What’s On

DEC 09



What’s On


Leisure Day at Arabian Sea Country Club

Saturday 5 December at 9:45 am

KZBM joins KLA for a whole day at the Arabian Sea Country Club. Meeting place will be at the corner of Woods & Caves near Capri Cinema at 9:45am and to return at 6:30pm.



Children under 12 years - Rs350 

All ladies - Rs450 

Price includes food and transport.

Last day for tickets is Tuesday 1st December by 1pm 




A & T  Directory


A & T Directory 2009 - its much better -  with up to date information of our community in Pakistan, which will be available against Rs 300 per copy from 1st December 2009 . Please help us by giving correct amount when purchasing. Do inform your friends and relatives living abroad, as they are keen to purchase this directory of ours.


Available from: Phiruza Birdie - Cyrus Colony :  Roshan Mehri - Avari Colony :  Soonu Kandawalla - Mehrabad : Perveen Banaji - Anjuman Bagh : Zarine Byromshaw - Jamshed Bagh : Behroze Khambatta - Parsi Colony : Jesmin Chowna - Katrak Hall Comp. : Roshan Kamdin - Khurshedbai Chawl : Toxy Cowasjee - other areas





What’s On Dues


Those who have not yet paid their annual subscription for What’s On of Rs 150/- are requested to pay promptly.  From 1st January 2010, there will be a penalty of Rs 15 per month.



What’s Gone By


17 OCT:  To celebrate the Birthday of Rustam A Cowasjee, 28 members of the Child Welfare Group had Hi Tea at Salt and Pepper Restaurant.




24 OCT:  187 persons came to watch the Bawa Channel which could only be viewed if you the community came forward to do your bit. We had three sporting groups only - Dilshad Irani & Mok Bhiladwala who were the "Golden Girls at the Bank"  and then at the end gave two more short clips of "Shakira's dance" and the "Gahambar Song", completely spontaneous and unplanned.  Dinaz Divecha, Ferzeen Bhadha & Katherina Irani were "Silamela and her two ugly sisters" followed by Zanara Mobed & Marazban Patel's,  "Za Bachan presents Kaun banega Crorepatti".  A good laugh for all.


To give the audience further entertainment the film "Dirty Dancing" was shown - old but enjoyable. As dinner followed the KESC reminded us of its existence but we were okay thanks to our UPS and generator.



14 NOV:

KZBM’s 97th Birthday was celebrated with delightful fancy dress competition.




Our Friend


BMH Parsi General Hospital - OPD

Dr Cyasp Noshirwani, MD on Mon, Wed, Fri from 10:30 am to 2:00 pm

Dr Nausherwan Mistry, MBBS on Tue and Thu from  5 pm to 8 pm

Dr Mehernosh Sidhwa MBBS, MRCP-I  Resident Internal Medicine on

                    Sat from 5 pm to 7:30 pm







Admission to NED University

Of Engineering and Technology


Edujlee Dinshaw’s Office informs students seeking admission to NED University who have passed HSC (Pre-Engineering) examination or equivalent foreign examination with Physics, Chemistry and Math should obtain minimum 60% marks for applying to the NED University on Dinshaw seats.


For the Entrance Examination you will be tested in Physics, Math, Chemistry and English what you have learnt in the First Year and Inter (Pre-Engineering) examination so please keep revising / studying these subjects.


It is a difficult examination, as every year more students apply, and there is a lot of competition. If you work hard and study regularly, you should have no difficulty in passing the examination, and securing a good percentage.





“Pop’s Place”:

At present nothing is done in the community for senior citizens, especially those elders who live alone in the house, and have no one to help them or talk to. With this in view, I have started “Parsis Old People’s Place at the Khorshed and Dinshaw B Avari Centre, in Jamshed Baug; with the permission of the Karachi Parsi Anjuman.


At this place, all Senior Citizens of the community are requested to come during morning hours (9 a.m. to 1 p.m.) and relax, listening to the music of their times, read papers/magazines, play games and/or chat with people of their own age over a cup of tea, which will be provided free of charge, once a day.  Arrangements are also made to take their BP and Sugar Level readings, once a month, on Fridays between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. also free of charge!!


