What’s On



What’s On


Dubai Congress Highlights for the Community

on Saturday 20 February at 7:30 pm


Come and see the highlights of 9th World Zoroastrian Congress in Dubai and be lucky winners of the Congress memorabilia. An interesting programme with slide-show, video “Footprints in Sands of Time” and prizes, rounded off with a sumptuous dinner awaits you! 


Venue   KZBM Hall

Time     7:30 pm

For all   Rs 350

Last date for tickets:  Tue 16 Feb at 1 pm



Museum of Me


In 1999, Toxy Cowasjee had organized a very unique activity called Museum of Me. 177 children had gathered at the Banu Mandal Hall and each one wrote interesting facts about themselves. This information was put into tins which were sealed and labeled.


On the 16th December 2009, a decade later, 84 young adults gathered at the same venue. Amidst great excitement, smiling faces and the hall echoing with sounds of laughter and giggles, the tins were opened. A few read the contents aloud, while the others whispered them to their friends.


To end the program, snacks and drinks were served.


The tins with “Me” information


The excitement when each one opened her/his tin




The brave young man to be first at the mike!








Telephone numbers of our President Navaz Aga were mentioned incorrectly in our previous issue for which we apologise to the readers. The correct numbers are : 35214125 and mobile 0333-224 5053


Navroze Mela

Sunday 7 March at the Mandal Hall with the usual items.


Our Friends


At the next AGM of KPI following positions will become vacant on the Managing Committee.


President / Vice President / 2 Extra Members / Treasurer / Hon. Secy. / Joint Secy. / Cafeteria Secy. / Billiard-Card Secy. / Indoor Games Secy.


Those members of the Institute desirous of serving in the positions mentioned above may kindly submit his / her name in writing, stating the positions clearly to the following members of the present Managing Committee, by the 20th February 2010.


Mr. Darius Kandawala – President 

Mr. Viraf Daroga - Vice President

Mr. Homi Ghadially - HonorarySecretary.




Behbud Association of Karachi

A fun fair is being held at the Beach Luxury Hotel on Saturday 28 February 2010 from 12 noon to 7 pm, to raise funds for education. This event is affordable and diverse. It includes activities for young children, games for adults, a craft bazaar, a food court and music provided by FM-89, whose RJs will be present. Entrance ticket for children is Rs 150 and for adults Rs 350 and can be purchased from KZBM’s usual ticket sellers and Roshan Vannia in Jamshed Bagh.


Behbud Association of Karachi is raising funds through this fair to assist those Pakistanis who have the ability to proceed for higher education but do not have the means to do so.  A worthy cause KZBM would like our community too to support.





"Spreading Peace and Love "

is the name of the anthem of the 9th World Zoroastrian Congress. This symphony has been prepared in commemoration of half of a century of holding Zoroastrian congresses. Here is the anthem:




"Spreading Peace and Love"


Zoroastrians come rejoice

And sing in joyful strain

May the Mazdayasni race

Live forever in grace.


Our beauty's rich and rare

Charities beyond compare

Good thoughts, good words,

Good deeds

Ahura, thank you for these.


Renowned in every land

We toil with hearts and hands

Bringing joy to one and all

We leave our footprints in the sand.


Zoroastrians come unite

And hold our hands with pride

Ahura bless us all

To spread peace and

Love worldwide!



Milestones  Information up to 17 January 2010




Nasha and Azman, daughter and son of Jeroo and Ratanshaw Makujina on 19 December

Naomi, daughter of Shenaz and Tehmurasp Jijina (ex-Karachiites) on 20 December

Kawas and Fiona, son and daughter of Zeena and Behram Aga on 24 December

Jehangir, son of Kamal and Dorab Anklesaria on 25 December

Neusha, daughter of Sherezad and Farrokh Mondegarian on 1 January

Darian, son of Dinaz and Darayus Divecha on 2 January

Katie and Jimmy, daughter and son of Rashna and Homi Khambatta on 3 January

Ardavan, son of Persis and Darius Solan on 16 January




Sunober Rustamshah Maneckji and Spitaman Zubin Cooper on 18 December??

Mitra Khurshed Birdie to Ashrat Sam Bahrucha on 19 December





Minoo (Mike) Khurshedji MInwalla (Ex-Karachiite) in Dubai on 14 December

Kersi Dinshaw Kapadia on 18 December

Merzban Furedun Masani on 31 December

Arnawaz Homi Karanjia on 31 December

Homai Darius Mana on 31 December

Nevel Sohrabji Billimoria, expired in Mumbai on 5 January

Kersi Pestonji Billimoria on 11 January

Rhoda Hoshang Virjee on 17 January






Zarin Patel

Mobile # 0321 2628 167

Household furniture : Beds, cupboards, dresser, dining table/chairs, side tables, a bar, etc. for sale.



Taste Buds by Spenta Khambatta





Banoffi Ice Cream Pie



Place 1 unopened can of condensed milk in a saucepan, cover with water and bring to boil. Cover the pan, reduce the heat and simmer gently for 2 hours. Keep adding more hot boiling water to the pan if required. Leave the tin in the pan to cool.


Crush to fine crumbs 8ozs any sweet biscuit( digestive /Marie)


Mix in 100grms/4ozs melted butter


Press into a 9” pie plate.


