rs 1,000/-
Last Date: February 21, 2012 till 1 Pm.
Tickets available from:
 Roshan Kotwal - 35887221           
 Soonu Kandawalla - 35681711 
 Parveen Banaji - 32767347          
 Furengeez Tampal - 32782961 
 Roshan Vania  -   32250127




BVS Parsi High School’s Primary Section will perform THE LION KING on Fri 17 Feb and Sat 18 Feb 2012 at 6:30pm at the school premises.


Tickets through: Mehernaz Bharucha, Head Mistress, Primary Section or Diana Randeria, Head Mistress Secondary Section or from the School.


Limited seats are available

Valet parking facility

Children under 8 years of age no permitted





The Jinnah Award 2011

for Ardeshir Cowasjee

“The first thing I read in Sunday DAWN is Ardeshir Cowasjee’s column” is a remark one has often heard from friends. In fact, his fearless weekly columns have made him a household name in the country.


The Jinnah Society conferred on him the Jinnah Award for 2011 “in recognition of outstanding and dedicated services to Pakistan”, said the Award’s citation.  Through his columns he had waged a war against corruption and other ills in the society, with the result, the Karachi mafia feared him and the citizens cheered him.


Former Ambassador Jamsheed Marker was the Chief Guest on the occasion and said that the Cowasjee family had made significant contribution to the metropolis of Karachi from the time of British to the creation of Pakistan and later. He also recounted how the two of them practically grew up together. 


Ardeshir Cowasjee’s philanthropic work in education and health was cited by television artist Khalid Ahmed when he informed the audience that countless Pakistani students’ education was funded through the Cowasjee Foundation. The foundation had also sponsored one of The Citizen’s Foundation schools, School of Midwifery at the Lady Dufferin Hospital and a school at the NED University campus.   In the filed of health his Foundation had built a dialysis ward and lithotripsy centre at the SIUT, as well as an accident and emergency operation theatre unit at the Jinnah Hospital.


He served the citizens at large by making them aware of the misdeeds of Pakistan’s rulers and how they were exploited by their countrymen.


Mr Ardeshir Cowasjee was presented a leather-bound edition of his articles and columns published in the daily DAWN over last ten years by Ameena Saeed, managing director of Oxford University Press at whose premises the ceremony was held on 20 December 2011.


“When the gold medal was presented, he received a standing ovation by all the invitees, with continuous applause and the room just echoed with praises and appreciation of this great man!  But, alas one sad tiding was also shared with us that Sunday, December 25, 2011 will bring his last column that would be printed in DAWN and then no more writings from him will appear...hope he changes his mind”, informs a member of KZBM.


Mr Cowasjee acknowledged it all with his quintessential humour, “I am overwhelmed and thank all of you who are here to waste a great deal of your valuable time.”


Readers letters to the Editor in the DAWN regularly express their wish to see continuity of his columns in the Sunday Dawn, but Ardeshir has now hung up his hat!

(Source DAWN and Express Tribune)






Freny Mistry (Chinimini)


Freny Mistry was born in Allahabad India on January 30, 1908, which will make her 104 years old this month.


She grew up and went to school in the same city and acquired many talents. She learned to play the tablas, did some horse riding and also learned to ride motorcycle. But most important of all talents was colouring black and white photographs at her father's portrait studio. This talent she brought to Karachi and used it not only in her own studio but also at another commercial studio. Later on she continued to work from her home getting new business by word of mouth. Her talents as a cook were well known, especially the chutneys and pickles which she sold through a couple of Parsi-owned grocery stores.


She started working as secretary to Mr Cyrus Minwalla when Hotel Metropole was being built and worked there for some time.


During World War II she joined the women' auxiliary corps which held charity bazaars for the benefit of servicemen and also worked as volunteer at the military hospital tending to the wounded.  She has been a very outgoing and vivacious person who loves partying.


In 2004 we brought her to USA to stay with us because of her old age and no one to look after her. She has been happy to enjoy her time with the children, grand children and great grand children.


In March 2011 she became a US Citizen. The staff at the immigration office treated her with great respect and honour because of her age and bearing, seeing her walking on her own two feet without the aid of any walker or wheelchair. After the interview they made special arrangements for her to be sworn in immediately instead of calling her back for the ceremony with scores of other people.


Unfortunately age has taken its toll on her, not physically so much as mentally. She has been diagnosed with dementia / Alzheimer's and is now being taken care of at a nursing home. Even there she has not lost her spirits and she had a good time dancing away the night at New Year's eve party.


She has led a very active life, always ready to help out where there was need and looked at life with a very positive attitude. This attitude and her active life have kept her going all this while.