If they participate in good numbers and make this place their second home, I will endeavor and provide them with facilities like: payment of their utility bills, make available Internet and Telephone facility and provide homemade cookies and other facilities they may require; as our intention is to help them and please them at all cost.  Valuable advice and donations in the form of daily newspaper (not old), magazines (not more than 2 months old), games etc will be accepted with gratitude.


Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

Jalu Setna

Tel #                 34255383

Mobile #           0030-8996575

Email:               jalusetna@hotmail.com




Parzor Textile Exhibition

At  WZC - Dubai

Dr Shernaz Cama, Director, UNESCO Parzor Project, Parzor Foundation will be putting up the Textile Exhibition at the Congress in Dubai.

This will comprise of four cultures – the Persian, Chinese, Indian and European, truly a Heritage of Humanity.

Several Zoroastrian homes contain things of historical value and perhaps more important, many of our elders carry memories so Parzor encourages them to share details / items. In Calcutta, an especially interesting pair of sapat, donated for the exhibition, taught about the Parsi textile links with Afghanistan and the Silk Route. In Hong Kong, they learnt about the Parsi settlement in Chameen, China. In this way, community research benefits.

As the Congress will be a mega event, we request you to circulate this information to your family and friends and those members who are interested in sharing details/showcasing items are requested to send Parzor photos or scans of those textiles or accessories of interest, so that Parzor can choose the most unusual for the Parzor Textile Exhibition at the Congress in Dubai.

Parzor’s team consists of textile experts and they assure that great care will be taken while displaying the textiles. You may email scanned items or give transcript of oral description to Meher Marker-Noshirwani on meher.noshirwani@gmail.com  . If your item is selected by Parzor Foundation, Meher will be happy to carry it to Dubai and back.

If you wish, you may send email directly to the Parzor team at ashdeenl@rediffmail.com , shernazcama@hotmail.com  and sethnaadi@hotmail.com

Meher Bhesania

Chair – WZC-Dubai





Sindh Swimming Champoinship


Meherwan son of Rohinton and Tushna Patel maintained his place as

a group champion in Sindh Swimming again this Year. It was held at

the Karachi Gymkhana on 17th and 18th of October. He was awarded

the 8 & Under trophy for the second time in a row.


Meherwan performed beautifully and brought honour for the Karachi

Grammar school swimming team. He broke three previous records in

butterfly, breastroke and individual medley. Overall, he took 5 gold

medals in his own event and a single gold and a silver in the team













3rd Pakistan Desert Rally


The Sindh government arranged the 3rd Pakistan Desert Rally, in which

different car rally professionals participated. The track for the rally was

measured at 214kms in the Thar Desert and 62 participants took part.


Winner of the rally was Ronnie Patel and the navigator was

Khursheed Aga. He completed the distance in 2.13 hours.


Ronnie has been participating in such rallies for many years now

and has created a niche in the sport. We wish him all the best

for his future adventures in the car racing sport and congratulate

Khursheed and Ronnie on their victory in the Thar Desert Rally. 








Milestones  Information up to 14 November 2009




Parinaz, daughter of Kermin and Marazban Talati on 8 November




Noshir Sohrabji Subedar on 16 September

(apology to the family for inadvertently having missed this in previous issue)


Pervez Phirozshaw Dastur on 6 November

Khorshed Meherji Bharucha on 7 November






Thrity Billimoria

Tel #  35478194

Flannel night-dresses, pajamas, house-dresses and coats


Mani Wania, Meherabad

Tel # 3567-7770,  Mobile # 0300-2580814

Will take orders for Badam Pak




Taste Buds by Spenta Khambatta                 




Get Organised not Harassed


You should enjoy your party as much as your guests. Spending time in the kitchen and looking harassed is not being a good hostess. You need to unwind and relax.  .


A bit of prior organisation helps.


Make sure to chill your drinks and have plenty of ice. Start storing your ice cubes days in advance and keep emptying in freezer bags. Be sure to seal/tie the bags to keep any fridge odours at bay.  Always chill your drinks overnight, if not two days in advance.  If you don’t have an ice box, borrow from a friend. Transfer the chilled beverage into the box several hours before the party. This puts less load on your fridge. Every time you open it your cold cuts, salads, desserts etc are get warm.