Peel and puree two bananas


Open the cool tin of condensed milk which will now have turned to soft toffee, mix it thoroughly with the pureed bananas.


Peel and slice 2/3 more bananas and lay over the biscuit base.


Spread the banana toffee over the sliced bananas and chill for at least 4-6 hours.


Be sure to cover the pie with foil or cling film.


Serve with scoops of vanilla ice cream, dusted with cocoa powder.  


Cinnamon may be added to the pie if desired.



Biz-Wiz interview of Lord Karan Bilimoria

To aspire and achieve

Lord Karan Bilimoria was the keynote speaker at the Dubai Congress and was interviewed by Congress Xpress, a newspaper specially brought out to cover the Dubai Congress. We have reproduced it for our readers


Lord Karan is in his 40s and is co-founder and now chairman of Cobra Beer Partnership. He is the first-ever Zoroastrian in the House of Lords to receive the prestigious CBE for services to business and finally become Lord Bilimoria, CBE, DL. With good thoughts, good words and good deeds as the guiding light he urged the youth to adopt authentic leadership : "If 'Brand Zoroastrian' has to work, then remember, a brand is what a brand does," was his key message.                                                                                                                                                                   


What's your mantra for success?

For me, success is not a destination, but a journey. My great grandfather had the motto - to aspire and achieve. It's on my coat-of-arms. I've now extended it as my company motto: "To aspire and achieve against all odds with integrity." And that's my mantra. It's all about constantly setting yourself goals and challenges, constantly knowing it's going to be against all odds and going out there and doing it, always with integrity and making it a habit. This is so true of our community - the way we've lived by that motto.


You are a modern Zoroastrian, an Indian and a British citizen. How do you manage the balancing act?

If you look at London, one of its strengths is that it's steeped in history and tradition, literally going back 900 years, yet on the other hand there's a modern, multi-cultural vibrancy to it. So you have this combination of tradition, heritage and history with being enterprising and forward looking. We Zoroastrians have the same spirit. We all have multiple identities. Amartya Sen, who has inspired me, has spoken about identity. It's not as simple as being a Zoroastrian Parsee. That's not my identity. I'm an Indian, an Asian in Britain, I'm British and  I'm a Zoroastrian Parsee. If you are clear about your roots, then you feel enriched.


How do you handle success?

If you think of success as a journey, you are always looking ahead. I think the worst thing is to be hubristic. It's humility that I've admired in a lot of successful people I've met.


What about failure?

The true test of a good leader is not in good times but in times of adversity. I experienced it a few months ago when I nearly lost everything in my business. It's thanks to my values as a Zoroastrian Parsee, that I was guided to behave in the right manner.


What makes you happy?

Being with my family gives me the most happiness. I also get a huge deal of happiness in being able to help people, particularly those who are disadvantaged.


How would you energise the youth of your community?

I believe that achievement leads to inspiration. So when other people's achievements inspire us, it leads to aspiration. That in turn, leads to achievement. Then it becomes a virtuous circle. I hope that my achievements will inspire other achievements.


What's your message to the youth of your community?

I'd tell them what I say to my children: you don't know how lucky you are to be born Indians in today's world. It's the future. And you don't know how even more lucky you are to be born as Zoroastrian Parsees. It's the most special community on the planet, with its values and culture. And to be born into it is such a huge privilege. Take advantage of it.




Beauty Plus interview of Parizad Kolah-Marshal


 I want to be there for my community


WZC-Dubai had Parizad Kolah-Marshall, of “The Great Indian Laughter Challenge” fame to host the day and evening sessions of the Cogress. We reproduce her interview with Congress Xpress.


You are a celebrity now. But do you consider yourself a true-blue Parsee?

Absolutely! I grew up in this gorgeous Parsee colony in Colaba called Khushru Baug. And as children, we never had a day of boredom. The colony organised so many events for us and I’m still part of a throw-ball team! I married four years ago, and moved to Malabar Hills, but I keep going to the Parsee Colony - my entire family and childhood friends are still there.


How did you get into modeling?

Like any youngster, I took part in fashion shows within the college, and a photographer noticed me and asked me if I wanted to work for his agency. And that was it! I was all of 18 then.


How did the great Indian Laughter Challenge happen?

I did a lot of ad modeling. Then Pankaj Saraswat saw me on a campaign for Globus Clothing and called me for a meeting, and without even auditioning, he asked me if I wanted to do the show. It was a challenge to do a show in Hindi without a proper script or a teleprompter. That’s what made it so spontaneous.


If you weren’t in the entertainment industry, what would you be doing?

I love painting and teaching and used to teach art and craft in a school.

 A part of me still wants to be a teacher.


How do you manager to maintain your Parsee identity?

I try to attend all community events because I’m so proud of being part of it. That’s why I’m here at the Congress - to be there for my community.

I believe that it doesn’t matter that we’re small in number. What matters is how good you are.


What does the future hold for you?

I’m happily married and have an adorable two-year-old daughter. I’m focusing on her.


You are not only a model, but a role model for the youngsters of your community. What's your message to them?

Don't let fame and money get to your head, because it's all temporary. Know your values and priorities.


How do you feel attending this Congress in Dubai?

You know, the strange thing is, I attended the Congress in London when I was 18. I was one of the quiet girls then. And, now, here I am compeering events!




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