 Zarin and Aspi Bharda, daughter and son-in-law

Milestones  Information up 17 Jan 2012



q  Shane, son of Shireen & Hormuzd Mana on 23 December ***

q  Elisa daughter of Vahishta and Dinshaw Amra on 23 December

q  Raizan, son of Natasha and Zubin Mavalvala on 24 December ***

q  Selena & Freya, daughters of Armita & Ardeshir Wania; Ariana, daughter of Shermeen & Danny Khursigara and Zane & Zaal, sons of Jasmine & Isphanyar M Bhandara on 24 December (children of 3 sisters) ###

q  Afshad, son of Zarnak and Yazdi Sidhwa on 25 December


*** date of ceremony. Reception on another date.

### Note

On the subject of Navjotes in Karachi, we have interesting information for our readers. In 1955 the Kalyaniwalla family had Navjote of five siblings and cousins on the lawns of KPI, followed by dinner for the entire community.  It was an event much remembered and much talked about.


Maneck (nee Kalyaniwalla) Savak Poonegar's three daughters honoured the family tradition and had, between them, their 5 children's Navjote on 24th December 2011!  May the tradition continue in this family!





Avan Bejon Aga and Maneck Faram Appoo on 26 December

Tashan Khojeste Mistree (of Mumbai) and Zane Ronny Byramji on 31 December (*)

in Mumbai


* Date of ceremony, reception was on another date




Edal Minocher Khambatta ex-Karachjite in Canada on 12 December

Boman Abadan Abadan ex-Quettaite in USA on 13 December

Cowas  Daruwalla, ex-Karachiite in UK on 14 December

Freny Jamshed Cowasjee on 18 December

Dadabhoy (Dadi) Hoshang Shekdar on 22 December

Gulu Minoo Muncherji on 24 December

Darius Ardeshir Ghaswalla ex Karachiite in USA on 29 December

Nariman Lashkary ex Karchi-ite on 30 December in UK

Morvarid Framroze Romer ex-Quettaite in Canada on 31 December

Thrity Dara Hormusji in Lahore on 31 December

Roda Burjor Bhathena on 2 January

Burjor Hormasji Bharucha on 4 January






A friend of KZBM will be sharing with us some Persian recipes which you may like to try.  Since these dishes are made in bulk by families, she has done her best to give quantities for serving 6 persons, however some adjustments maybe required.  KZBM appreciates her contribution and respects her wish to remain anonymous. – Ed.




(6 servings)



Noodles              1 Pkt

Onion                  4 medium

Garlic                  1 Pod

Salt                      to taste

Red Beans          1/2 cup

Chickpeas           1/2 cup

Masoor Dal          1/2 cup

Beetroot               1/2 kg

Spinach                1 bunch

Dill                        1 bunch

Flour                     1/4 cup

Turmeric               1 tsp

Curry Powder       1 tsp

Dhana Jeera        1 tsp

Chilly powder       1 tsp

Fresh mint           1 bunch

Dry mint leaves    to taste

Tamarind             1/2 pkt

Vinegar                2 tblsp

Jaggery                2 tblsp



Soak red beans and chickpeas overnight – next morning wash them again and place in pressure cooker with fresh water and add some washed black masoor, few chopped beetroot to boil. When its done place it in a bigger dekchi and add chopped spinach, chopped dill (suva ni bhaji) and later add noodles (preferably the broad ones) and while its cooking u can place some flour (atta) in a bowl with little cold water and gradually add to the above to get the consistency and the aroma of meer (atta). Traditionally the Iranian make thin strips by rolling the dough and then cutting it in thin strips which resembles noodles but to save the hassle you can follow the way its mentioned above.


Now in a frying pan fry onions then add garlic until its nice and golden, add salt, turmeric, red chili powder, dhana jeera, jeera (roasted and ground), curry powder, and fresh mint leaves and dried mint leaves. In the meantime put some tamarind in hot boiling water and let it soak. Finally, add the tamarind pulp to the cooked oosh-e-meer and to enhance taste add little vinegar with jaggery towards the end.


Enjoy this lovely Iranian dish.



Our religion – ANGRA MAINYU


Spenta Mainyu is the guiding inspiration and angra mainyu is the architect of evil.


As we all know, we constantly face a battle between good and evil as long as we live and our choices do change, besides Spenta Mainyu is vulnerable, therefore we are advised to reaffirm our choices through daily prayers to ward off angra mainyu.


In Avesta Yasna 19.15 it is mentioned that Zarathushtra’s recital of the Ahuna Vairya puts angra mainyu in a stupor.  In the Vendidad 19, angra mainyu is said to have attacked Zarathushtra with a battalion of demons but our prophet blocks them all by power of prayers.


Ahura Mazda has gifted man with free will and therefore he has the choice to follow the path of evil / druj / deceit or the path of Righteousness / asha / truth. His choice of evil will lead him to misery and ultimately to hell; whereas the path of righteousness will lead him to peace and everlasting happiness in heaven.


With this knowledge let us make our choices wisely and take the help of prayers to achieve righteousness. Ultimately it will be the choices that we make in our life on which will depend our place in afterlife.



Compiled and edited:  Sunnu Golwalla

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