Keep your salad chilled and ready in the serving bowl. Mix and toss at the last minute. A chilled bowl keeps the salad fresh for a longer time on the serving table. If a moulded salad is being served, unmould in advance and cover with cling film.


Crisps, nimco or nuts etc   should be served in small bowls. Keep them all ready before your guests arrive on a tray. If space permits you can put the tray in the fridge or place them on your side / coffee tables a few minutes before your guests arrive. Have enough servings ready to ensure it is within everyone’s easy reach.


Helpers in the kitchen need to be briefed and instructed well in advance. Shooting instructions at the last minute unnerves them as your anxiety gets to them. Tell them precisely when and how you want the food to be warmed, which dishes are to be used and the correct placing of the dishes on the buffet table.


While guests are dining, boil the water for tea / coffee to be served later. The water will be ready  when it is time to use.


You can now relax and enjoy with your friends. 



Biz-Wiz by Pouruchisty Sidhwa


When a Colleague's Mistakes Affect You

In an attempt to function in this increasingly complex world, organizations are becoming increasingly complex themselves. They are built on collaborative partnerships, dotted lines and matrixes, all of which mean more and more of your work depends on the work of someone else.


When a colleague is making mistakes, this interconnectedness can feel like a major pitfall.

Yet a job where you don't interact with others is nearly impossible to find, not to mention somewhat boring. So, you need to figure out how to make relationships work. Every management expert would agree that positive working relationships are essential to getting things done. So what do you do when a colleague is not doing her part and it's affecting your work? Fortunately, handling your colleague's mistakes in a productive way cannot only help remove barriers but may also help your colleague, and you, gain new skills.


The type of mistakes you might be affected by vary greatly. A colleague may miss deadlines, not produce the work required, make errors in calculations or even provide you with misinformation. These may all be innocent mistakes fueled by lack of knowledge, experience, or awareness, but without more information you can't be sure and won't be able to act.

Diagnose the Issue


The first step in addressing your colleague's behavior is to understand what's really going on. Try to determine if the problem is short-term, such as a personal issue at home, a particularly heavy workload, or a health problem — or long-term, such as a lack of skill or a poor cultural fit with the organization


Approach Your Colleague Directly
The best approach is to go to the source — speak with your colleague directly. Don't accuse or blame your colleague. Use concrete examples to explain what you are seeing and its impact on you.


Offer Help and Support
If a short-term issue is causing the mistakes, such as a difficult time at home or an illness in the family, you should offer to help. You may even consider covering for the person as a way to build a positive relationship. This world is all about connections and not only do you not want to jeopardize the relationship, but you want to build it


If you find that the source of the mistakes is a longer term issue, such as a lack of skill, you can offer to help brainstorm solutions. Perhaps your colleague can find a course that will help her build up her skills, or go to her manager to ask for assistance.


Protect Yourself
It is possible that you'll discover your colleague is intentionally making mistakes to undermine you or take credit for your work. These political situations are far messier to deal with. It should be your last assumption that the colleague is making mistakes deliberately. However, you can try to confront the person directly, hoping that may make him or her back down." If that doesn't work you can use the following tactics:


Make your work visible. Avoid bragging. Use the active voice instead of the passive voice. For example, try saying "I prepared these analyses that show where we should be investing resources" rather than "These analyses show where we should be investing resources."


Offer to lead a presentation when joint work is being shared. People often think of the person in the front of the room as the leader, or at least one of the more active participants in a project.


Take credit where credit is due. This doesn't mean you brag. Instead, showcase your involvement or let your manager know exactly what part of the project is the result of your efforts.


In these political situations, don't resort to badmouthing your colleague. Negative comments often reflect as badly on you as they do on the person you are speaking about.


When the Issue Continues............
Despite all your efforts and care in handling the situation, it is possible that the mistakes will continue. This isn't only an inconvenience; it could hinder your career. If possible, avoid working with that person in the future. If that's not possible you can employ some of the same tactics listed above if the person were undermining you. Also, you should consider approaching your manager. Explain what you've done to date and ask for her/his advice. Be clear you are not asking her to intervene.  In many organizational cultures, talking to a person's manager can be coded as not being "a team player."






God always gives His best to those who leave the choice to Him.



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